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All you need to know to find easy Independence Hall parking in Philadelphia

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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A visit to Independence National Historic Park requires you to be in a specific mood – the mood to explore history, wow at monuments, and reflect on the contributions of the founding fathers. You know what would be a rude shock – if the hassle of finding parking nearby were to pull you back into the present! Here are all the pointers you need to find Independence Hall parking. Park securely, and then enjoy your blast from the past!

Very few buildings have witnessed as many important events in American history as the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The Declaration of Independence was signed here, and it is also where the US Constitution was debated and adopted. Steeped in history, it draws thousands of visitors every day, most of whom come in cars and try to find parking nearby. As they often realize, Independence Hall parking is not that easy.

find easy parking near Independence Hall

Despite on-site parking lots and street parking nearby, you may still struggle with finding a safe spot because of the high demand. With many cars competing for very few spots, things can get pretty intense when searching for parking near Independence Hall. On-site parking could fill up quickly and leave you frustrated.

Thankfully, there are many parking garages nearby where you can find safe and affordable parking. All it takes is some basic information for you to get your bearings, and then you’re good to go! Here’s the lowdown on everything related to finding parking near Independence Hall.

Where is Independence Hall located?

The Independence Hall is located at 520 Chestnut Street, between 5th and 6th Streets. It is a part of Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia. The Park is located served by Interstates 95 and 676 and is easily accessible by public transport. You will likely visit Independence Hall along with other historic sites like the Liberty Bell Center, First Bank of the United States, and Carpenter’s Hall.

Download the National Park Service app for maps, information, and other details you may need during your visit. You can also visit the Independence National Historical Park website for park hours and directions.


Is there on-site Independence Hall parking?

Yes, there is on-site Independence Hall parking below the Independence Visitor Center located at 6th and Market Streets. The main parking garage is AutoPark at Independence Mall, an underground garage of the Philadelphia Parking Authority. You can enter the garage at 5th and 6th Streets. There is also additional parking at AutoPark at Olde City garage on 2nd Street, between Chestnut and Walnut Streets.

However, you cannot be guaranteed a spot at the on-site lots when you drive up here because the venue is crowded on most days. The garage would most likely be full unless you arrive early. It’s good to have a backup plan for parking and know where to turn if you need alternative options.

Where can I find street parking near Independence Hall?

You can find limited metered street parking along S 6th Street, Chestnut Street, and S 5th Street. Street parking rates will cost you between $4-8 for a maximum of 2 hours, depending on where you park. However, you should remember that almost everyone is on the lookout for these cheap spots nearby. You might have to drive around for a while before finding a street parking spot – not very convenient when visiting Independence Hall.

street parking near Independence Hall

Is there free parking nearby?

Unfortunately,  there is very limited free parking near Independence Hall. Though you can find a few stretches within walking distance, they will be snapped up on a first-come, first-served basis by early drivers. You can find limited free parking on Arch Street and Walnut Street.

Whether you opt for metered or street parking, you also need to consider the many parking regulations! You cannot park at spots that require Residential Parking Permits. Plus, you’re also not likely to enjoy your time at Independence Hall when you have a parking time limit ticking down in your head! If you want a stress-free parking experience, it’s best to pick an off-site garage that you can zoom in and out of without a hassle.

best garages for Independence Hall parking

Where can I find the closest affordable off-site garages for Independence Hall parking?

You don’t have to go through the rigmarole of driving around looking for affordable garages anymore. You can easily reduce your parking woes to zero by using a parking app like Way.com to pre-book off-site Independence Hall parking! Wondering if it’s a good option? Apart from the convenience of booking a spot even before you leave home, you can also access great discounts to shave off at least 25% off drive-up parking rates!

Since most of the garages on inventory are user-reviewed and top-rated, the quality of facilities is ensured. You can view available spots, compare prices, and book a spot ‚Äď all in just a few easy swipes. You can park for as low as $17 per day at a secure off-site parking garage using Way.com! Here are the closest garages near Independence Hall you can head to:

  • 733 Chestnut Street Garage parking: Get flexible hourly parking at a premium, outdoor self-parking lot with contactless parking. Daily parking starts at $30/day.
  • 400 Arch Street parking: For drivers wary of outdoor lots, you can head to this covered self-park facility with flexible hourly, daily, and monthly parking rates.
  • iParkit Jefferson garage: Zoom into a guaranteed spot when you pre-book a space at this covered self-park lot. You can cancel anytime before check-in for a full refund.

affordable parking in Philadelphia

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