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Mint Your Tickets! First-Ever NFT Art & Music Festival is Here

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Not everyone gets NFTs, but if you have a screen connected to the internet, it’s hard to ignore its raging success. FOMO is catching up, and we hear even Coachella’s jumped on the NFT craze. And now, Web3 platform Afterparty is taking it to the next level by introducing NFT Tickets for their upcoming arts and music festival in Las Vegas. Want to attend? Here’s all you need to know.  

The Afterparty NFT Art + Music Festival is hailed as the “World’s first NFT-gated Art and Music Festival.” Afterparty focuses on bringing creators, collectors, musicians, and artists under the same roof for a live experience celebrating the NFT art movement. NFT artists Nate Mohler and Alec Maassen are the creative directors of the event, produced in partnership with former executives of Life is Beautiful and Kaaboo festivals.   

The USP of this NFT event is that there are no entry tickets. Instead, you can access the venue with NFTs. Afterlife’s Utopia Collection features 1500 NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs will be featured on 4k and 8k displays at the event’s live galleries.   

Afterparty NFT Art and Music Festival parking banner

When is the Afterparty NFT Art + Music Festival?  

Immersive entertainment venue AREA15 in Las Vegas will host the Afterparty NFT Art + Music Festival on March 18-19, 2022. AREA15 is no stranger to showcasing technology-driven art and entertainment through various VR experiences and art shows. It is at 3215 S. Rancho Drive, off I-15 and Desert Inn Road.   

Afterparty NFT festival Lineup  

Afterparty is yet to announce the NFT Art + Music Festival is yet lineup for 2022. The Chainsmokers and Kid LAROI will headline the event. Additionally, 25 other artists and several world-class NFT artists are expected at the event.  

Who can attend Afterparty’s NFT-Gated festival?  

The Afterparty NFT Art + Music Festival 2022 guestlist is curated by Utopian NFT holders. The Utopians are the first creators who live-minted NFTs for the Utopia Collection at the Afterparty House in Hollywood Hills. Utopians have artist-level access to the event and can bring a +1. They’ll also receive two guest passes that could be sold on the open market. Non-Utopians have to either find a guest pass or compete to earn their spot on the guestlist on the official website and Discord.   

Utopians also get access to community events at the Afterparty House and pop-ups at much-anticipated events like Art Basel.    

How to reach Afterparty NFT Art + Music Festival?  

AREA15, the venue for Afterparty NFT Art + Music Festival 2022, is minutes away from the Strip in Las Vegas and easily accessible from other parts of the city. You can drive or use a rideshare service to get there. The rideshare drop-off zone is on the east side of the venue, right next to the main entrance, and the pick-up zone is on the opposite side, to the left of the main entrance.   

Click on ‘Directions’ in the map below to find your way to AREA15.  


Is there parking at AREA15?  

There are around 900 free on-site parking spots at AREA15. You’ll also have no trouble finding alternative parking lots nearby. If you prefer to find an affordable parking garage in Las Vegas and walk/use ridesharing to reach the festival venue, use a parking app or website like Way.com to find the best deals. It is easier to find available spots closest to your hotel or AREA15 when searching for parking online. Don’t forget to pre-book your Las Vegas parking for a guaranteed spot at the lowest rates.   


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