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Trendy Adult Halloween Costumes Inspired by Celebs 

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Looking for a trendy Halloween costume idea? Look no further than celebrities for inspiration! Musicians, actors, and reality TV stars have all served looks you can take cues from. Here are some of this year’s most popular adult Halloween costume ideas inspired by celebrities. Whether you’re looking to go all out or keep it simple, we have something for everyone.  

Halloween costumes have deep roots in Celtic customs, where disguises were worn to ward off evil spirits. In medieval Europe, ‘souling’ involved people dressed up, going door-to-door seeking food, and praying for the dead. Over time, Halloween costumes also evolved to a wide range of characters, like monsters, ghosts, witches, and pop culture figures. Today, especially adults, are obsessed with dressing up like their favorite characters, superheroes, and pop celebrities. 

If you’re stepping into the shoes of your favorite celeb or adding a touch of their allure to your costume, here are a few fresh ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your costume today! 

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Top Trending Adult Halloween Costume Ideas 

From Hollywood’s brightest to music’s finest, we’ve handpicked the hottest looks to make your Halloween memorable. Let’s explore the top trending adult Halloween costumes that’ll make you feel like a star. 

Movie & Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for Adults 2023 

Here is a collection of interesting adult Halloween costumes inspired by your favorite movie characters and pop culture icons.  

Barbie and Ken 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image credits: people.com

If you want to relive how you felt when you first saw Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in their neon-colored attire on the streets of Los Angeles, roller-skating Barbie is the perfect Halloween costume.  

Put together an eye-catching pink suit, a matching handkerchief, and a cowboy hat for a western Barbie look. Make it a couple costumes with a Western Ken costume. 

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“Taylor Swift – Eras” Inspired Halloween Costume

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image credits: pagesix.com

You knew this one was coming. 2023 is officially the year of Taylor Swift, and we’re all just along for the ride. Whether you went to the Eras tour or not, you can easily relive your favorite Taylor Swift era this year by replicating her tour outfits. You would like to go with an “All Too Well”-inspired fit, but here are a few options for some other eras as well. Taylor Swift Era itself gives you a variety of costume ideas.

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“Queen Charlotte” Inspired Halloween Costumes 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: assets.teenvogue.com

No Halloween costume ideas roundup would be complete without a Bridgerton-inspired look. This year, our pick is definitely Queen Charlotte. Get royally dressed in this Queen Charlotte-inspired gown, white gloves, and a crown. Finish the look with a royal bun (the bigger and more embellished, the better), a glitzy tiara, and barely there makeup. 

“Bridgerton” Inspired Halloween Costumes 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: wwd.com

Oh my goodness, sweetie! We’ve been waiting for Season 3 for what seems like an eternity. But never fear! While you await the release, you may get into the spirit by fashioning yourself a proper Regency-era woman. 

Choose from a variety of cerulean, periwinkle, and peach dresses. Accessorize your royal-approved updo with some gorgeous opera gloves and a stunning hairpiece or ribbon. 

“Wednesday Addams” Inspired Halloween Costumes 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com

The bad news is that we can’t all become as cool as Jenna Ortega overnight. The good news is that dressing up as her famed character, Wednesday Addams, is rather simple. All you need are some chunky black shoes, with a black Peter Pan-collared skater dress, and two plaited hair braids. 

Rihanna at The Super Bowl 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: hips.hearstapps.com

Attempting to replicate anything Rihanna does is definitely a bit ambitious. While none of us will ever achieve the level of awesomeness that came from her Super Bowl performance this year, we can at least try with an all-red outfit—and some Fenty lipstick, of course. 

Dua Lipa “Levitating” Blue Dress Halloween Costume 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: cdn.justjared.com

TikTok’s most popular song also contains a stunning outfit that solidified the singer’s reputation as a style icon. 

Wearing this lovely sequin dress with matching blue sparkling boots and a sexy wig makes you feel like Dua Lipa. Is there ever a day when her hair doesn’t look good? 

Natasha Romanoff Halloween Costume – “Black Widow” Outfit 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: c4.wallpaperflare.com

Regarding beloved characters, Marvel’s red-haired assassin won the hearts of millions in her long-awaited movie debut.  

You and your BFF can choose from two different looks in this film. White suit, or if that’s not your color, Natasha’s black one. Add her unique red hair to complete the look.  

Doja Cat Halloween Costume – “The Cat” Outfit 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: assets.vogue.com

American rapper Doja Cat took the “cat” in her name too seriously. Sticking to the theme, she paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, in a custom Oscar de la Renta gown. The silver and white ombre sea and bugle bead gown came with a dramatic white feather train. Although unusual, the outfit details were fab. Also, do not miss out on her kitty claws!   

