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A short guide to finding affordable Brooklyn parking  

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Anyone who’s been to Brooklyn understands the headache of finding Brooklyn parking. Don’t fret; we know how you can find that perfect spot – just use Way.com! Here’s a guide to finding affordable and convenient NYC parking in Brooklyn.

Navigating the crowded streets of Brooklyn should ideally be considered as an adventure sport. In the worst circumstances, you could end up caught in a traffic jam for hours, moving ahead at only a snail’s pace. Even the best-case scenario will involve several frustrations along the way. Moreover, woe betide anyone looking for a Brooklyn parking spot! With almost everyone owning a car in the city, you’ll have to drive around for a while before you can find a good NYC parking spot.

brooklyn parking

Even with street parking and metered parking around Brooklyn, there’s loads of stuff you need to keep track of. Time limits, parking restrictions, alternate side parking – the list is endless! However, we’re here to reassure you. Finding that elusive Brooklyn parking spot may be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. It helps if you know your way around and what to look for. In fact, we’d recommend pre-booking an NYC parking garage in Brooklyn that fulfills all your needs – and you can do that using Way.com. However, don’t take our word for it. Let’s give you the lowdown on how Brooklyn parking works, and you can make up your mind.

What are my options for finding easy Brooklyn parking?

brooklyn parking

Most people find parking in NYC and in Brooklyn the conventional way – by looking for a street parking spot. Since street parking allows for short-term hourly parking, it’s pretty convenient for those quick trips to the grocery store or to buy essentials. You can even access free street parking on most streets in Brooklyn.

The other option is to park at a private NYC parking garage, where you can get the benefit of safety and long-term Brooklyn parking. However, without access to a service that shows you the top-rated garages, you could easily be duped into parking at an unprofessional and costly garage. If you’d like to access NYC parking spots at highly recommended garages in Brooklyn, your best shot would be through Way.com. You can even access discounted rates, as we’ve explained below.

What are the rates for Brooklyn parking?

brooklyn parking

Metered street parking in Brooklyn will cost you $1-2 per hour depending on where you want to park. These spots also have time limits, so keep that in mind whenever you park for a longer period. For example, parking along Broadway in Brooklyn has a 2-hour time limit, in effect from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mondays to Saturdays. There are also several stretches where you can find free parking for longer periods. Street parking is free on Sundays.

The drawback of street parking is that everyone is looking for it! It’s likely that you won’t find a convenient NYC parking spot anywhere near your destination. Parking several blocks away and walking can be a real bummer, especially when you’re in a hurry!  You also need to consider restrictions like alternate side parking, when only one side is open due to street cleaning on the other side.

If you’d prefer an NYC parking garage, the rates will range from $10-40 per day. When it comes to indoor garages, you need to know which service is the best, whether they have security, and if they’re well-maintained. It’s easy to be hoodwinked into parking at a seedy establishment, only to return and find your car broken into!

How can I find an affordable and secure Brooklyn parking garage?

If this thought has crossed your mind, you’ve come to the right place! Way.com has anticipated the need for quick, easy access to parking spots across Brooklyn and done all the hard work for you. We have an extensive network of garages across New York City that is constantly updated with available parking spots in real-time. By going to the Way.com website or downloading the Way app, you can find parking in NYC, compare prices, and book a spot that works best for you!

What’s so special, you might ask? Well, every NYC parking garage in our inventory has passed strict quality checks for affordability and safety. Did we mention the savings you’ll make? For example, Brooklyn garages in Underhill Avenue, Waverly Avenue, and Myrtle Avenue will cost you just $24-26 per day.

Don’t waste any more time – download the Way app now, punch in ‘Brooklyn parking,’ and trust us to find you the best spot!

brooklyn parking

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