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Are Mercedes Cars Reliable? Reliability Scores Are Out

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As a brand, Mercedes has been in the American automobile market for decades. The German car brand based in Stuttgart is primarily targeting the luxury vehicles and commercial markets. But are Mercedes cars reliable? The market we are talking about right now has undergone drastic changes after the pandemic. So, the reliability factors have changed, and people have upgraded their priorities of what they are looking for in a car. 

The reliability of a brand has different meanings. For instance, a family man is looking for fuel efficiency and safety in a car. Similarly, a trucker will look for an engine and chassis that are strong enough to carry large loads. We will help you learn more about the Mercedes brand and its status as of 2022 and also answer the question, ‘Are Mercedes reliable?’ ¬†

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The Sales Perspective 

As you already saw, Mercedes is a brand known for passenger vehicles and commercial models. They manufacture trucks, SUVs, and heavy-duty vehicles like the Zetros, Sprinter and STRAN Citaro. But we will look into the passenger vehicles only, passenger cars, to be specific. 

From the results of the last quarter of 2021, Mercedes has had a slight boost in car sales in the United States. The S-Class was performing well for the German brand. But despite this rise in people getting a Mercedes car, the reliability scores have dropped massively on the other hand. 

Are Mercedes cars long-lasting? 

Mercedes cars are known to last more than 15 to 17 years if you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year. You can get better results with frequent repairs and checkups for the car. But in certain factors, the Mercedes brand has fallen in reliability; some of which we will be looking at in detail below. 

Are Mercedes engines reliable? 

German engineering is always considered highly by automotive experts, and rightly so. Some models of Mercedes, especially the AMG series of cars, are known for performance. When it comes to reliable Mercedes cars, AMG can definitely consider the best of the lot. Also, the engines of the Mercedes AMG series are often tuned to deliver the best performance on the road. So, these engines are both powerful and efficient. Even though dependability scores are poor, the Mercedes engines are more than reliable. 

Are Mercedes Cars reliable? 

According to the latest survey by Consumer Reports, Mercedes Benz is ranked 24th in terms of reliability scores. The reliability of each brand in the US was surveyed based on parameters like engine, fuel system, exhaust, brakes, climate system, and a handful of others. 

According to car owner responses, the ranking was prepared, and the average readability score lies between 40 and 60 out of 100. While German brands like Audi have proved their worth by improving their positions and getting into the top ten, others have failed. Mercedes cars are the least reliable, along with Chevrolet, GMC, Volkswagen, and more. 

Most experts believe overly complicated technology is what makes Mercedes cars less reliable. Maybe so much technology can be too overwhelming for the average car owner. In addition, electric sensors and control modules can easily get faulty more often in Mercedes Benz cars. The problem with the latest technology in cars is that it is not quite finished yet. There are some rough edges to be fixed, which means constant updates and software patches. 


In 2022, Mercedes cars are not reliable. The German brand, which is one of the first names when it comes to luxury cars, is now facing trouble. On the contrary, brands like Audi are among the best ten brands on the basis of reliability. With new models set to come out in 2023, Mercedes needs to up their game and make sure they keep recalls to a minimum. Also, if they can reduce the number of workshop visits Mercedes car owners does, the readability score will rise automatically. 

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