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Are Car Wash Extras Really Worth It?

  • Car Wash
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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Pull up to most automated car washes – where technology takes care of all the car cleaning work as you sit back and relax – and you’re bound to be faced with plethora of choices. Should you choose the spray-on wax option or an undercarriage wash? We’re here to shed light on which car wash extras will work for youWe’ve lined up the most frequently asked questions on car wash extras and what’s the ideal choice for your vehicle – read on to know more.

This blog has been updated on June 3, 2021.

Are Car Wash Extras Really Worth It?

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Wash Extras

How frequently should I wash my car? 

Cleaning a car isn’t merely about making the car look spic and spanCar wash and detailing professionals recommend that you wash your car regularly – a daily wash routine will help avoid the deterioration of the car’s finish. Regular and consistent removal of grime and grit that builds upon the surface of the car from everyday use can help prevent paint damage or corrosion. 


What sets a good car wash apart from a bad one?  

First things first, drive up to the car wash of your choice and take a look around. car wash location with a well-maintained exterior almost always means that the owners of the establishment have invested well in their car-cleaning equipment and are bound to house more than decent facilities.  

Are Car Wash Extras Really Worth It?

Are touchless car washes the better choice for you? 

Touchless car washes involve the use of strong and often harsh chemicals to remove dirt and grime from the surface of your carAlthough many car finishes are durable enough to survive cleaning procedures that are employed by touchless car washesexperts recommend that you use them sparingly. A common occurrence while using touchless car washes is that glossy black exterior trims tend to get scratched or scuffed up over time, thanks to the hard bristles that are used in many car wash facilities. If possible, we recommend that you take a look at the condition of the touchless car wash brushes before using them. If they seem grimy or extra dirtythey may have accumulated gunk from the previous car, which could possibly transfer over to your car’s finish. 


Are undercarriage washes necessary?  

Although you may not need to do an undercarriage wash every single time you visit your local car wash, it does make sense to do one every month or so. It’s only natural that the undercarriage section of your vehicle can get dusty and accumulate dirt over timeand it is strongly recommended that you get it cleaned to avoid premature rusting of partsA high-pressure wash of the undercarriage dislodges said grime and removes any instances of corrosion as well. 

Do I need to pay more for wheel cleaning services? 

Wheel cleaning is primarily required to keep your brake dust levels in check. Brake dustwhich accumulates on rimshas different chemical composition to that of regular road debris and salt build-upIn most cases, a different form of cleaning product is involved when you are required to clear off brake dust – so make sure your car wash location caters to those specific needs 


Are spray-on waxes worth the extra bucks? 

Primarily a cosmetic aspect of car cleaningspray-on waxes can sometimes come across as an added expense. We recommend hand waxing your vehicle instead – it’s far cheaper on the wallet and takes as little time as a spray-on wax does. If you are a stickler for the upkeep of the exterior of your car, however, choose high-end spray-on options that use waxes like carnauba, which tend to leave a longer-lasting finish. What’s more, these silicone-based waxes can improve the consistency of the current shine while eliminating water spots during the drying process.  

Should I choose detailing services along with a hand wash? 

A lot of enthusiasts want to have their vehicles detailed by a professional that uses a hands-on approach. However, even car wash experts recommend that automated car washes are the way to go if you’re looking to save some money. Detailing essentially involves restoring the shine on your vehicle as if it just came out of the showroomOn the other hand, you’ll have a tough time trying to get rid of mildew when using an automatic car wash – we suggest weighing your options (and your wallet) before making your choice

Websites and apps like Way.com offer professional and top-rated car wash services at great prices. What’s more, the whole family can get in on the sudsy action thanks to Way.com’s Carwash Voucher and Family Car Wash Pass that can be used on multiple (that’s right, multiple) vehicles!

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