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All you need to know before you park at Orlando Airport 

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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It’s common knowledge among residents and tourists alike that to park at Orlando Airport you need more than just luck on your sideConveniently located in central Florida, the airport is known to have a lot of footfall – up to 50 million passengers every year! All this makes it hard to find easy Orlando Airport parking.  

park orlando airport

It’s quite normal to hear about travelers having to drive around the on-site parking lots for quite some time to find a suitable parking spot. Even if they did get a spot, it would most likely be costlier than usual, given the high demand!  

Before you park at Orlando Airport, there is some standard information you must know. Though it seems easy to accessthese simple guidelines are not widely practiced. No wonder people find it hard to park at Orlando Airport! Stick to this, and we guarantee you’ll have no trouble finding parking at Orlando International Airport! 

Where can I park at Orlando Airport? 

It’s important to do your homework before parking at Orlando International Airport. You can’t expect to drive up uninformed and hope for the best! This is, without a doubt, the worst way to find Orlando airport parking 

There are six main on-site parking lots at Orlando International Airport where you can park: 

  •  North Park Place lot  
  •  South Park Place lot  
  • Parking Garage A and B lots  
  • Parking Garage lot C  
  • Terminal Top parking   
  • Valet Parking 

There is also additional parking at the Hyatt Hotel in Orlando Airport, but it will cost you more and is primarily reserved for customers who have booked a room. Resources and facilities vary according to where you park and whether you prefer long-term or short-term parking. 

What are the short-term rates to park at Orlando Airport? 

 Short-term MCO Parking 

Some trips don’t keep you away from home for long – they typically last no more than 24 hours. Those are what we call short-term trips. Short trips to care of a family emergency, a quick business trip, or a quick round trip to see a friend or loved one all come under this. If you need to park for just a few hours, Orlando International Airport has the following short-term lots. 

MCO Airport Parking Lot   MCO Airport Parking Rate 
North Park Place lot  First 10 minutes free 

10 min – 3 hours – $5 

South Park Place lot  First 10 minutes free 

10 min – 3 hours – $5 

Parking Garage A and B  First 20 minutes free 

20-30 minutes – $2 

Every additional 15 mins – $1 

Parking Garage C  First 20 minutes free 

20-30 minutes – $2 

Every additional 15 mins – $1 

Terminal Top Parking  First 20 minutes free 

20-30 minutes – $2 

Every additional 15 mins – $1 

Valet Parking  $9.59/ hour 

park orlando airport

What are the long-term rates to park at Orlando Airport? 

Long-term MCO Parking 

Some trips require you to be away from home for a longer period of time. Typically, it could be from 3 days to a week. In this scenario, we suggest researching long-term MCO parking choices. A long-term trip could be for any purpose, such as a vacation or a work/travel trip/ 

MCO Parking Lot   MCO Parking Rate 
North Park Place lot  $10/day 
South Park Place lot  $10/day 
Parking Garage A and B  $19/day 
Parking Garage C  $17/day 
Terminal Top Parking  $19/day 
Valet Parking  $28.76/day 


To the common man, these rates can pack quite a punch to the wallet. If you are okay to park near Orlando Airport instead of at the airport, off-site parking lots offer the best value for money. Read on to know more! 

Are there cheaper off-site options to park near Orlando Airport? 

Wouldn’t it be better if you could skip the costly on-site airport parking rates and get up to 60% off? Proximity to the MCO airport always comes with a price. This is why if you park at Orlando Airport, the on-site rates are more expensive than parking near Orlando AirportConsider parking a little farther away from Orlando International Airport to escape the high parking rates! 

There are several airport hotels in the vicinity of Orlando Airport that provide off-site parking lots for slashed rates. Using Way.com or the Way app, you can access these lots and book a cheap spot in minutes! This is particularly useful if you live far from the airport and you have to catch a ‘red-eye’ flight! An added advantage is that while you’re away, you can also get your car upgraded with services like car washes, oil changes, detailing, and more!  

How early should I leave to reach Orlando Airport in time? 

MCO International Airport is 14 miles from downtown Orlando. Ideally, you should leave 45 minutes before check-in to be on the safe side.  

Other tips to park at Orlando Airport 

  • MCO Airport is located at the following address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, USA. 
  • Parking coupons are often available for MCO parking and can be accessed through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates. 
  • There is free MCO parking in the Cell Phone Lot. You can park and wait here if you are picking up passengers from the airport.

park orlando airport

Book your airport parking ahead of time with Way online or use our iOS and Android apps now!


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