During Paris Couture Week, Doja Cat made an appearance at Schiaparelli’s haute couture show. She painted her body in overlapping layers, beginning with a base coat of red and progressing to layers of crystals of various shapes and sizes. You might even go for this fantastic outfit to steal the show. 

Kim Kardashian’s Spooky Balenciaga Costume 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: img.buzzfeed.com

When Kim Kardashian showed up to this year’s Met Gala, she covered head-to-toe in black fabric. Her avant-garde Balenciaga look is perfect for re-creating this Halloween: Simply swaddle yourself in black fabric and put on a sharp-toe heel. Boom, you’re done! You don’t have to think about makeup but don’t forget the high ponytail. 

Janelle Monae Halloween Costume Idea 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: people.com

Janelle Monae hit the 2023 Met Gala red carpet sporting a sparkling two-piece set. She wore a hoop skirt around her head, which flowed over her body to become a dress. The singer completed her Thom Browne-designed ensemble with an enormous black and white coat and a cat-shaped purse.   

Cruella de Vil  Inspired Halloween Costume

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: i.pinimg.com

For true beauty enthusiasts who want to put their own spin on a character’s memorable aesthetic, Cruella de Vil is where it’s at for Halloween. But remember, no Cruella look is complete without her signature black-and-white hair, so getting the right wig is your first step. Next, pick out a classic red lipstick; hair and makeup designer Nadia Stacey chose MAC Ruby Woo for Stone’s character. Finally, throw on a faux-fur coat. 

Harry Styles Halloween Costume – Feather Boa Grammy Outfit 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: hips.hearstapps.com

The fashion highlights of the Grammy Awards impressed home viewers. Harry Styles, one of the finalists for the night’s “most memorable look,” won us over with his three colorful feather boas!   

The look is simple to replicate. Get a leather jacket and match it with some slick black leather leggings. To complete the look, get the most vibrant boa you can find.  

Michael Myers Halloween Costume 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: m.media-amazon.com

The famous serial killer from the slasher films invariably shows up on Halloween. A Michael Myers costume, complete with his iconic mask, is a simple option if you want a scary look. You can’t get the whole #creep look without some black boots and a fake knife.  

All-Time Trending Adult Halloween Costumes 

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Halloween Costume

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: static.wixstatic.com

Whether you watched the controversial Blonde movie or not, Marilyn Monroe has been a hot topic this past year, between the psychological drama’s buzzy release and Kim Kardashian wearing one of her dresses to the 2022 Met Gala. A Marilyn Halloween costume just might become one that you re-wear year after year. 

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume – “The Suicide Squad” Outfit 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: pyxis.nymag.com

As if Harley wasn’t already the Halloween queen (how many Harley Quinn costumes have we seen in recent years?) she’s returned to give everyone yet another look!  

Starro the Conqueror will know you’re no pushover with her trademark red dress, red and black locks, and combat boots. Remember to pick up some white face paint! 

Cassie Colorful Nurse Costume – “Promising Young Woman” Costume 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: assets.vogue.com

Need an alternative to the stereotypical nurse costume? You could get the perfect Halloween look with a Cassie-inspired getup.  

Cassie’s rainbow wig and nurse uniform are all you need to pull off the look. White opaque tights and bright red shoes are great accessories. 

Lil Nas X’s Halloween Costume Inspired by “Industry Baby.” 

Adult HAlloween Costumes
Image Credits: media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com

Lil Nas’ music videos helped define this year with striking visuals and catchy songs! Why not choose Nas’ hot pink jumpsuit as your Halloween costume if you want something simple but memorable? To complete your Halloween mugshot, grab a letter board and put some creepy words on it. 

Lil Nas X’s “Call Me By Your Name” Halloween Costume  

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: i0.wp.com

This pink Baroque wig (that you can also color blue) is perfect for various looks. Invest in a tassel skirt and a pink faux fur scarf. You can have a great time going shopping for cuff bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to complement this outfit. Check out this patchwork denim jacket and matching leggings if the blue angel aesthetic is more your speed. 

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion: The “WAP” Halloween Costume 

Adult Halloween Costumes
Image Credits: www.usmagazine.com

The viral hit song can be the basis for a hilarious and creative Halloween costume for you and your BFF. You and your best friend can walk the streets dressed like the iconic duo. 

Pick up with these matching pink or yellow sleeveless bodysuits! You can go all out by dressing in pink or yellow satin gloves, sensual fishnet tights, and high heels that make you feel strong. 

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