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After Hours Til Dawn Tour: The Weeknd Is Coming to SoFi Stadium

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The Weeknd After Hours til Dawn Tour is in full flow as the North American spell is set to finish in September. Each concert so far has been living up to expectations, and the fans are finally happy that the tour is here.

Ever since the new dates for the tour were announced, there has been a huge demand for tickets. After renaming the tour and rescheduling it three times, no wonder the tickets are getting sold out like this. Book them as soon as possible if you want to guarantee tickets and want them cheap. Read more about the concerts at SoFi Stadium, schedule, tickets, and parking information.

After Hours til Dawn Tour parking

What is the After Hours til Dawn Tour?

Canadian singer ‘The Weeknd’ is touring North America and Europe in support of his studio albums After Hours and Dawn FM. The tour is set to begin in July and will wind up in September.

the weeknd After Hours til Dawn Tour
Image Credits: Nicolas Padovani on Flickr

During the first spell of the tour, you can watch concerts across the United States and Canada. The tour was originally named After Hours tour and was set to take place in 2020.

What is the schedule for the Weeknd concert tour?

The first show kicked off the tour on 14 July at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. The remaining After Hours til Dawn Tour dates will begin with the concert in Atlanta on 11 August.

Other stops in the remaining schedule include Las Vegas, Denver, Arlington, Seattle, Glendale, and Santa Clara. There will also be one concert in Vancouver, Canada, in August. The shows at SoFi Stadium will be the last concerts in the US spell of the After Hours til Dawn Tour. After this, the Weeknd will take a tour of Europe. Some of the major stops include the Netherlands, France, and Great Britain.

When is After Hours til Dawn Tour coming to SoFi Stadium?

According to the original schedule, only one show was promised at the SoFi Stadium. But due to the overwhelming response by fans, another date was added. As a result, you can watch Weeknd perform live on Friday, 2 September, and Saturday, 3 September 2022. Health checks are in place at the venue, so make sure you satisfy them before booking tickets.

Who is opening for Weeknd in After Hours til Dawn Tour?

When the tour was announced, rapper Doja Cat was supposed to join the Weeknd across all stages. But she had to back out due to an emergency tonsil surgery, so she canceled her festival shows along with this tour.

As of now, the supporting acts for the After Hours til Dawn Tour include Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra, Canadian DJ Kaytranada, and producer and songwriter Mike Dean.

Who will be performing at the SoFi Stadium concert?

On both days at the SoFi Stadium, Weeknd will perform along with Kaytranada and Mike Dean. Keep an eye on the official website and social media accounts to know any updates regarding the lineup.

How to get to SoFi Stadium

There are multiple options to get to the stadium, including public transit. Buses run from different parts of the city to the stations near the stadium.
You can get down at Prairie/Hardy, Century Blvd & Doty Ave, or the Century/Prairie station and walk around 10 minutes to reach the SoFi Stadium. The Hawthorne/Lennox Station Light Rail station is also close to the concert venue.

After Hours til Dawn Tour dates
Image Credits: Kayla Johnson on Flickr

If you plan to drive down to the venue, you have multiple routes to choose from. From Downtown Los Angeles you can take the I-110 South to reach the stadium in 22 minutes. In addition, you can take a shorter route by passing through West Florence Avenue from the I-110 S. This is an 11.8-mile drive that will take approximately 23 minutes to complete.

Similarly, if you start from Downtown Culver City take the I-405 South to reach the stadium in 18 minutes. Another alternative is to drive 8.2 miles via Washington Boulevard and then the I-405 S. All times mentioned above will depend on the traffic conditions at any given time.

What will be the After Hours til Dawn Tour setlist?

The After Hours til Dawn Tour songs will include some of the best tracks by Weeknd. Since the tour is held in support of ‘After Hours’ and ‘Dawn FM’ albums, you can see him perform the songs live at SoFi Stadium.

You can find the Weeknd After Hours til Dawn Tour setlist for the concert at Met Life Arena in New Jersey. Unfortunately, there was no encore, much to the disappointment of the fans, but you can expect the setlist to change in the upcoming shows.

