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All you need to know about Oakland Airport parking

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 7 minutes

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The city of Oakland in California is served by the Oakland International Airport. The airport can be found near downtown Oakland. It is located five miles south of downtown Oakland. Oakland International Airport is one of the three airports in the San Francisco Bay Area.

All you need to know about Oakland Airport parking

There’s enough Oakland airport parking available, with drivers being able to choose from four on-airport parking options. In addition to the on-airport parking options, there are also a couple of off-site lots and garages near the airport.

Most frequent fliers are business travelers. Any business traveler who has missed a flight will tell you that it’s quite a stressful situation to be in. The most common reasons as to why they’ve missed a flight are long security lines, missing boarding calls, invalid or lost ID, parking woes, traffic woes, and so on. The list is huge. The best way to go about catching your flight on time is to make sure you plan ahead. Frequent fliers are quite familiar with the process of getting to the airport on time as well as going through security. Sometimes, their confidence gets the better of them, which results in them giving themselves a smaller window of time than usual. This smaller window can result in a missed flight. This article aims to help frequent fliers as well as first-time fliers with parking.

Have a look at this article so that you can find the best options for parking depending on your needs. If you’re looking for parking rates, options, tips, maps, details on long as well as short-term parking, and links to other resources, you’ve come to the right place.

OAK Quick Facts:

Address: 1 Airport Dr, Oakland, CA 94621
Airport Parking Contact Number:  (510) 563-3300
Number of Airport Parking Options: 9 (4 on-airport, five off-site airports)


Oakland Airport Parking Official Parking Map


Types of parking Oakland Airport offers

All you need to know about Oakland Airport parking

  • Short-Term OAK Parking

The Hourly Parking lot is ideal for short term OAK parking. This lot charges $1 per 12 minutes i.e. $5 per hour and a daily maximum rate of $34 per 24-hour period. You can also park at the Premier Parking lot for $4 per 30 minutes and a daily maximum rate of $38 for each 24-hour period.

  • Long-Term OAK Parking

Park at the Daily Parking lot at parking rates of $5 for 1 hr, $10 for 1 hr – 2 hrs, and $24 for 2 hrs – 24 hrs. The most affordable of the onsite lots, the Economy Lot charges a flat rate of $18 per 24-hour period.

Coupons for Oakland Airport Parking

Oakland airport long-term parking can quickly become an expensive affair. Have a look at the following resources for the best rates, discounts, and coupons so that you can make parking a more affordable experience.

Official Airport Parking Page

The Official Airport Parking Page is perfect for all the latest news about parking availability and parking rates. In addition to this, you can also get links to other information about the flights, passengers, etc.


Way.com works wonders for OAK airport parking. How it works is that lets you book affordable yet completely safe parking near OAK Airport. Check out their website or their excellent apps on Android and iPhone if you’d prefer.


FlySmart gives people information on flights in real-time. It also helps sift through all the parking options available so that you can make an informed choice based on what you’re comfortable with, whether that is pricing, location, security, and so on.

Parking Near Oakland Airport

All you need to know about Oakland Airport parking

Park ‘N Fly Oakland

Oakland’s very own Park N’ Fly is an extremely convenient service built around its customers’ trust. An excellent shuttle service run by Park N’ Fly operates all seven days of the week with an incredible arrival rotation of five minutes. In addition to its excellent service, Park N’ Fly provides luggage assistance and a free car wash for their customers.

FastTrack Oakland Airport parking

The  FastTrack Oakland Airport parking garage offers customers 24-hour surveillance to ease their discomfort over leaving their car in an unknown place for an extended period. In addition to their excellent parking services, they offer free on-demand shuttles for all of the 24 hours of the day, which will pick you up from your car and take you directly to the terminal.

VIP Oakland Airport parking

The polite and friendly staff at VIP Oakland Airport parking will make you feel quite like a VIP  before your long journey. In addition, like the other parking companies on this list, they offer a complimentary shuttle that takes their customers to and from the airport.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Oakland Airport

This premium hotel parking lot offers secure and guaranteed parking near the airport. To sweeten an already sweet deal, they too offer shuttles that operate 24 hours a day, taking their customers to and from the airport terminals.


All you need to know about Oakland Airport parking

Oakland Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service

Many people are finding out about the most refreshing new service on the block called Park, Stay, and Fly packages. These packages are being offered by plenty of hotels. These excellent deals let people stay at the hotel the night before their flight and take a complimentary shuttle to the airport while leaving their car parked at the hotel. The hotels mentioned below offer the aforementioned excellent packages as well as important shuttle services to the airport.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oakland – Airport
Address: 66 Airport Access Road
Distance from OAK: 1.6 miles
Phone:  510-569-4400
Daily Rate: $8

Hilton Oakland Airport
Address: 1 Hegenberger Road
Distance from OAK: 2.4 miles
Phone:  510-635-5000
Daily Rate: $12.50

Red Lion Hotels
Address: 150 Hegenberger Road
Distance from OAK: 1.9 miles
Phone:  1-800-733-5466
Daily Rate: Park, Sleep, Fly packages available

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Oakland Airport 
Address: 10 Hegenberger Road
Distance from OAK: 2.3 miles
Phone:  510-635-1892
Daily Rate: $18.95

Best Western Oakland
Address: 170 Hegenberger Loop
Distance from OAK: 2.1 miles
Phone:  510-633-0500
Daily Rate: $10

Oakland Airport Parking Tips

  • Electrical Vehicle Charging: One of the coolest things about the Oakland International Airport is that they offer their customers free EVC in the Daily, Economy, and Premier parking lots.
  • Real-Time Parking Availability: If you’d like traffic reports as well as airtime parking availability information, tune in to TIPS radio at 1700 AM or call 510-563-3200.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money and arrive at your destination on time by doing your research. Parking isn’t the same at every airport. There isn’t a set format in place for airports to follow. While you might be comfortable in your home country’s airport after traveling from there many times, you might not be familiar with your host country’s airport. Make sure you account for traffic as well as parking when it comes to planning for your flight. In addition to this, many airlines deny passengers the right to board the plane even if the passengers were waiting in a long queue. This is why airlines advise passengers to arrive at the airport so early in advance. The airline cannot do anything to speed customs up. Customs checking takes 45 minutes on average. Accounting for all of this isn’t easy, which is why you should never be late for a flight. It’s never a bad thing to call in advance to inquire about the parking situation at any airport. Calling in advance can and will save you from plenty of headaches in the future.

Check out more blogs on the best parking spots in your city, the most affordable insurance for your car, and top-rated car washes near you.


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