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All You Need to Know About Car Polishing

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A shiny car exterior is every vehicle owner’s dream. But in reality, it isn’t easy to achieve – unless you’re the type of person that frequents car wash stations and is into detailing your car regularly. If you’re on the lookout for auto detailing techniques that can give your car an out-of-dealership look, you should definitely try car polishing. In this post, we’re breaking down everything there’s to know about car polishing – keep reading to know more.


What is car polishing?  

Car polishing is the process of leveling or evening out a car’s paint while maintaining its lustrous shine. A thorough car polishing will help you remove the tightly bonded contaminants from the car’s paint and scratches on your car’s body while making your vehicle clean and shiny. However, we’d recommend you not polish your car too often because the abrasive nature of the process can ruin your car’s clear coat if done frequently. 

All You Need to Know About Car Polishing

Car polishing – A step-by-step guide  

Step 1  

Before you start the car polishing process, park your car in a shaded area and wash it thoroughly to remove dirt and grime stuck on the vehicle’s exterior. Remember not to dry the car.   

Step 2  

Now, attach the pad to the polishing wheel and apply a small amount of polishing compound on the area you’re working on. You can also apply the compound to the polishing pad. Next, using the polishing wheel, spread the compound across the panel. Make sure you keep the wheel parallel to the panel. 

Step 3  

Applying constant pressure, move the wheel back and forth along the panel. Once you find noticeable shine, move on to the next area. Also, check the status of the polishing pad regularly; if you find a build-up of the compound on the pad, rinse and use it again.   

Step 4   

Once you are done polishing all the panels, wash and rinse the car again to remove any remaining compound from the car’s body.   

All You Need to Know About Car Polishing

Car polishing by hand  

Step 1  

Wash your car to remove any dirt and grime stuck on the car’s body. Next, dry the car’s exterior with microfiber towels.   

Step 2  

Now put a small amount of polish onto the applicator pad and apply it to the section of the car you’re working on. Spread the polish into the painted surface using a circular motion. Finally, use a microfiber cloth to buff the polish.   

If you find the car polishing process too complicated and time-consuming, you can visit a car detailing center near you. You can read our step-by-step guide for car waxing here and our complete analysis of ceramic coating here.


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