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All You Need to Know About Parking near Venice Beach

  • City Parking
  • Celine Jerly
  • 4 minutes

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LA has many famous faces and places, but Venice Beach is, hands down, everyone’s favorite! The sunny shore between Santa Monica and Venice Pier is a staple on the tourist trail. Angelenos love to drive down to the beach as well – you can expect as many cars as people in this neighborhood during the high season. So, here’s all you need to know about parking near Venice Beach in LA.   

Venice Beach parking way.com

There are two ways to beat the heat of Venice Beach parking troubles – arrive early or pre-book your parking spot. The former option is not all failsafe – there’s no guarantee you’ll find a free parking spot (or even a paid garage space) at the last minute, especially during summer. Keep your options open for a hassle-free day at the beach – these tips should help you plan ahead and find the best parking spots near Venice Beach.   

Venice Beach public parking Lots  

The Department of Beaches and Harbors operate three parking lots at Venice Beach, all located along Ocean Front Walk. Parking at Venice Beach can’t get more convenient than this, and it drives the high demand for the limited spots at these parking lots. During summer, parking rates at Venice Beach public parking lots range from $9 – $15 – one of the most affordable offers in the neighborhood. As the demand for parking space decreases, the rates go down to $5 – $9 a day during winter.    

The South City Parking Lot has around 200 spaces close to Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice Canals, Muscle Beach Gym, and Skate Park. You can reach this lot via Venice Boulevard and step right onto the beach.   

The North City Parking Lot is at the end of Rose Avenue, close to South Beach Park and playground; there is space for around 300 cars at this lot.   

The third lot is near the Venice Pier and Washington Square, at the end of Washington Boulevard. This lot can hold up to 400 vehicles.   

These parking lots are open from 6 am to 10 pm/midnight. Parking rates are subject to change; check the official LA Beaches and Harbors website before your visit for up-to-date rates and parking lot availability. You can look for more public parking lots on the east side of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, behind the storefronts. On Main Street between Brooks Avenue and Westminster Avenue, Westminster Elementary School might also offer public parking spots for short durations.    

Overnight parking at Venice Beach  

The three Venice Beach public parking lots do not allow overnight parking. However, plenty of garages and parking lots in the neighborhood within walking distance of the beach offer overnight parking spots. The easiest way to find the best deals is to book a Venice Beach parking space online – you can easily check which garages in the neighborhood offer the lowest rates for overnight parking and pre-book a spot using parking apps like way.com  

Venice Beach parking

Free parking   

Free parking is available on most of the streets in Venice; the spots closest to the beach would be at Pacific Avenue and Strongs Drive near the Venice Canals. Near the Boardwalk, you can look for vacant spots on 18th Avenue, Mildred Avenue, and Venice Way. Most of the streets on either side of Abbot Kinney Boulevard also offer parking spaces free of charge. Always check parking signs posted on streets to make sure you are following all the rules, including maximum time limits.    

Cheap parking near Venice beach

Best parking near Venice Beach  

Venice Beach public parking lots are convenient and cheap, but finding a spot here is not easy during peak season. Metered street parking is limited – mostly available on Washington Boulevard and Main Street – and it cost about $1 – $2 an hour. But keep in mind that street parking comes with risks of time limits, permit requirements, and temporary restrictions. On the other hand, parking lots and garages provide maximum security for your car with modern amenities and up-to-date safety measures – daily rates at private parking facilities near Venice Beach will only cost you $15 – $20. Book in advance using an LA parking app or website for lower rates – many parking lots offer exclusive discounts on online reservations.   


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