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A lowdown on Colorado car insurance companies

  • Cars Explained
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 3 minutes

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Confused, frustrated, angry, and finally a deep sigh! Do you follow this sequence of emotions when looking for affordable car insurance in Colorado? If it makes you feel better, you are not alone. Colorado’s average car insurance rate is $1764 per year, which is 14% higher than the national average.¬†

Colorado auto insurance quotes

To make it easy for you to compare rates, we analyzed Colorado auto insurance quotes. By clicking the above logo, you can compare prices from over 20 insurance companies in Colorado. You will get free tailored quotations from top insurers, ensuring you get the best deal.

Car insurance companies in Colorado with affordable quotes

If you are looking for affordable car insurance quotes in Colorado, you can see the below list:

  • The Hartford: $849
  • Auto-Owners: $1188
  • Travelers: $1203
  • USAA: $1410
  • State Farm: $1536

Drivers with clean driving records usually pay less for auto insurance than those who have a history of speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, or DUI citations. On average, Colorado drivers without a recent at-fault collision save nearly 40% on car insurance, while Colorado drivers without a recent ticket save 17%. 

These results are lower than the national averages, which show a 50% savings without an at-fault collision and a 25% savings without a speeding penalty. You may be eligible for a safe-driving incentive from your car insurance company in addition to receiving a lower premium for driving without incidents. The quantity of these reductions varies. However, they usually range from 5% to 10%.

You’ll generally pay less for auto insurance if you have a clean driving record in Colorado ‚Äď no at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, or other recent infractions. A poor driving record, on the other hand, will lead your rates to increase. Similarly, a driver with good credit can save a lot of money because statistics show that drivers with good credit are less likely to file claims that insurance companies reimburse.

The best car insurance companies in Colorado

Every auto insurance business boasts about its low rates. The cheapest auto insurance, like any other product, isn’t necessarily the best option.¬†Given the financial stakes, it’s important doing your homework to obtain coverage that fully covers your automobile in the event of a collision.¬†Instead of settling for the lowest auto insurance, look for the best deal.

Colorado auto insurance quotes

We at Way.com were able to come to the below conclusion using the factors like financial strength, claims satisfaction, and customer contentment for popular auto insurers and an internal satisfaction score from the customers of Way.com:

  • Amica
  • Auto-Owners
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive

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