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Tesla Cybertruck 2023 : An Enthusiast’s Guide to the Promising EV

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  • Natasha Young
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Despite the dystopian looks that Tesla Cybertruck possesses, it is an undisputable competition for all top-selling pickup trucks. Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck is super tough, with a sharp-edged exterior made of scratch- and dent-resistant stainless steel. Its interiors and other convertible features look promising. And it is undeniably the most awaited car of 2023. But like any car, Tesla’s Cybertruck has its pros and cons. Read to know more about Tesla’s Cybertruck. 

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Tesla Cybertruck: An overview 

The Cybertruck is far from ordinary. Many pickup truck enthusiasts believe it defies all pickup truck conventions. However, its distinctiveness distinguishes it from the rest of the automobiles. Despite being battery-powered and having a unique shape and design, it outperforms most pickup trucks in terms of standard truck functionality.  

The Cybertruck has several features that set it apart from other successful combustion engine trucks. It is available with all-wheel drive, can tow up to 14,000 pounds, and has a driving range of 500 miles or more. While that only applies to the most expensive model, the most affordable one starts at $39,900. Unfortunately, we are clueless about its launch date.  

Tesla has already delayed the truck’s production timeline several times. On April 7, 2022, CEO Elon Musk promised again that the truck would be available in 2023. The production will start before the end of 2023, with deliveries beginning soon after. Elon Musk also has confirmed that the Cybertruck will be more expensive than previously stated due to supply chain issues. 

Look and design 

The design we’ve seen so far isn’t exactly what will roll off eventually. Musk has confirmed that the truck will include side mirrors, which are required by law in the US and several other countries. On the other hand, those mirrors are claimed to be easily detachable. 

The Cybertruck has also got a massive windshield wiper, with only one blade covering the entire front of the vehicle. Given the windshield size, it’s surprising that Tesla is only testing with a single blade. However, Musk confirmed that this particular design is not final. Indeed, more recent leaks provide a much closer look at this wiper. While the wiper is still massive, it appears to be extendable. Which means it can cover the entire windshield in one motion.  

While many standard features and options have yet to be revealed, the images show a slab-like dashboard dominated by a large touchscreen. Its squared-off steering wheel appears to have an illuminated display, but this has yet to be confirmed. The Cybertruck got a seating capacity up to six people and has a 6.4-foot cargo bed with a volume of 100 cubic feet. It also has a clever slide-out tailgate that serves as a ramp for loading four-wheelers and motorcycles. 

Power and performance 

There are almost three electric motors are on board with the Cybertruck. The two- and three-motor trucks are all-wheel drive, while the single-motor truck only has rear-wheel drive. According to Tesla, it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 110 mph. 

The 120 mph top speed of the dual-motor Cybertruck is said to be attained in 4.5 seconds from a standstill. Tesla claims that its top-of-the-line three-motor model can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and can go on to reach a top speed of 130 mph. 

The air suspension on every Cybertruck is fully flexible, allowing the driver to change the ride height on the fly and providing a ground clearance of up to 16 inches. Combined with its 35-degree approach along with 28-degree departure angles, the Tesla pickup could be a formidable off-road machine. 

Battery life and range 

Tesla has confirmed that the new 4680 battery cells will be used in the Cybertruck. This contributes to the truck’s delay because of Tesla’s inability to produce enough cells at a low cost. 

Tesla claims that the spiral design of the 4680 batteries provides 16% more range. Also, six times the power of its existing battery cells. These cells are also expected to be less expensive, with the savings being passed on to the truck’s final price. 

This would be a significant victory because EVs are generally more expensive than gasoline-powered vehicles. Especially if Tesla plans to launch a $25,000 car next year. 

Image by Blomst from Pixabay 


The Cybertruck will be up for sale in three different configurations, each with a different number of electric motors. While all-wheel drive is standard on all models except the single-motor model, each additional motor provides faster acceleration, a longer driving range, and increased towing capacity. 

Cybertruck model  Price in dollars 
Single motor  $39,900 
Dual motor  $49,900 
Tri motor  $69,900 

Warranty and maintenance coverage 

A comprehensive warranty on its current models is offered by Tesla, but no complimentary maintenance is included. 

  •  Limited warranty period is four years or 50,000 miles. 
  • Powertrain warranty is valid for eight years, regardless of mileage. 
  • No free scheduled maintenance.

Other notable features

Infotainment and connectivity 

Specific details about the Cybertruck’s infotainment system, like the rest of the interior, are largely unknown. We know that every model will have a large 17-inch touchscreen mounted horizontally in the dashboard’s center. 

Towing and payload capacity 

If the Cybertruck can tow as much as Tesla claims, it is capable of competing with Ram 1500. While single- and dual-motor Teslas have maximum towing ratings of 7500 and 10,000 pounds, models with a third motor will have a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. Every Cybertruck has a 6.5-foot cargo bed that can hold 3500 pounds. 

Safety features 

Tesla’s contentious self-driving Autopilot feature will be standard on all models, and the company says it will offer a Full Self-Driving option for $7000. Another driver-assistance technology is also expected to be available. 

Two cents from Way 

When purchasing a Tesla Cybertruck, you get to choose from three options. Most users will be satisfied with a $40,000 single-motor Cybertruck. This model provides adequate range, functionality, ground clearance, and acceleration for the average truck driver. However, if you are a performance freak and a die-hard Tesla fan with money to burn, the more expensive Cybertruck model may be the better choice. 

In terms of acceleration and range, the dual-motor Cybertruck is similar to the single motor but also has an all-wheel drive like the tri-motor. It has all of the advantages of a single motor but with more power and towing capacity, as well as the ability to send power to all four wheels. If you want a truck that can perform on and off the road, the dual motor may be the Cybertruck for you, with a price in the middle of the single and tri-motor trucks at $49,900. 

Tesla Cybertruck | Find EV charging near you


Because Tesla has such sway over the market, the Cybertruck could be a huge deal in the world of electric trucks. While its unusual design may be off-putting to some, it is likely to appeal to people who want to stand out. One could argue that they lack Tesla’s clout, particularly regarding range and technology. However, the longer people wait for the Tesla Cybertruck, the more time the competition has to catch up. 

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