Labor Day Weekend Getaway Plans

Ah, Labor Day, a day that should be filled with love, friends, and family. Did you know that 66% of Americans barbeque on Labor Day Weekend? That’s a lot of delicious food!

So, what is Labor Day, and why do we celebrate it?

Labor Day in America is a celebration for all the contributions the working Americans have made towards the well-being and prosperity of the United States and its economy.

The very first Labor Day observance was held in New York on September 5, 1882. Over 20,000 members of the American workforce took the day off of work without pay and marched through the New York City streets to show support for all unions. As a ripple effect, by 1887, Oregon, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Colorado made Labor Day a state holiday. By June of 1894, Congress passed a bill that established the first Monday in September as Labor Day, making it a National holiday.

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So, when is Labor Day Weekend in 2019?

This year, Labor Day is on September 2nd, which means that all the Labor Day festivities will be held on August 30th – September 2nd.

If you are looking for a few Waymazing things to do Labor Day Weekend, look no further, because Way has some of the best activities around the USA to help you relax and celebrate.

Chicago Labor Day Weekend

The Loop in Downtown Chicago holds amazing architecture and history. Take this Chicago tour led by a local guide to get some of the best tips to enhance your trip! Enjoy the beautiful artwork and learn about the amazing artists and groups who helped put this area on the list of “must-see” communities.

Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend

Say goodbye to Summer with one of the many Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend events. This Pool Crawl is a perfect way of cooling off by visiting some of the “hottest” venues in Las Vegas. Enjoy exclusive drink deals, being charted around in a party bus, and dance all day/night to some of the top artists playing in Las Vegas!

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Labor Day Weekend Atlanta

As we start to “fall” into Autumn, Halloween is right around the corner. Check out this Atlanta Tour that shows you where scenes from the show ‘Stranger Things’ were filmed. You can see where parts of the “Upside Down” were filmed and check out Hawkins Middle, where the children go to school and Melvald’s General Store where Joyce Byer works. The perfect tour to help get you into the spooky spirit!


Labor Day Weekend NYC

Many people wonder where to go for Labor Day Weekend. This year, we recommend making a trip to the Big Apple! This full-day tour of New York City will take you to see some of the most popular and iconic NYC attractions the city has to offer including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Take a lunch break in New York City’s Little Italy to enjoy some delicious gelato.

New Orleans Labor Day Weekend

New Orleans is the heart of good soul food and music. Take a walking food tour through the famous French Quarter and try the colorful but delicious foods it has to offer. From flavorful seafood gumbo to French beignets, you will get to try a few of the staple foods of New Orleans cuisine. Each tour will have a local tour guide that is able to give great suggestions on where to visit for NOLA nightlife. As you walk through the New Orleans streets, you will learn the history behind New Orleans and the food you will be enjoying that day.

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