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Air travel grows despite concerns about Covid-19 delta variant

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Last week, over two million passengers took to the skies on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, making it one of the busiest weeks for air travel this year. However, with the delta variant of the coronavirus spreading rapidly, air travel could slow down yet again as new restrictions are imposed. According to the latest data, the delta variant of Covid-19 accounts for nearly 83% of new Covid-19 cases across the country. 

Air travel grows despite concerns about Covid-19 delta variant

Health officials have cautioned unvaccinated people not to fly to Covid-19 hot spots like Florida and have also urged children to leave enough time to quarantine before school starts. With summer set to end soon, thousands of people across the country have been planning to go on holiday. And with Labor Day approaching, travelers must continue to follow social distancing norms and wear masks at public places such as airports. 

Air travel grows despite concerns about Covid-19 delta variant

Meanwhile, much to the dismay of international air travelers, the federal government has decided to maintain its Covid-related travel bans for the foreseeable future due to the spread of the delta variant. The current ban applies to countries such as the UK, the EU, and China. However, it wasn’t all grim news last week as many airports across the country began reopening some of their onsite parking lots and garages. This move should help reducing airport parking woes significantly. 

If you plan on flying out of Cleveland this week, we’ve got some news for you. Offsite Cleveland airport parking garage Fast Park has announced that it has renamed its facility at 18899 Snow Road Fast Park & Relax. Fast Park & Relax’s 18-acre property offers covered parking facilities with a new front entrance and new shuttle buses. The Fast Park & Relax offsite parking lot is located a mere 1.1 miles away from the airport. Meanwhile, both Fast Park & Relax and Park Place have upgraded their Express Exit Lanes with contactless payment technology to reduce the risk of infection. 

FLL airport parking

While the Ronald Reagan National Airport authorities revised the parking rates for onsite Regan airport parking, air travelers continue to prefer offsite garages for their vehicles. The current parking rate of $22 is $3 cheaper than before and has been in effect since mid-May. However, Reagan airport’s terminal garages and economy lots continue to be vacant as travelers are able to find cheaper Reagan airport parking options at offsite garages. If you are planning to fly out of any major airports in the country, be sure to check out a parking website or app like way.com to find the best airport parking deals. What’s more, way.com lets you read customer reviews to help you pick a cheap yet safe parking space for your vehicle. 

Travelers flying out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport had to face quite an ordeal last week as the onsite FLL airport parking spaces were completely sold out. This forced the FLL airport parking authorities to open up its offsite overflow parking lot located at 2755 SW 42nd Street. The parking rate at FLL’s offsite parking lot is fixed at $10 a day, and patrons are allowed to park for a maximum duration of 7 days only. 

While it may be easy to assume that air travel is back for good by taking a glance at TSA figures for July, the next couple of weeks will be crucial as there could be new travel restrictions in place to curb the delta variant of the coronavirus. However, things look promising, considering the current figures were generated by people traveling for leisure rather than for business. Airline officials expect business travel to pick up significantly post Labor Day 2021 as more schools and offices reopen. However, some experts argue that business trips might be fewer than before as business people begin planning their trips carefully. But no matter which way the wind blows, we recommend booking your airport parking ahead of time by using way.com and save money in the process.

Air travel on an upswing, but airport parking woes continue

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