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All you need to know about Tulsa Airport parking

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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All you need to know about Tulsa Airport parking

Known as the Oil Capital of the World, Tulsa is the 2nd largest city in Oklahoma. The city is home to the Tulsa International Airport, located 5 miles northeast of downtown Tulsa. The airport sees over 3 million flyers passing through in a year. These stats, while impressive, don’t answer the top question that passengers traveling out of Tulsa need answers for—what about parking at Tulsa Airport?

Tulsa Airport has adequate parking options, both onsite and offsite. This guide is designed to help you find the best parking options depending on your requirements. Read on for details on Tulsa Airport parking fees, Tulsa Airport long-term parking options, Tulsa Airport maps, and info about Tulsa airport parking coupons and discounts.

Tulsa Airport Parking Fees

How much is parking at Tulsa Airport?

Tulsa Airport has hundreds of parking spots onsite spread across 4 TUL parking garages. Drivers have the option to choose from the Parking Garage, Hourly Parking Lot, Economy Parking Lot, and Valet Parking lot, as well as several offsite lots and garages around the airport. Tulsa airport parking options range from as low as $2/hour up to $18/day for valet parking, with several TUL parking options in between.

How much is long-term parking at Tulsa Airport?

There are three options for long-term parking at Tulsa Airport – Parking Garage, the Economy Lot, and the Valet Parking Lot. There are also several offsite Tulsa Airport parking lots available for as low as $3/day.

Parking Garage Rate
Per Day $12
Economy Parking Lot Rate
Per Day $8
Valet parking Rate
Per Day $18
Offsite Tulsa Airport parking lots Rate
Per Day – Book Now! $3

How much is short-term parking at Tulsa Airport?

Short-term parking at Tulsa Airport is provided at the Hourly Parking Lot.

Hourly parking garage Rate
Per Day $2/hour, daily maximum $12
Offsite Tulsa Airport parking lots Rate
Per Day – Book Now! $3


How much is hourly parking at Tulsa Airport?

Tulsa Airport daily parking is free for the first 30 minutes, costs $2 per hour after the first free hour, and goes up to the daily maximum of $12/day.

Does Tulsa Airport have valet parking?

Yes, Tulsa does have valet parking (temporarily closed due to Covid-19). Several offsite lots near Tulsa Airport also offer valet parking services.

Tulsa Airport Parking Coupons & Discounts

Tulsa Airport parking can be expensive, especially if you are going to need parking for several days. Here are some tips that will help you find the cheapest Tulsa Airport parking rates, discounts, and coupons to make your TUL parking experience more affordable.

Official Tulsa Airport parking page

The official Tulsa Airport information page provides various information such as TUL parking rates, open parking slots, and other news about travel and airline availability.


The Way.com website and the Way App has already been helping millions of flyers find affordable parking, with over 50 million cars parked across North America. The Way App brings together all the things you need to enjoy a first-class airport parking experience. The Way.com website and App offer contactless parking facilities at reliable and safe parking lots near almost all US airports, including Tulsa Airport.

Offsite Tulsa Airport Parking 

There are various companies operating around Tulsa Airport providing parking services, as well as shuttle and other benefits for passengers and travelers.

Country Inn and Suites TUL Airport parking

Country Inn and Suites offers parking near Tulsa Airport at unbelievable rates, that too, only 3.5 miles from the airport. With camera surveillance and 24-hour security, your car will be safe here.

Marriott Hotel Southern Hills TUL Airport parking

Premium parking near Tulsa Airport at budget rates- that’s what the Quality Inn, located near TUL Airport, offers.

Tulsa Airport Info

The Tulsa International Airport has been in operation since 1928, serving travelers going to and from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • The Tulsa airport has one asphalt and two concrete runways, with the longest runway measuring 10,000 feet in length and 3048 feet in width.
  • On average, the Tulsa Airport handles around 253 aircraft operations a day.
  • The American Airlines headquarters for all their Maintenance and Engineering activities is at Tulsa.

Airport Parking Tips at Tulsa Airport

  • Reserve your Tulsa Airport parking as soon as you book your ticket. This will help you access more options and cheaper Tulsa Airport parking fees.
  • Free TUL parking is available at the cell phone lot located next to the Hilton Garden Inn for a limited time.
  • If you are someone who needs to travel often, enrolling in the Tulsa parking perks program would be a good idea.

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