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All you need to know about car insurance in Tennessee

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Tennessee, like many other states in the US, requires vehicle owners to have minimum auto insurance coverage. In this blog, we’ll go over these laws more and touch on some other unique characteristics of Tennessee automobile insurance. Driving without auto insurance is prohibited in Tennessee, and if you are caught, you will face serious consequences. Drivers in Tennessee should be aware of car insurance laws as well as the consequences for driving without insurance. Knowing the rules regulations governing car insurance in Tennessee will help protect you in the unfortunate case of a car accident.

All you need to know about car insurance in Tennessee

Is car insurance required in Tennessee?

Yes, Tennessee requires all drivers to carry a minimum level of car insurance. You may face harsh consequences if you drive without one. If you are caught driving without insurance in Tennessee, you may be required to pay penalties, surrender your driver’s license and registration, or possibly face jail time.

What are the minimum requirements for car insurance in Tennessee?

Drivers in Tennessee are required to have at least liability coverage. However, if your vehicle is being financed, your bank or loan holder may require you to also have collision and comprehensive insurance. A Tennessee driver’s minimum insurance liability policy must include the following:

Bodily injury liability – $25,000 per person; $50,000 per accident

Property damage liability – $15,000 per accident

Uninsured motorist bodily injury – $25,000 per person;  and $50,000 per accident

Uninsured motorist property damage – $15,000 per accident

Is Tennessee’s mandatory minimum auto insurance coverage sufficient to protect you?

Regrettably, Tennessee’s minimum liability insurance requirements do not fully protect you, regardless of whether you were the cause of the accident or a survivor. Liability insurance protects your personal property, guaranteeing that you do not lose anything if you are sued for injuring someone in an accident. If you have few assets and drive an old car, the very minimum amount of insurance may be sufficient. You should purchase more than the bare minimum amount of automobile insurance to protect yourself in the event of a serious accident.

What is the average cost of car insurance in Tennessee?

On average, car insurance in Tennessee costs $85 a month, or $1,020 per year. This fluctuates based on your insurance company, location, age, marital status, driving record, and credit score. Higher-risk drivers may end up paying close to $1300 a year for car insurance in Tennessee.

Does insurance follow the car or driver in Tennessee?

Car insurance policies in Tennessee generally follow the car rather than the individual. For example, if you get in a car accident while driving a friend’s vehicle, the primary source of the compensation would be your friend’s auto insurance coverage, not your own.

Is Tennessee a no-fault car insurance state?

All you need to know about car insurance in Tennessee

No, Tennessee is not a no-fault car insurance state. Tennessee is, in fact, considered a fault state when it comes to auto insurance. This means that if you are hurt in an automobile accident in Tennessee and another driver is at fault, you could recover damages from them and their insurance company through a personal injury suit and vice versa.

How do I find the cheapest car insurance in Tennessee?

The easiest way to find cheap car insurance in Tennessee is to compare quotes from various providers online. Quite often in Tennessee, the disparity between the highest and lowest quotes for the same driver is almost $1,000! You can begin your research by getting multiple free insurance quotes on Way.com.

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