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All You Need to Know about Car Loan Curtailment

  • Cars Explained
  • Natasha Young
  • 5 minutes

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An action that restricts or shortens an activity is known as curtailing. It is a significant term in the case of loans. If so, what does car loan curtailment mean? Read the blog to know more. 

Curtailment is the act of limiting or cutting something short. Curtailment refers to paying off a debt in full or in part ahead of schedule, while it is more commonly associated with home mortgages than car loans. This means that you pay more toward the principal of your loan each month, or perhaps you pay off the full debt in one go. 

Curtailment of a mortgage loan can occur if the homeowner pays down the balance before the due date. Mortgage principal curtailment occurs when a borrower makes an additional payment to lower the total owing. The term “partial curtailment” refers to this. When the entire balance of the loan is paid off with a lump sum before the due date, a mortgage curtailment has happened. 

When referring to business operations, the word “curtailment” can refer to anything that has been restricted or reduced with the intention of doing so. Short-term market conditions may necessitate a reduction in production by a corporation. When it comes to the oil and gas business, this is a frequent occurrence. 

In the event of a financial crisis, a corporation may decide to reduce certain of its operations. This may need temporarily or permanently closing down some of the company’s operations in order to focus on its main business. 

How do curtailments work? 

Extra payments of any size can be made by borrowers to choose between partial or full curtailment choices. When you make more mortgage payments, you’ll be able to pay off a portion of your debt early. You can minimize the amount of money you owe by making additional payments. As a result, the total interest you pay on your mortgage loan can be reduced. 

Always check with your lender before paying any early or extra payments if you don’t have a curtailment option. A prepayment penalty, which can range from 2 to 4 percent, is charged by some lenders when a borrower pays off a loan early. 

car loan curtailment

What are the different types of curtailment payments? 

Partial Curtailment 

Your mortgage loan debt will not be zeroed off fully if you choose a partial curtailment. Instead, you can shorten the loan’s term by making extra payments or partial lump-sum payments. Your monthly payment will not change if you make a partial curtailment payment. The loan’s amortization schedule, on the other hand, will be revised to reflect the lower remaining principal sum. Any additional payments you make will result in a shorter loan term. 

Suppose you have $100,000 in the bank and an interest rate of 4% for the duration of the 30-year term of a mortgage. The principal and interest on your loan are being paid off with a monthly payment of $477.42. On the other hand, you decide to increase your monthly payment by $50. Your 30-year loan would be paid off 4 years, 11 months early if you made these additional payments. Additionally, you’d avoid paying $13,426.92 in interest. In the short term, it’s clear that partial curtailment payments can make a significant effect. 

Full Curtailment 

In the case of a full curtailment, you pay down the entire outstanding sum of your mortgage. That would be a quick and easy way to reduce your debt. However, not all lenders provide this option, so if you’re wanting to get rid of your mortgage and have the money, it’s worth checking into. 

In this example, let’s pretend you owe $125,000 on a loan. However, you receive a $130,000 inheritance. When you’ve saved up $125,000, you decide to utilize that money to pay off your mortgage. As a result of this, you would be able to get out of your mortgage entirely. 

How to pay your car loan off early? 

If you want to minimize your monthly debt payments more quickly, you might consider paying off your auto loan early. A number of variables must be considered before making a final decision, including your present interest rate, monthly payment, and whether or not you can afford the final lump sum payment. 

It might be worth it for the majority of individuals. However, before making the leap, take stock of your financial circumstances. Make sure you’ve considered all the choices available to you before paying off your auto loan in full, such as: 

  • Pay off the full amount: Depending on how much is still owed on your car loan, you may need to make a lump-sum payment of several hundred dollars or up to several thousand dollars. 
  • Pay a partial payment: Bonuses from work or the sale of an item can be used to pay off your car loan in full, so long as you have the money to do so. 
  • Boost monthly payments: You can increase your monthly contributions in increments if you receive a raise at work or start a new side job. The number of monthly payments required to repay your car will be reduced as a result of this. 

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