Airport Parking : Onsite or Offsite, Which Is Better?

Preparing for a trip is exciting! When the anticipated day finally arrives, the least of your worries should be airport parking.

So why not book an uber? Whether it’s a short-term or long-term trip, lugging around carry ons, bags and suitcases is no party, and neither is hailing a cab, nor reimbursing a friend for gas money for the airport trip. Besides, relying on another person when you’re pressed for time is a hassle, and requires lots of phone calls, waiting and pre-scheduling.

Taking responsibility of your own ride is the best option. You can load your luggage on your own, be calm about transit timing, utilize economical airport parking prices, all with the comfort of your own car – it’s the best way to begin and end your trip, and all you have to do is decide whether to park onsite or offsite!

Offsite Airport Parking

If you’re a very punctual traveler and are looking to save a few bucks, check out why offsite parking could be your best bet.


Offsite parking is usually cheaper because you’re a little far out from the airport. But these parking lots offer complimentary terminal shuttle services, and have flexible deals for longer durations – and offer tons of coupons for later use.

It’s perfect for a solo traveler with light luggage.

Comfort and Comfort:

Onsite parking is limited because of the heavy influx of people at the airport. An offsite parking lot, on the other hand, has much more space, less waiting time and offer a more streamlined experience if you’re not a hasty traveler.

Some lots will also let you call ahead and book place! And, depending on the facility, offsite lots offer valet parking, too, so you can grab your luggage and head towards the terminal.

Offsite airport parking lots are also usually located near airport hotels, and usually offer airport hotel shuttle services to and fro for passengers.

Some lots also offer free or nominally priced car wash services so you can come back to a clean car – one less problem to solve!

So no traffic, hardly any waiting, and ample of spots to choose – this sounds great for anxious travelers.


Offsite parking spaces have flood lights, security fencing, security cameras and watchmen guarding the lot at all times.

Of course, no amount of security can prevent robberies, so be sure to remove all valuables and important papers/keys before driving to their airport – that’s just the rule of the thumb!

Onsite Parking

Onsite airport parking spaces are a great option if you’re in hurry or travelling with companions. Read on to see why you should park here!


Onsite parking lots are located within the airport, usually in the basements. For the convenience of location and time, you will be pulling out a little bit more cash. These parking lots also offer deals on the duration of the stay, and for Business or Executive travelers, they’ve got some discounted airport parking rates, and complimentary services to offer besides parking space.


The airport parking lot is definitely cramped, so be sure to budget some waiting time when you make your trip, even though your terminal is a very short walk or elevator ride away.

Valet parking is always offered and the experienced drivers can take your car to its designated spot while you’re on your way to catch your flight – a great option if you’re running late!

Onsite parking lots also offer disability parking and besides, it’s easy to maneuver wheelchairs, strollers or carry baby carriers over a short distance considering the fact that you will also have luggage to trolley through to the terminal.


An enclosed space is definitely safer than an open one. The supervisors are very vigilant about insurance records and monitoring the parking space with floodlights, surveillance cameras and hired security personnel.

Although, you don’t want to test the high security measures by leaving your watch in for a month and seeing if it’s still there when you return! So be sure to remove your valuable items and personal belonging before parking or handing the vehicle over to the valet service.

So before heading to your next vacation, call up your local airport and ask about onsite and offsite parking options you can avail!

Here are some best airport parkings :

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  5. BOS parking





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