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Alabama Catalytic Converter Laws: What You Need to Know

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Alabama car owners may try to get rid of catalytic converters. Most of them replace them with a straight piece of an exhaust pipe. This is because they think removing the converter will make the engine more powerful. But by doing so, they will be breaking Alabama catalytic converter laws.

Like to take deep breaths of Alabama’s clean, crisp air? You can thank catalytic converters for that. The catalytic converter in an auto’s exhaust system keeps the air clean by turning unburned hydrocarbons and combustion byproducts into natural gases.¬†

A catalytic converter can also help you get better gas mileage. It’s made of precious metals, so there’s a good chance it will be stolen. If yours gets taken, you’ll need to get a new one as soon as possible.¬†

Alabama Catalytic Converter Laws

Way.com can guide you about Alabama’s catalytic converters laws. In that process, we can give you tips on keeping yours safe from theft.

Alabama Catalytic Converter Laws

The Alabama Pollution Control Act (Chapter 28, Section 22-12 of the State Code) says that people who own cars with pollution control systems must keep those systems in good shape.

Even if Alabama law had said nothing about catalytic converters, there is still a federal law that says you can’t take out or replace a catalytic converter that is working.¬†

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website said this law is in all 50 states. Federal law says that a broken converter must be replaced with a new one that meets EPA standards and is the same as the old one.

Both Alabama state law and federal law say that cars have to have catalytic converters.

Should I have a catalytic converter in Alabama?

Both Alabama state law and federal law say that cars have to have catalytic converters.¬†A replacement catalytic converter must comply with Alabama’s regulations and be either an OEM item or a brand-new aftermarket catalytic converter certified by the state board.

These federal EPA rules must also be followed by any replacement catalytic converters.

The new catalytic converter must be:

  • In the same place as the first one
  • The same kind as the first one
  • The suitable model for your car or truck
  • Set up correctly
  • Accompanied by a warranty card from the installer

Repercussions of breaking Alabama Catalytic Converter Laws

According to Alabama’s pollution laws, driving a car in the state is illegal if its catalytic converter and other air pollution control systems have been removed, switched off, or are not functioning correctly. Anyone who violates the law faces a $10,000 fine and a year in jail.

If you drive around with a damaged catalytic converter, you will be fined up to $2,500. If a scrapyard is caught doing business with a stolen catalytic converter, it will be fined $25,000. 

How can I prevent the theft of catalytic converters?

Catalytic converters are very valuable, but it’s effortless for thieves to steal them.¬†

A thief can steal your catalytic converter in as little as two minutes and sell it for $300 to $1,500. The converters contain valuable metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium, which can be melted down and sold for even more money.

Even though thieves are stealing a lot of catalytic converters right now, there are still some things you can do to keep them away:

  • Install a device to stop theft:¬†If you put a metal cage around your converter, it will never again be stolen.¬†
  • Pick a safe place to park:¬†To keep thieves away, park in a well-lit area, preferably with little space around your car.¬†
  • Engrave your catalytic converter:¬†¬†If a potential thief looks at your converter and sees your license plate number (or VIN), they’ll probably leave you alone.

Does insurance cover the theft of a catalytic converter?

The full insurance coverage covers the theft of catalytic converters. If you have this coverage, your insurance company will pay to replace the catalytic converter.

Theft of a catalytic converter is covered by full coverage insurance! If you have this coverage, your insurance company will pay to replace the catalytic converter.

If you’re worried about your car insurance coverage after reading about the rise in catalytic converter theft, Way.com can help you get the proper coverage.

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