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Are License Plate Frames Legal in Texas?

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Who doesn’t like a bit of personalization with license plate frames on plates? A bit of humor or making sure everyone knows you are a diehard Dallas Stars fan. Well, hold that thought if you are in Texas. The lone star state is serious about its DMV laws.

It is illegal in Texas to obscure a license plate’s number, letters, or decals, including “The State of Texas” and “Lone Star State.” Therefore, any cover obscuring a license plate’s information is also prohibited. If you violate Texas’ license plate frame law, you can face up to $200 in fines. In addition, if you have knowingly obstructed your plate’s information, you will face charges with a Class B misdemeanor. That is punishable by a fine of up to $2,000, up to 180 days in jail, or both.¬†

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What are the Guidelines for the Texas License plate?  

As per the TxDMV, you cannot attach anything that will significantly reduce the readability of the license plate. Also, you cannot add any illuminated unauthorized devices or stickers, decals, emblems, or any other symbol that interferes with the license plate’s readability.¬† ¬†

How many license plates must a Texas vehicle have? 

According to Texas law, a vehicle requires two license plates. One is attached to the front of the vehicle, and the other is to the rear. Therefore, Texans violate the law if they operate a passenger or commercial motor vehicle without displaying two license plates at the front and rear.  

Can you customize your license plate in Texas?   

One cannot personalize the license plate number assigned to you by TxDMV. You will receive a set of general issue license plates for your vehicle registration.  

Are license plate covers legal in Texas?   

 Texas law prohibits license plate covers by law. You are not allowed to use anything that is blurring or reflective that damages the readability of the state name or numbers. The state also prohibits using stickers, emblems, or symbols not authorized by the State of Texas.   

Are tinted license plate covers legal in Texas?  

Covering a license plate with protective material is illegal in Texas. Additionally, license plate frames cannot cover the plate number or the words “State of Texas” or “Lone Star State.”¬†

Do you have to have a front license plate in Texas in 2021?  

In Texas, having a front license plate is a legal requirement. Tax Assessors provide you with two plates; you should mount both plates on the front and rear of your vehicle.  

 What is the current license plate design in Texas?  

“The Texas Classic,” which came out in July 2012, is meant to give Texans the best protection for public safety. It is the first license plate in the country to have two high-visibility security threads built into the plate sheeting. It makes it easier for law enforcement to spot legitimate plates. ¬†

 Can you use Souvenir plates?  

Souvenir plates are not legal for the road and do not show that a car is registered. However, you may buy souvenir plates as gifts, mementos, or decorations.  

Texas license plates

¬†What happens if you don’t follow the guidelines?¬† ¬†

In Texas, you can get a fine of up to $200 if you break the law about license plate frames. In addition, if you try to hide your license plate information on purpose, you will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor, which could lead to a $2,000 fine, 180 days in jail, or both.  

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