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All you need to know about LaGuardia Airport parking

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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The LaGuardia International Airport serves the city of New York in the state of New York. The airport can be found just a bit over 9 miles northeast of Midtown Manhattan. LaGuardia airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States of America. Parking at LaGuardia airport and near it is rarely an issue LaGuardia due to the abundance of parking spaces at the airport and at off-site garages and lots that can be found near the airport.

LGA Airport parking lots

LGA Quick Facts

Address: Queens, NY 11371
Airport Parking Contact Number:  (718) 533-3850
Number of Airport Parking Options: 1o (6 on-airport, four off-site airports)

LaGuardia Airport Parking Rates & Options

There are a plethora of choices available when it comes to LGA parking. You can find parking for as low as $10 per hour to as high as $39 per day.  The list below will provide all the information on long and short-term parking prices and options at the New York LaGuardia Airport.

Garage Duration Rates
Terminal A Parking 1/2 hour

Each additional 1/2 hour, or fraction thereof

Daily maximum




Terminal B Garage 1/2 hour

Each additional 1/2 hour, or fraction thereof

Daily maximum




Terminal C/D Parking 1/2 hour

Each additional 1/2 hour, or fraction thereof

Daily maximum




How much LaGuardia Airport short-term parking cost?

LaGuardia Airport short term parking costs $5/30 minutes, reaching a daily maximum of $39 at the Terminal A Lot & Terminal B Garage. The Terminal C/D Garages charge $6/hour and a daily maximum of $45.

How much LaGuardia Airport’s long-term parking cost?

LaGuardia Airport short term parking costs $39/day at the Terminal A Lot & Terminal B Garage and $45/day at the Terminal C/D Garages.

Which is the cheapest place to park at LaGuardia?

The cheapest place to park at LaGuardia is not at LaGuardia but in the nearby offsite garages. You can find cheap offsite LGA parking for as low as $10/day at offsite garages when you book on Way.com.

Is there free parking at LaGuardia Airport?

Yes, there is a free LaGuardia Cell Phone Lot Waiting Area, that’s located just off the airport on 94th Street between 23rd Ave and Ditmars Blvd.


Official LaGuardia Airport parking map

LGA Airport parking map

LGA Parking Resources, Discounts, and Coupons

NYC Parking, long-term parking at LGA, and parking near LaGuardia airport can quickly become expensive. Have a look at the list of options below for ways you can find the best rates, coupons, discounts, and so on to make parking more affordable.

Official LaGuardia Airport Parking Page

Find official airport information like rates and news over at the official airport website. The airport site links to information on the airport, flights, and passengers.


Way.com offers affordable and guaranteed parking near LGA Airport. They usually sell the excess inventory at a severely reduced rate. You can check their website out or download an app on either Android or iPhone.

Best Parking Garages Near LaGuardia Airport

LGA Parking

Bolt Parking LGA

Bolt Airport Parking is a fantastic as well as a secure lot that offers their customers both indoor as well as outdoor parking. The parking lot is open 24 hours a day, all 7 days of the week. There is a free on-demand airport shuttle that whisks passengers to and from the airport terminal. In fact, the airport is less than a mile away from the parking lot.

LaGuardia Plaza LGA airport parking

LaGuardia Plaza is one of the most trusted names in the business for LaGuardia airport parking. Barely minutes from the LGA Airport terminals, regular shuttles are available free of cost to ferry you to the airport.

SP Plus LGA Airport parking

The SP Plus LGA Airport parking lot guarantees their customers a spot if they make a reservation ahead of time. Located reasonably close to LGA Airport, their lot offers secure parking at well-maintained lots.

LAZ PARK and FLY LGA Airport Valet Parking

Another great option used by many people is LAZ Park and Fly LGA Valet Parking Garage.¬† Here you’ll enjoy the convenience and ease of valet parking barely a couple of miles from the airport.

LaGuardia Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service

Best LaGuardia Airport parking

Many people are finding out about the coolest new service on the block called Park, Stay, and Fly packages. These packages are being offered by plenty of hotels. These excellent deals let people stay at the hotel the night before their flight and take a complimentary shuttle to the airport while leaving their car parked at the hotel. The following hotels offer Park Stay and Fly packages, along with a complimentary shuttle to the airport. Make a note to call the hotel ahead of time to ensure availability and rates, as they can change at any time.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott
Address:  112 -15 Northern Blvd
The distance of LaGuardia: .9 miles
Phone Number:   718.651.5000
Daily Rate:  $18.99

Courtyard New York LaGuardia Airport
Address:  9010 Ditmars Blvd
The distance of LaGuardia: 1.4 miles
Phone Number:   718.335.2423
Daily Rate:  $25.00

Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport
Address:  37-10 114th Street
The distance of LaGuardia: .75 miles
Phone Number:   877.865.6578
Daily Rate:  $22.00

Hampton Inn New York ‚Äď LaGuardia Airport
Address:  102-40 Ditmars Blvd
The distance of LaGuardia:  2.1 miles
Phone Number:   718.672.6600
Daily Rate:  $20.00

LaGuardia Airport Parking Tips

All you need to know about LaGuardia Airport parking

  • Electric Vehicle Charging ‚ÄstYou can charge an EV at the LGA airport for free. Charging stations can be found in Lot P2 as well as on the ground level of Terminal B.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money and arrive at your destination on time by doing your research. Parking isn’t the same at every airport. There isn’t a set format in place for airports to follow. While you might be comfortable in your home country’s airport after traveling from there many times, you might not be familiar with your host country’s airport.

Check out more blogs on the best parking spots in your city, the most affordable insurance for your car, and top-rated car washes near you.


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