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All you need to know about Georgia car insurance

  • Auto Insurance
  • Renee Martin
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Residents of the Peach State are aware that Georgia has been shelling out more and more for auto insurance each year. Georgia has had the ignominious honor of being the top state in auto insurance rate increases more than once in the last. No one wants such a dubious honor, especially Georgian drivers who foot the bill!  However, if you own a car registered in Georgia, you must carry a minimum amount of car insurance. Driving without car insurance is illegal in Georgia, and you will face serious penalties if you are arrested. That’s why drivers need to consider Georgia car insurance laws as well as the penalties for driving without insurance. Here’s more info on Georgia car insurance laws and regulations.

All you need to know about Georgia car insurance

Is car insurance required in Georgia?

Yes, car insurance is required in Georgia. However, Georgia car insurance requirements are pretty basic. You only need to have liability insurance to drive in the state. Bear in mind that having just basic coverage is not always a positive thing. If you drive with just the bare minimum of insurance, you might end up with massive bills to pay out of your own pocket!

What are the minimum car insurance requirements in Georgia?

Drivers in Georgia are only required to have two forms of car insurance coverage: bodily injury liability and property damage liability.  If a driver causes an accident, the victims will be compensated via these liability insurance policies. A driver’s minimum insurance liability policy must include the following:

  • Bodily injury – In a single accident, the maximum liability is $25,000 for a single person’s injury or death and $50,000 for multiple people’s injuries or deaths.
  • Property damage – $25,000 for property loss such as cars, houses, residences, other structures, or artifacts in a single accident.

Does Georgia’s minimum car insurance coverage adequately protect you?

Unfortunately, Georgia’s minimum liability insurance provisions do not adequately cover you, whether you were the cause of the accident or a survivor of it. The $25,000 bodily injury cap for a person’s injuries or death could be a drop in the bucket compared to what you might owe if you were at fault. Even a $25,000 property damage award could be quite inadequate. If you are injured in an accident, and the other driver only has the bare minimum of insurance, you will not be adequately paid for your injury and property damage. The negligent driver’s insurance provider will be liable only up to the policy limits. This is most likely much less than what you will require to cover your mounting medical expenses and replace your missed earnings. Buying Georgia car insurance with adequate coverage is essential for your financial and physical safety.

How much is car insurance a month in Georgia?

All you need to know about Georgia car insurance

On average, Georgia car insurance costs $115 a month, or $1,380 per year. This varies depending on the insurance provider you choose, the place you live in, your age, marital status, driving history, and credit score.

Does insurance follow the car or driver in Georgia?

In Georgia, insurance policy generally follows the vehicle rather than the individual. This means that if you were in a car accident while driving in someone else’s vehicle, the owner’s auto insurance coverage would be the sole source of reimbursement and not your own car insurance policy.

How far back do car insurance companies look in Georgia?

Georgia State laws govern how far back insurance firms will look for DUI. Currently, the time period in Georgia is three years.

Is Georgia a no-fault car insurance state?

No, Georgia is not a no-fault car insurance state. This ensures that the at-fault driver is responsible for any personal injuries or collateral harm caused by the accident. His or her liability insurance policy will be used first to cover the financial consequences of these losses or damages.

How can I find the cheapest Georgia car insurance?

All you need to know about Georgia car insurance

The easiest way to find affordable Georgia car insurance is to compare quotes from various providers online. Quite often in Georgia, the gap between the highest and lowest quotes for the same driver is nearly $1,000! You can begin your research by getting free insurance quotes multiple on Way.com.

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