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All You Need to Know About Car Key Replacement

  • Auto Insurance
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Lost your car key? Want to know what to do next? Here’s everything you need to know about car key replacement.  

There are two kinds of car owners out there. The first kind safeguard their car’s key like a treasure. The second kind, no points for guessing, keeps losing their keys! So, what should you do if you lose your car key? Will your car insurance cover car key replacement? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions on car key replacement in this post. Read on to find out more.   

Car key replacemnet

Before we answer the frequently asked questions, here are some helpful details on different types of car keys and key fobs. By knowing the type of key, you have and how it works, you can make the car key replacement process hassle-free.   

Traditional key  

This more or less works just like your house. If you lose this, you can easily replace it, provided you have a copy of the original key! Visit the nearest hardware store and get a new one. The replacement cost should be somewhere between $10 to $30.   

All you need to know about car key replacement

Laser-cut keys  

The laser-cut keys do not have multiple notches, and instead, they have a single groove cut in the middle. These types of keys are harder to copy and expensive to replace, and it can cost you up to $100 to replace these keys.   

Key fob  

Using a key fob, you can lock and unlock your car at the click of a button. Some key fobs allow you to start the engine too. The replacement charge for this is quite high, and you will be spending $200 to $500.   

Transponder keys  

Transponder keys or chipped keys have an RFID chip embedded in the key’s head. So, if you lose a transponder key and don’t have a backup key, your only option is to visit your dealership.   

After filling out the necessary documents, you will have to wait for several days for the new key to arrive. This can cost you $250 -$300. Also, add the expenses for towing your car.  

Smart key  

Smart keys, also called keyless ignition, are costly to replace. The push-button in your car is paired with the smart key. So, every time you push the ‘push button’ with the key near the car, the vehicle will start.

It saves you a lot of time in starting your car. But, if you lose the key, like a transponder key, you need to spend a lot of time and money to replace it. You’ll have to visit the dealership and wait till the new key arrives – this can take several days!  

Whom should I contact for car key replacement?  

To replace your car’s key, you need to contact a locksmith or the car dealership where you bought your vehicle.  

The car dealership might have a replacement key to open your vehicle if you don’t have access to a spare one. You can contact roadside assistance and tow your vehicle to the dealership. Also, try calling a mobile locksmith or a locksmith specialized in making car keys to begin the replacement process.   

Sometimes, your car warranty could cover lockouts. Try contacting your dealer and check with him.   

Does my insurance policy cover car key replacement?   

This depends on what happened to your car keys. Most insurance companies, under comprehensive coverage, will provide some coverage if your car keys are stolen. Replacing car keys for fancy models can cost up to $1000.  

Can my roadside assistance help with replacing the key?  

Not directly, but they could help you in the process. If you’ve roadside assistance in your insurance policy, they might send someone to help you unlock the door. The coverage will cover the cost of sending out someone. But you’ll have to bear the expenses of replacing the lost key.  


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