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All you need to know about Chicago Midway Airport parking

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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About Midway International Airport (MDW) Chicago

Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) is an international commercial airport located on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. It is 8 miles away from the Loop, Chicago’s Central Business District. It is the second-largest airport in Chicago. It used to be the primary airport of Chicago until 1955, when the O’Hare International Airport was built.

All you need to know about Midway Airport parking

The Midway Airport has served up to 85 million passengers in a year. Of the 43 gates in the airport, Southwest airlines control 34 of them. The airport has three concourses A, B and C with 17, 23 and 3 gates respectively.

Midway Airport Parking

There are four onsite Midway Airport parking options where passengers can park their vehicles. There are also some off-site airport parking garages and lots near Midway Airport for drivers to park their vehicles.

This guide tells you all that you need to know about midway parking. It tells you about the parking options available in the airport, short-term options, long-term options, parking rates, maps, and parking tips. In addition, links to various resources related to parking at this airport are given, with information on cheap parking options in and near the airport.

Facts about MDW Airport

Address: 5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638
Airport Parking Contact Number: (773) 838-0756

Email: parking@flychicago.com

Midway Airport Parking Rates & Options

All you need to know about Midway Airport parking

Midway Airport Parking options

There are multiple parking options at the Midway International Airport, Chicago – hourly, daily, and long-term parking options are available for passengers. You can see signs on the roads near the airport to help direct passengers to the various Midway Airport parking lots.

Here various Midway Airport parking options and parking rates.

Midway Airport Short-term parking

Midway Airport short-term parking is available on an hourly as well as a daily basis. Hourly basis parking is available at the Terminal Garage on Level 1. Regular parking and economy parking options are also available. The rates are as follows:

MDW Hourly parking

Short-term hourly parking Rates
For one hour of parking $4
For one to two hours $8
For two to three hours $12
For three to four hours $16
For four to eight hours $32
For eight to 24 hours $64

MDW Airport Daily parking rates at the Terminal Garage

Daily parking Rates
For one hour of parking $4
For one to two hours $8
For two to three hours $12
For three to four hours $16
For four to eight hours $20
For eight to 24 hours $40


Daily Lot

Daily lot Rates
For the first 30 minutes $2
For one hour of parking $5
For one to 24 hours $30


Economy Lot

Economy Lot Rates
For one hour of parking $4
For one to 24 hours $15


Midway Airport cell phone lot

Parking is available for free at the cell phone lots near the airport entrance, where designated slots are available for drivers to wait in their cars at the time they wait for passengers to arrive from the airport.

Midway Airport Long-term Parking

All you need to know about Midway Airport parking

There are many options for Midway Airport long-term parking. These are offered on a per-day basis. The options available include:


Midway Airport long-term parking Rates
Terminal Garage (Level 1 at the short-term lot) $64 per day
Terminal Garage (Level 2 – 6) $40 per day
Daily Lot $30 per day
Economy Lot $15 per day

Midway Airport Parking Map

Midway MDW Airport Parking Map


MDW Parking Resources, Discounts, and Coupons

Here are some resources related to MDW parking. You can look at these options to find discounted or cheap parking options. These options would be helpful for you to find the best possible rates for parking.

Official Page

This is the official page for parking at the Midway International Airport, Chicago. Complete information on parking information, flight details, with the latest updated features, are available here. Reservation of parking at Terminal Garage Level 4 can also be made from this website


Way.com offers an easy way to book Midway Airport long-term parking. Once you enter the date and time when you intend to arrive at the airport, you get a complete listing of parking options and prices, along with discount details. This is an excellent way to get cheap Midway Airport parking.

Midway Airport Parking Lots Near the Airport

Park & Fly Chicago Midway

This is a private parking lot located within around miles of the airport. It offers secure parking and free shuttle service to the airport.

Parking & Shuttle Midway

This private parking lot is less than a mile from MDW Airport and offers safe lots, and free shuttle runs to the airport.

CTA Park and Ride

If you’re looking for affordable parking less than a mile from Midway Airport, CTA Parking and Ride offers just that.

Midway Park, Stay and Fly Hotel parking

Park, Stay, and Fly is a program offered by some hotels that makes it convenient for air travelers. Those traveling for long to reach the Midway airport can book into any of the hotels mentioned below under this program. They can stay overnight at the airport. They can contact the hotel the night before the journey and park their vehicle. In the morning, they can avail of the free shuttle service offered by the hotel to reach the airport.

The car would remain parked safely at the hotel. These are special offers given by hotels. This would be a reasonable option for passengers looking for parking options. If you want to avail of this offer, contact the hotel in advance to confirm availability and the price.

Midway Airport Parking Tips

  • If you are parking for a few hours, don’t park in the long-term lots as they would work out to be very expensive as they charge by the day.
  • Parking lots near Midway Airport offer cheaper parking than onsite lots. This works out cheaper than long-term parking lots at the airport. Do check them out before deciding where to park.
  • You can park at any of the Midway Airport parking lots, irrespective of whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles are available in the main parking lot.
  • You can opt for reserved parking to book your slot in advance and avoid waiting.
  • Only vehicles that can fit in one parking space are allowed to be parked at the airport’s parking lots. Midway Airport parking lots do not allow oversized vehicles to park onsite.
  • Any vehicle not parked in the designated area or if a car without a driver is found in the cell phone lot, it would be towed away.
  • You can pay for parking at Midway airport using cash or by any credit card.

All you need to know about Midway Airport parking

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