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Alaska Car Rental Insurance- How to Get One

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  • Melanie Barrett
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 An Alaska rental car insurance should be the best choice if you rent a car in Alaska. Choosing rental cars also makes travel easy around the state, with a comfortable journey, making your halts easier. 

Driving your car around can also be expensive in Alaska,  with the soaring fuel and maintenance charges bothering you. However, if you are in the state for the first time, you must know a few things before paying hefty rates for your rental cars.   

Alaska Car Rental Insurance- How to Get One

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When should you go for Alaska car rental insurance? 

Alaska car rental insurance is the best decision to make if you plan a short visit or a vacation. Also, rent your car as soon as you reach Alaska, as the rental charges keep soaring every hour. Similarly, driving in Alaska is risky as the number of reckless drivers in this state is quite high. 

Also, renting a car in Alaska saves you a lot from paying hefty charges for borrowing a car. With Alaska rental car insurance, you get plenty of car coverage. However, your car rental may vary depending on the type of car you choose and the duration. 

How much does Alaska car rental insurance cost? 

One of the main concerns you might have before you go for Alaska car rental insurance is the approximate cost. It is also important to know that the state charges vary depending on the tourist season and demand for rental cars. Hence, you may notice higher charges during the season, and more affordable during the off-season rental charges for a midsize SUV come between $30 to $50. On the other hand, you may also end up paying up to $200 for your rental cars during the peak season. Make sure to compare the prices with the best rental car providers in Alaska before you take a call.  

Also, please make your bookings as early as possible so that the providers can help you with cancellation fees. 

Coverages you get along with your Alaska car rental insurance 

As you confirm to go ahead with taking an Alaska car rental insurance, make sure to check for the coverages you get. A coverage check helps you save a lot on paying for the additional maintenance costs on your rental cars. Some of the standard coverages you must get along with your Alaska rental car insurance are: 

Your auto insurance coverage 

Whether you’re using your car or a rental car, you need liability insurance. For Alaska car rental insurance, you also get auto insurance coverage. This coverage means that, similar to your car’s coverage, you also get protection for the rental car you use.  

Also, with auto insurance and rental coverage, insurance companies pay for damages to your car in case of a collision or injury. This coverage means that even in a collision, you need not pay for the damage you cause to the other party. Hence, if you produce proof of auto insurance, Alaska rental insurance coverage pays for the injury. 

Rental car insurance coverage 

It is up to you to go for rental car insurance while you borrow a car in Alaska. In simpler words, you can get coverage from car rental providers easily. Again, insurance from your provider with collision and comprehensive coverage is mandatory if you go for rental car services. 

The benefit of car insurance coverage from the rental company is that they protect your car from any unforeseen circumstances. In other words, if you face theft, damage, or collisions, your rental car insurance coverages make up for the loss.  

The rental car insurance terms depend on your provider. Alaska car rental insurance coverage begins at $20, which is quite inexpensive. 

Additional coverages 

The best way to get additional rental car insurance coverage is to go for an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy gives you some extra coverage on your auto insurance or home insurance policies. In any case, use these additional coverages only in case of a major requirement, such as a huge medical expense or a high repair cost to the other party’s car. 

Things to check for before going for an Alaska car rental insurance 

Now that you know how to choose your Alaska car rental insurance, here are a few things to keep in mind before proceeding: 

  • Check if your car has got all-weather tires. Wear and tear tires frequently can be an inconvenience. ¬†
  • Make sure that your car has car heaters. The weather in Alaska is unpredictable, so it is safe to have heaters in your rental cars.¬†
  • Most importantly, confirm the roadside assistance policy with your insurance provider. Secondly, ask the providers to share the contact number of the resource person you can contact in case a need arises.¬†
  • Confirm that your car is winter ready Above all, remember to check the wiper, wiper fluids, tires, defrosters, battery, and antifreeze.¬†
  • Likewise, check for the emergency kit, and verify if it contains the necessary medicines and other items in case of a crisis.¬†
  • Ensure the rental car provider does not give you a recalled car.¬†


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