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All you need to know about military car insurance in the US 

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  • Renee Martin
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It’s safe to say that while insurance is a necessity for all citizens, it is even more so for people who put their lives on the line to keep the country safe. Members of the armed forces deserve the respect people accord to them. When it comes to car insurance, it’s only logical that they are given preferential treatment in tune with their service. Serving members of the military and veterans are eligible for military car insurance that gives them certain benefits over regular car insurance.  

military car insurance

Here’s all you need to know about it so you can make the right decision and pick the best policy out there. 

What is military car insurance? 

This is a differentiated policy offered by car insurance companies for active-duty members of the US Armed Forces, veterans, and disabled veterans and their families. Sometimes, this can be extended to civilian members of defense organizations like DARPA and nuclear installations. Commonly, the benefit includes a discount on the premium for car insurance which can help them save insurance rates. 

military car insurance

How is military car insurance different from regular car insurance? 

Military veterans can benefit from discounted rates on premiums for insurance. These discounts can be of varying rates depending upon whether you are currently serving or are a veteran. The discount also varies if you are actively using the car, whether you are overseas on deployment and not using it, or whether cars are in transit for overseas personnel.  

What should you look for in the best military car insurance policies? 

Some popular companies that cover military personnel are USAA, Farmers, Arabella, Esurance and Armed Forces Insurance. Before zeroing in on a company for military car insurance, you have to ensure that they cover the group you fall into.  

Look for the following common coverages in the military car policy: 

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage 
  • Bodily injury liability 
  • Property damage liability 
  • Personal injury protection 
  • Uninsured motorist coverage 
  • Roadside assistance and towing coverage 
  • Rental car reimbursement 

Different companies offer more attractive features on top of this.  

USAA has a 15% discount for active-duty personnel. You can be eligible for a 60% discount on the monthly premium if you store your car while overseas. Family members can get a 10% discount as well.

Armed Forces Insurance gives one of the best services for retired veterans and discharged personnel. 

military car insurance

How much does military car insurance cost? 

As in the case of regular car insurance, military car insurance is also a specific, tailor-made policy that has different premiums based on your profile. Most premiums range between $1050-2615. Here are the average rates for full and minimum coverage provided by some prominent companies. 

Company  Full coverage  Minimum coverage 
USAA  $1169  $419 
Farmers  $1830  $656 
Arabella  $1253  $450 

How do I find the best military car insurance rates? 

The easiest way to find affordable car insurance for military veterans is to compare quotes from various insurance providers online. You can start your research on car insurance rates by getting free insurance quotes on Way.com. 

military car insurance

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