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All you need to know about NYC street parking  

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With a whopping population of nearly 9 million people, New York City is one of the busiest places in the United States. It is also one of the most visited cities in the US and consequently sees major traffic snarls. New York City is also the most ticketed city in the country, making it essential to know the pros and cons of NYC street parking. Because the city needs to accommodate a large number of vehicles, there are specific rules and regulations unique to NYC street parking.

Knowing and not knowing this can be a significant factor in deciding whether you end up with an expensive NYC parking citation or not. With some research, a bit of luck, and some NYC street parking hacks that we list below, you can get secure parking in New York City. If you still have trouble getting your hands on NYC street parking spaces, consider booking parking in NYC through Way.com. Most of the parking garages listed on Way.com offer premium services like contactless parking for some of the best rates in NYC.   


Don’t forget the basic rules and regulations

Ignoring or not paying enough attention to basic NYC street parking rules and regulations is the key reason why many vehicles get parking tickets across New York City. To make sure you don’t end up with an NYC parking ticket, always ensure that you are not double-parking, blocking a fire hydrant, and have your inspection stickers and vehicle registration documents updated. If your NYC street parking spot is next to a fire hydrant, make sure that you park at least 15 feet away.   

Be careful about alternate side parking  

NYC Street Parking

NYC Street parking spaces may have Alternate Side Parking restrictions in effect during a particular time. Usually, these details are displayed on the traffic signboards next to the parking spaces. Be on the lookout for the arrow on the signboards to see which direction will have the Alternate Side Parking restriction in place. The majority of the alternative side parking rules are in effect for either 1.5 hours or 3 hours, depending on the location you choose to park. Failure to follow the ASP rule can result in NYDOT towing your vehicle getting. You can also expect a parking ticket of $65 across the city.   

Explore alternatives to NYC street parking  

It goes without saying that NYC Street parking is probably your cheapest option for parking in New York City. However, it is not the only option you have at your disposal for parking in the Big Apple. You could consider going for offsite parking garages that are listed on Way.com. Most of these NYC parking garages give you many more facilities than an average street parking space and ensure that you don’t get ticketed unnecessarily. There are also security features like around-the-clock camera surveillance, 24-hour security, and much more. While you can park for rates as low as $2.50 at NYC street parking spaces, you would need to spend a few more dollars for NYC parking garages which may charge you anywhere from $5 – $12 for the first few hours.   

All you need to know about NYC street parking  

Make the most of parking holidays

If you are looking for free NYC street parking, it would be best to make most parking holidays. All metered parking in NYC is free of charge on Sundays and other religious holidays. You can park at any metered parking space in NYC during these days for free. However, most of the good spots are snapped up pretty quickly on parking holidays. If you end up having trouble with finding a parking space on holidays, pre-book parking garages at the click of a button through Way.com or download the Way App for a seamless parking experience. 

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Make an online booking now, or reserve your parking spot through our iOS or Android apps!

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