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All You Need to Know about the Los Inquietos Del Norte Tour

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If you want to experience the new age of Mexican regional music, be sure to check out the Los Inquietos Del Norte tour. The band was formed in the early 90s and has created its own style in the Mexican regional music genre. They are coming to the United States on tour and will visit multiple cities with their music.

Parking can be challenging for events like music concerts. There may be official parking at some venues, but it is always good to have a plan B for parking. In this article, you can find more information about the Los Inquietos del Norte tour, like the schedule, tickets, setlist, and parking information.

Los Inquietos del Norte tour parking

What is Los Inquietos del Norte tour 2022?

Los Inquietos del Norte, translates to “The Restless of the North,” is a Mexican band formed in Guadalajara with members from all across the country. They announced a US tour which started in February 2022 and is currently on the final stretch.

Los Inquietos del Norte tour setlist

They have already gathered a huge fanbase not only in their homeland but also in the States. The concert tour tickets are currently on sale on their official website. Los Inquietos Del Norte 2022 tickets for venues like Santa Rosa sold out fast, so you might want to guarantee your seats as soon as possible.

Which cities will the Los Inquietos del Norte tour perform?

According to the Los Inquietos Del Norte tour dates, they have already visited Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Colusa, Santa Maria, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and many more. The US spell of their tour began on February 11 in Dallas, Texas. Ten shows are remaining in their tour schedule. These will be at Salinas, Bakersfield, Salem, Centralia, Denver, Duluth, and a few other places.

What is the schedule for the Los Inquietos del Norte tour?

The upcoming concerts will begin with the show at Salinas Municipal Airport in Salinas, CA, on Saturday, July 9. After that, you can watch the final concert at Plaza Malloy in Ferris, Texas, on August 20, 2022.

The remaining Los Inquietos Del Norte tour dates include two shows in California and Washington. Also, some of these shows have an age restriction (18+). For instance, the Los Inquietos del Norte Tour 2022 in Atlanta, GA, allows only people aged 18 or above to attend. So before purchasing tickets for the concerts, learn more about any other restrictions and gate opening times from the band’s official website.

DateVenueCityFind Parking
July 9, 2022Salinas Municipal AirportSalinas, CABook Parking
July 10, 2022Bakersfield Sports ArenaBakersfield, CA Book Parking
July 15, 2022The Pavilion at the Oregon State FairgroundsSalem, OR Book Parking
July 16, 2022Southwest Washington FairgroundsCentralia, WA Book Parking
July 17, 2022La Nueva CentinelaOutlook, WA Book Parking
July 23, 2022Denver ColiseumDenver, CO Book Parking
July 30, 2022Atlanta ColiseumDuluth, GA Book Parking
July 31, 2022La Gran Plaza MéxicoHarmony, NC Book Parking
August 13, 2022Whiskey Rodeo ArenaMalvern, AR Book Parking
August 20, 2022Plaza MalloyFerris, TX Book Parking

Who will perform at Los Inquietos Del Norte concerts?

The members of Los Inquietos del Norte include the following:

  • Jose Meza ( Voice and Bass),
  • Rosalio Meza (Voice and Accordion),
  • Felipe Meza (Voice and Electric Bass),
  • Jorge Torres (Drums)
  • Manuel Acevedo (Violin)

Apart from them, Virlan Garcia- a popular singer, composer, and guitarist, will also join the tour as a special guest. Another big name that you can catch at some venues is Lenin Ramirez, yet another regional music genre flagbearer. So you can expect some corridos, bandas, nortenos and some of their recent hits in the Los Inquietos del Norte tour setlist.

How to get Los Inquietos del Norte tickets?

The average concert ticket price is around $70, and you can buy them from ticket marketplaces like Ticketon. Keep in mind that there will be an additional service charge for buying tickets on such sites. One person can buy a maximum of 6 tickets from Ticketon for the Los Inquietos del Norte tour.

Are you planning to get Los Inquietos del Norte tour 2022 tickets for Atlanta, GA? You can now buy tickets for all the remaining shows from the official tour webpage.

Is there official parking for the concert tour?

The concerts will be held at some of the most prominent locations in each city. So there will be some official parking facilities including surface lots and garages for the visitors. But their availability is in doubt, especially if more people come in to watch the band live. So you may have to arrive at the venue early in such cases, which is a waste of time. Similarly, there will be heavy traffic both before and after the event, which you have to go through.

Los Inquietos del Norte tickets

Another cheap option is to park in the streets near the destination. Even though these are cheap, there may be a limit on how long you can park in one of the on-street spots. Also, parking authorities are very strict about the rules, so you must be careful not to commit even a minor parking violation. The penalties for such violations include hefty fines and even getting your car towed. But there is yet another option for you to park your car at cheap rates safely.

Parking at off-site lots and parking garages near the concert venue will be the best parking decision you will take. You can find many of these off-site garages that offer premium parking features for discounted rates. For example, some of them offer valet parking, covered parking, contactless parking, and ADA/Aisle access. Also, you can get camera surveillance and 24-hour security personnel at these off-site lots. Again, these come at much lower prices than the official parking spaces.

How to find cheap parking garages for the concert?

If you want to find affordable parking lots and garages near concert venues, online parking services will help you. You can get cheap parking in no time using the Way.com website or the Way app. The Way app will list all the nearby parking garages along with the features they offer and parking charges. You just need to input the entry and exit times and pay the charges to guarantee a spot near the concert venue. This way, you do not have to worry about the heavy traffic before and after the show. Additionally, you can save on parking charges as these off-site facilities charge much less than other options.

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