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Air travel and airport parking demand see steady rise in 2021 

  • Air Travel
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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Passenger traffic across major airports in the country continued to see a significant uptick over the past week. From May 11-16, a total of 11 million travelers had taken to the skies. This indicates the normalization of air travel as the preferred mode of transport once again, which is a good sign for the airport parking industry as well. LGA parkingSAN Airport parking, and other important airport parking locations can expect growing demand in recent weeks. Our weekly infographic series continues to track the growth of air travel in 2021 after the body blow dealt by the pandemic to the airline industry. In 2020, the global aviation industry lost $84 billion. The bulk of the loss was borne by the US airline industry with $35 billion revenue foregone. Passenger traffic fell by nearly 70% due to restrictions and physical distancing norms. 

However, 2021 seems to be the year things rebound back to normal. The uptick is gradual but steady, as can be seen by the footfall at major airports. The Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Airport saw its busiest day in recent months with nearly 21,700 passengers departing from its terminals. This was the highest footfall for the airport in the pandemic era. Average passenger traffic at BWI over the first 5 months of 2021 has gone up by 1312% compared to 2020 numbers.  Due to this, BWI parking is expected to see greater demand.  

Previously, BWI Airport had closed a few of its lots to maintain physical distancing rules and also to compensate for reduced demand. As of April, BWI parking has reopened its Long-Term parking lot in anticipation of increased demand.  

At Philadelphia Airport (PHL), traffic is expected to pick up for domestic flights even though international flights are scarce. The pandemic year saw the lowest passenger footfall in nearly 35 years. Just 11 million travelers used the airport in 2020, which meant a considerable loss of revenue. 

In 2021, domestic travel picked up during Easter weekend and is expected to rise as Memorial Day weekend is around the corner. PHL Airport parking is also expected to cater to the increased demand, which was at 60% of normal levels in February 2021. However, the airport is only expecting to reach regular passenger footfall in a two-year timeframe. 

Other airports that are likely to see more traffic in the coming months include LaGuardia Airport and San Diego Airport. Both of them serve important cities and hence will see an uptick in demand once domestic flights normalize. Since the number of travelers using the on-site parking facilities at both these airports is significant, both LGA parking and SAN Airport parking can expect an increase in numbers over the coming months. 

You can always use Way.com or the Way app to book PHL Airport parking, SAN Airport parking, BWI parking, or airport parking for whichever city you are in. With guaranteed, secure parking, a complementary shuttle, and a flexible cancellation policy, we’re your best bet for a worry-free airport parking experience. 

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