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Are Infinitis Good Cars? Find Out!

  • Auto Insurance
  • Gerard Stevens
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Nissan established the Infiniti brand in 1989 to compete in the highly competitive North American luxury automobile market. Though it may not have popularity like a BMW or a Porsche, Infinitis can be a worthy investment if you’re looking for a luxury car. But the main question here is, are Infinitis good cars? And are Infinitis reliable?

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Are Infinitis good cars? 

Yes, Infiniti is a good car with an average rating among the best auto brands. With varying success ranges, Infiniti has developed high-end cars focusing on luxury and performance since its launch. Infiniti may not be as popular as its rivals like BMW and Mercedes, but that can benefit you because you’ll spend less on branding while enjoying many of the same luxurious features.  

The following are some factors you can consider while determining are Infinitis good cars or not! 


Infiniti has always made high-quality gas engines. There aren’t many diesel engines available; however, some older versions exist. They are also trying to introduce electric cars.  


Nissan and Infiniti cars are among the safest on the road. Many receive top ratings in crash test ratings. Most newer models have advanced driver-assist technology, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, pedestrian detection, and other safety features.  


It’s always easy to drive and handle Infiniti cars. When you press the accelerator pedal, you get a lot of power. There are some good-performing SUVs, and some are like sports cars. 


All luxury cars are more expensive than ordinary cars. Infiniti cars are expensive. But they are often less expensive than many other luxury brands. If you’re looking for a luxury car, Infiniti can be a good choice compared to other luxury carmakers.  

Technology and features 

Since it’s a luxury brand, you can expect leading-edge technology and features. It is fair to expect more features than in a Nissan car. Today’s Infiniti cars and SUVs include technology for which other carmakers often charge additionally. However, the Infiniti may cost you more than the competitors.  

Body and rust 

Infiniti automobiles are known to resist corrosion well. However, there are a few models which failed in that.  

Ownership charge 

While considering the ownership cost, you must include fuel economy, insurance, depreciation, and maintenance costs. Because these are expensive to own, insurance costs will be more. More weight and a stronger engine also make it less efficient.  

Repair and maintenance rates 

Infiniti’s average repair and maintenance cost is slightly higher than the national average. The cost is typically more expensive than Nissan repairs. The cars may even require more frequent repairs when compared to ordinary cars.  

Best Infiniti car models 

Are Infinitis good cars? Now you know the answer to this. But which are the models that are the best? Take a look.  

  • QX50: If you’re looking for reliability and fuel efficiency, the 2022 QX50 is the best option. The QX50’s 26 combined mpg is the best in the fleet, but there have been few complaints concerning mechanical or technological breakdowns. 
  • Q70: If you’re seeking safety, the Q70 has been named a JD Power Top Safety Pick four times. The 2019 model includes many safety features like an aerial view camera system and electronic stability control. 
  • Q50 Red Sport 400: Go for this car for power and performance. The 400-horsepower engine is among the most powerful available.  

Are Infiniti cars reliable? 


The reliability of Infiniti cars is average. Unlike other luxury brands, they do not seem to outperform or underperform. It is also consistent with the majority of luxury car companies. In general, some Infiniti models are more dependable than others. Overall, the cars are appreciated for having powerful powertrains. With proper maintenance, you can drive them longer than a normal car. An Infiniti car can last around 200,000 miles or 15-20 years with proper maintenance.  

Most reliable models  

Three main factors impact an Infiniti car’s reliability.  

  • Mechanical problems that occur frequently  
  • Costs of repair and maintenance 
  • The total number of recalls 

Based on these, the most reliable Infiniti car models are Q50, QX50, QX4, Q60, M35, and Q80.  

Are Infiniti cars expensive to maintain? 

An Infiniti, like any luxury car, can have higher maintenance costs. Depending on the model, An Infiniti owner may spend around $5,000-$8,000 on maintenance and repairs during the first five years of ownership.  

Is Infiniti as reliable as Lexus? 

No. Lexus cars outperform Infinitis when it comes to safety and dependability.  

Is Infinitis reliable after 100k miles? 

Many Infiniti cars with over 100,000 miles are still performing well. According to Nissan, you can drive more than 200,000 miles if properly maintained.  

Which Infiniti is made by Mercedes? 

Infiniti’s Q30 is a small, luxury hatchback developed on the third-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class platform. 

Is Infiniti a good car to buy? 


Are Infinitis good cars? Definitely, when it comes to reliability and affordability! You can drive these cars over 200,000 miles if you properly maintain them. Also, the price of their models is lower when compared to other luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche. So, if you want a luxury car with top features at an affordable price, Infiniti can always be a good choice! 

Getting auto insurance for your Infiniti car 

The insurance cost won’t be so less, but you can expect a lower rate when compared to other luxury car brands. The exact rate depends on your car model, the driver’s age, driving behavior, and other factors. Are you looking for the cheapest auto insurance for your Infiniti car? How can you get one? 

That’s where Way.com helps you! Use Way’s app or website to find quotes from the insurance firms in your area. Then compare these quotes and buy the policy with the most inexpensive quote. You can save nearly $971 on your policy while buying through us.  

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