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All you need to know about snow foam

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Do you snow foam your car before you start cleaning it? If not, this is the blog you should be reading to give your ride a scratch-free wash. In this post, we’re mentioning everything there’s to know about snow foam. Keep reading to know more.

What is snow foam?

It’s an important pre-washing technique that most car wash experts and detailers follow to avoid scratches and swirl marks. In this process, a thick layer of foam is applied to the car before cleaning it. The snow foam will remove the light dirt and grime stuck onto the car’s exterior. What’s more, it also helps loosen the stubborn dirt and makes the cleaning process easier for you.     

You should always begin your car cleaning process with a pre-wash. Always rinse your car with a pressure washer or snow foam your vehicle before making the first contact. The chances of causing swirl marks are very high if you try scrubbing the dirt off a dry car.     

Snow foaming a car - All you need to know

How to use a snow foam lance 

Step 1  

Park your car under the shade, protecting it from the sunlight. The heat from the sun can dry the foam very fast.     

Step 2    

Now, fill the snow foam lance bottle with 800ml water and 200ml of snow foam liquid or detergent.     

Step 3    

Next, connect the bottle to the head of the snow foam lance and attach it to the pressure washer. You can use the dial and adjust the foam pattern and ratio that suits you.     

Spray the foam onto the car covering it from top to bottom. Start from the roof and then slowly move down. Pay extra attention to the tires and wheels. When you’re done with this step, your car should be covered with thick foam.   

Step 4    

After covering your car with foam, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. The foam will loosen the deeply embedded dirt in your car’s exterior.     

Remove the foam before it dries by rinsing it off with the pressure washer. Once you’re done removing the foam, you can start cleaning your car with wash mitts.     

How to use a snow foam gun    

The gun more or less works the same way as a lance, except in this method, you’ll not be using a power washer – a normal garden hose will do the job.    

Step 1   

Fill the gun bottle with 200ml snow foam detergent and 800ml of water.    

Step 2   

Next, fix the bottle onto the snow foam gun’s head and attach it to the garden hose. You can use the dial on the gun to set the foam ratio.    

Step 3   

Cover the car from top to bottom with foam and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.    

Step 4   

After around 10 minutes, rinse the car to remove the foam. Once you’ve successfully removed foam, start the car wash process.    

Snow foam – FAQs  

Should I hand wash my car after snow foam?   

It is just a pre-wash process. The most it can do is remove the light dirt and grime from your car. However, to remove the thick dirt, you need to wash, scrub and dry your car. Make sure you use only wash mitts and microfiber towels to wash and dry your car. Also, never use a sponge to scrub the dirt; it can cause scratches on your vehicle.  

Can I directly wipe snow foam off my car?  

No, you should not do that. It does not contain any lubricant in them, which means if you try to wipe it off with a cloth or towel, you can cause scratches on your car. Use a garden hose or pressure washer to remove the foam.  

Can I use snow foam as a car shampoo?  

No, snow foam and car shampoo are different car care products. Snow foam is used during the pre-wash process to prep the car for the cleaning process. On the other hand, car shampoo effectively removes the dirt and grime off the car.  

Is snow foam bad for my car’s paint?   

No, it will not cause any harm to your car’s paint – most are PH neutral and don’t cause damage. However, check the product before you use it on your vehicle.   

Remember, snow foaming a car is just a pre-wash process, and you still have to wash your car meticulously to keep it spotless. If you find handwashing your car too complicated and confusing, you can always visit a drive-thru car wash near you. To access some of the best car washes near you, start using the Way.com app or website. On Way.com, you can find top-rated car washes for affordable prices.  


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