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The comfort and convenience of having AI in your car

  • Cars Explained
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 6 minutes

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Knightrider had KITT, Ironman had Jarvis, and Samuel ‘Sam’ Flynn had Quorra. If you are very particular, then you can argue that Superman had the spirit of Jor-El in the Fortress of Solitude. Quorra ended up in the arms of Sam Flynn while KITT, Jarvis, and Jor-El were more of a guiding voice for their respective partners. Many people believe that AI in a car is still a long way off. The truth is that the evolution of automated driving systems is already well underway.

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Many car owners would have dreamt of the day where they had an artificial intelligence in their car helping them out. That day has, without doubt, arrived. In spite of its benefits, AI in cars met a decent amount of skepticism and resistance from many car owners. Surprisingly many cite the example of Westworld as the cause of this fear.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses data and machine learning (ML) algorithms to mimic and even outperform human decision-making abilities. AI-powered solutions add value to products, speed up operations, boost efficiency, and uncover data that has life-changing implications.

Xevo is one such company. They are a global leader in connected-car software and a development partner to some of the world’s top car manufacturers. Xevo’s daringly innovative software solutions enable automakers to create breakthrough in-vehicle experiences while enabling automotive OEMs, merchant partners, and service providers to benefit from new monetization opportunities.

What is the benefit of AI in a car?

The concept of self-driving cars has caught consumer interest. Moreover, AI in a car has a much bigger impact across the whole automotive industry. In the world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and a self-driving car are frequently complementary issues. Simply put, you can’t talk about one without talking about the other. Accordingly, for the past few years, automotive experts have debated four important disruptive trends: autonomous driving, car networking with data sensors, electrification, and shared mobility dubbed ACES.

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The car industry revolution is driven forward by AI

AI in the automobile sector can improve user experience, accelerate innovation cycles, and optimize manufacturing and maintenance workflow. AI-powered solutions can collect and process massive volumes of car data. Equally important, they can provide actionable insights, increasing privacy and data security.

AI drives autonomous driving, enabling real-time recognition of things in the vehicle’s vicinity, improving maintenance and fleet management. Furthermore, AI automotive solutions improve navigation systems, improve interpretation of voice commands, and streamline regular procedures, leading to improved business processes. Every car manufacturer is rushing to create artificial intelligence, and so is a flurry of software businesses and startups.

Types of AI implemented in a car

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room: self-driving cars. Many big automakers are attempting to develop their autonomous cars and driving features. Here we will focus on relatively new tech companies and startups that have emerged from the concept of self-driving cars. The following companies with their technologies are at the forefront of autonomous car technology, whether for public transit, ridesharing, or personal requirements.

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Refraction AI with REV-1

REV-1, with its robotic and self-driving delivery service, is used for last-mile goods from restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery shops, enabling faster, cheaper, and safer delivery that meets customer expectations. It has the size and weight to transition between automobile and bike lanes to prioritize delivery time without disrupting traffic 

REV-1 is also enabled to select the best possible path for making a delivery. Low-cost sensor technology such as cameras is used to allow the vehicle to stop on a dime, resulting in a safe, compact, and scalable solution to autonomous delivery.

Nutonomy with nuCore

Finding it difficult to navigate complex traffic situations? nuCore technology will enable you to handle the situation in a flexible and human-like manner (without the error). The company’s mission is to deploy fleets of self-driving cars wherever required to ensure safer roads, less traffic, and less pollution.

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Get your grocery delivered from a self-driving car. The technology of AutoX is to make safe decisions on the road. The company’s cars incorporate AI software, sensors, real-time cameras, and thousands of test miles, both virtual and real. Users can already pick products through their app and have them delivered.


The cars from Drive.AI are not only self-driving cars. Equally important, they also communicate with nearby drivers and pedestrians, such as displaying a sign to pedestrians signaling that it will wait for them to cross. The company’s objective is to transport people along defined routes easier to manage than personal autonomous vehicles, which must keep up with changes that can impair driving, such as construction, speed limits, accidents, and road closures.

Optimus Ride

Optimus Prime believed that every life is sacred. On the other hand, Optimus Ride believes that our planet is sacred. They have developed self-driving automobiles for geo-fenced areas. The company’s smart, electric vehicles enable the implementation of more efficient and sustainable cities by freeing up parking, reducing the number of cars on the road, and lowering the environmental effect.

Waymo with 360-degree perception technology

Waymo began to work on this technology; after Google began exploring self-driving cars. From up to 300 yards away, the 360-degree perception system recognizes people, other vehicles, bikes, road work, and other obstructions.


Have you watched the show ‘Upload’? Well, the day is getting nearer. For example, ridesharing in a driverless car is one of the common scenes in the futuristic show. Zoox is building cars to be robotic ride-hailing vehicles. Like contemporary transportation services such as Uber or Lyft, consumers would hail this vehicle for a ride via an app on their smartphone.

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In conclusion, today, AI serves mostly as a “co-pilot,” assisting drivers by improving safety, comfort, and convenience. Furthermore, some applications improve driver safety and comfort, while others boost convenience and cut costs. This is done with predictive maintenance or fuel efficiency.

AI is evolving rapidly and appears to be becoming smarter by the day, but data anonymity must be ensured in light of drivers’ privacy concerns. Soon we can expect many more AI-based technologies to be incorporated into passenger cars in the coming years – though whether artificial intelligence will ever fully take its place in the driver’s seat remains to be seen.

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