  • Alone Again
  • Gasoline
  • Sacrifice
  • How Do I Make You Love Me
  • Can’t Feel My Face
  • Take My Breath
  • A Lonely Night
  • Hurricane
  • The Hills
  • Often
  • Crew Love
  • Starboy
  • Heartless
  • Low Life
  • Or Nah
  • Kiss Land
  • Party Monster
  • Faith
  • After Hours
  • In Your Eyes
  • Out of Time
  • I Feel It Coming
  • Die For You
  • Is There Someone Else?
  • I Was Never There
  • Wicked Games
  • Call Out My Name
  • The Mourning
  • Save Your Tears
  • Less Than Zero
  • Blinding Lights

How much are After Hours til Dawn Tour tickets?

Fans went crazy for the tickets when the presale began in early March 2022. Ticket marketplaces were providing After Hours til Dawn Tour presale codes, and those were redeemed fast too.

Since the concert on the first day is already sold out, the new tickets will cost you a minimum of $100 per person. The best seats in the house, however, can cost you around $500, but you will get to see the Weeknd singing up close.

You can get tickets for both shows at SoFi from the Weeknd’s official website. Ticketmaster is also selling the tickets for both shows at Inglewood.

Is there on-site parking at SoFi Stadium?

You can find multiple parking zones at the SoFi Stadium located in different areas. Each of these zones has multiple parking lots and is different in terms of the number of spots and ticket charges. Here are the different designated parking areas at SoFi Stadium.

Green Zone- Lots A and B
Brown Zone- Lots C and D
Orange Zone- Lots E, F, G, and H
Pink Zone- Lots I, J, P, and Q
Purple Zone- Lots K, L, and M
Blue Zone- Lot N
Yellow Zone
Platinum Zone
Retail Zone- Lots 1,2,3,4 and 5

When you purchase parking at SoFi Stadium, each of the passes will be color coded to correspond with each Parking Zone. Each zone will have a designated entry gate, and you will be assisted by parking staff to spots once you enter through these gates.

Will there be official parking for After Hours til Dawn Tour?

After Hours til Dawn Tour tickets
Image Credits: Fred von Lohmann on Flickr

Official parking availability at the SoFi stadium will differ for each event. But you can expect some form of parking on the concert day. You can only find the parking fees once the tickets go on sale. Similarly, you can find on-site parking facilities, including surface lots and garages on other concert venues as well.

How to find street parking near SoFi Stadium?

Unfortunately, there is no street parking for events near the SoFi Stadium and Inglewood in general. The parking authorities have enforced a residential parking permit for all city streets.

On-street parking and neighborhood parking can only be used with a valid permit in hand. If you break this regulation, you will be handed parking tickets and citations, and in the worst-case scenario, your car will be towed away.

What are the cheap parking options for After Hours til Dawn Tour?

In most cities, street parking can be ideal for the After Hours til Dawn Tour. Even though it is cheap, there are risks of parking violations associated with it. Since there are no street parking spaces near SoFi stadium, you will have to pay hefty fines for leaving your car on the streets.

After Hours til Dawn Tour parking

For most people, the on-site parking charges at SoFi Stadium might be a bit too much. Especially for events as huge as this Weeknd concert, you will have to spend a lot on parking at the stadium parking zones. But there is a third alternative- off-site parking garages- which ensures the safety of your car and charges cheaper rates.

What are the advantages of choosing an off-site parking garage?

Official parking spaces are expensive, and even if you manage to get one, the process of parking your car may take longer. The attendance would be huge for a major music concert at SoFi Stadium, and you can expect high demand for the official parking lots. Even with a pre-purchased parking pass in hand, you will have to arrive hours before the start of the concert.

After Hours til Dawn Tour setlist
Image Credits: Fred von Lohmann on Flickr

The heavy traffic before and after the concert means you will be stuck in a long line of cars. But off-site parking garages near SoFi Stadium are located within walking distance of the venue. So you can easily book parking at these facilities and avoid the concert traffic.

Similarly, the parking garages near SoFi Stadium offer premium features like accessible parking, covered parking, and contactless parking. Some of them even have security personnel and camera surveillance in addition to lot attendants. So there is no need to worry about the safety of your car while you enjoy the After Hours til Dawn Tour concert.

How to find parking garages for the After Hours til Dawn Tour

Once you have decided to get a parking garage near the SoFi Stadium, you can easily find one using an online parking service. Using Way.com or the Way app, you can locate all nearby lots and garages near your location. The app will return all the garages along with their features and corresponding parking rates.

After you choose the garage that suits your needs, enter the entry and exit times and pay the parking rates. Thus, you have searched, found, and booked a parking space for your car within minutes. Also, by booking through Way.com, you stand a chance to win special deals and additional discounts at these off-site parking garages near SoFi Stadium.

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