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An overview of Illinois auto insurance quotes

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Getting affordable Illinois auto insurance quotes is determined by the variable provided by the car insurance owner. Your unique rating variables, including age, gender, driving history, automobile type, and coverage, will all have an impact on your premium. When you compare car insurance quotes from various best car insurance companies you are putting yourself in an advantageous position. When you compare car insurance quotes you will be able to compare premiums, coverages, and possible discounts to select the company that best meets your needs.

Illinois auto insurance quotes

In general, car insurance in Illinois is less expensive than in the rest of the country. The average cost of vehicle insurance in the United States is $1680 per year for a full coverage policy, but the average cost in Illinois is $1491. 

Although car owners in Illinois may find their prices are higher than the national average due to the increased chance of accidents on the area’s congested streets, most Illinois pays lower-than-average premiums for car insurance.¬†

There are various variables to consider while looking for the best car insurance in Illinois state, including price, customer service and financial strength scores, available coverages, and discount options. To assist you in making an informed selection regarding your car insurance in Illinois, our insurance editorial staff has analyzed the major insurance firms in Illinois.

Best car insurance in Illinois

We examined the companies offering car insurance in Illinois based on each company’s third-party rating scores, typical premiums, coverage, and discounts to make choosing an insurance provider in Illinois a more manageable endeavor. According to our study, the best car insurance companies in the state of Illinois are the following:¬†


Auto-Owners provides dependable coverage of car insurance in Illinois with a personal touch through a network of independent agents. Rather than getting car insurance in Illinois state online, you must deal with an agent in your area to obtain an Auto-Owners’ insurance policy.¬†Auto-Owners provides typical coverages and various discounts for car insurance in Illinois to tailor your policy, such as decreased value coverage and gap insurance. The organization also provides various discounts that may help you save money on your premium on your car insurance in Illinois state.

Country Financial

Country Financial may not be the most well-known company, but it may be worth your time to check the car insurance quotes if you are looking for car insurance in Illinois. Country Financial sells insurance in 19 states, and its coverage includes a variety of alternatives for customizing your policy to your specific needs. If your automobile is totaled and you have this car insurance in Illinois state, Country Financial will pay for a brand new car of the same make and model. Despite having the highest premium on our list, Country Financial still offers several discounts that could help you save money.


According to our analysis, Travelers has the lowest average total coverage premium regarding car insurance in Illinois. Furthermore, the organization offers various discounts that could help you save even more money on car insurance in Illinois state. You can also customize your policy by adding endorsements such as new car replacement, accident forgiveness, and ridesharing coverage. On the other hand, Travelers had the lowest average score for claims satisfaction among the companies that offer car insurance in Illinois on our list.


This car insurance in Illinois is ineligible for official rating because it only sells insurance to current and former military personnel and their immediate relatives. However, if you qualify for coverage, USAA provides adequate coverage as well as military-focused discounts, such as reductions for parking your vehicle on a military base and storing it while overseas.

Tips to get the best car insurance in Illinois

Because premium costs vary by individual, the cheapest auto insurance in Illinois will be determined by the individual. Because the cost of auto insurance is highly personalized, auto insurance carriers use information such as age, gender, location, automobile type, and driving history to price policies. 

If you are looking for the best car insurance in Illinois, you should consider the following:

What are your requirements? 

Teen drivers and a poor credit score, for example, can have an impact on your rates. Understanding how particular rating variables may affect your premium may assist you in determining which businesses are appropriate for your situation. 

What does the state of Illinois want?

While you are required to acquire at least the state’s minimum coverage limits to be a licensed driver, you may wish to consider other local criteria as well.¬†Assume you live in a city and park your car on the street. In that situation, you should consider purchasing comprehensive coverage to protect yourself from the costs of fixing vandalism damage or replacing your vehicle if it is stolen.¬†

Illinois auto insurance quotes

If you live in a region with a high rate of car accidents, you may want to consider increasing your liability coverage to protect yourself if you cause an accident.


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