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Are Metal Car Ramps Safer? All about Metal Car Ramps

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  • Natasha Young
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Ramps are commonly used to lift vehicles. The best of the bunch allows you to drive up on them and lift your vehicle into an elevated servicing bay. Another advantage is that they can be used to drive up onto a higher surface without any extra effort from the driver. But are metal car ramps safer? Read to know more. 

Are metal car ramps safer

Car ramps: An overview 

Car ramps are an alternative to axle stands that can be used to lift your car. If you usually work on your car by yourself, ramps come in handy when changing the oil or checking the suspension. Car ramps let you get under your car quickly and safely. They are easier and faster to use than jacks. 

Some sports cars with low ground clearance have trouble getting up ramps, but you can get low-rise car ramps or car ramp extensions, so you don’t damage the car. Car ramps come in different styles and are made of different materials. ¬†

Some designs have pieces that can be taken off so that your car can rest on the highest part of the ramp and you can get to the floor space. Some ramps have a notch that keeps your car in the middle when you pull on them. Lastly, they can be made of metal, plastic, or other materials.  

Metal car ramps 

Metal ramps were the first kind of car ramps. Carbon steel, high-grade aluminum, or alloy are commonly used to make them. Metal ramps often cost less than plastic ramps because the resources are abundantly available. 

Metal ramps are usually inexpensive and have simple designs, but they can rust over time in harsh environments. Steel ramps are usually painted or coated with powder to prevent corrosion at first. However, rough use in harsh environments can slowly wear away the coating, letting water get to the material underneath. Aluminum is made to resist corrosion better than steel, but aluminum ramps are usually more expensive than their steel counterparts.  

While using a metal car ramp 

  • Before you use metal car ramps, you should find out how much your car weighs. ¬†
  • Always follow the safety measures.¬†
  • Never drive your car up a metal car ramp.¬†
  • Keep in mind that they are not ideal for use on dirt or gravel.¬†

Plastic car ramps 

In terms of design, plastic ramps have come a long way in the last few years. Plastic ramps can have sections that can be removed. This lets you lift the car without blocking anything on the floor except where the tire would normally be. This is a huge benefit if you are doing work that requires you to lift with a second jack. 

Other features, like a textured driving surface, makes the ramp less prone to slips. And a molded lip on the edge of the ramp keeps you from driving too far and going over the edge. Most plastic ramps don’t have a space under them, so you can’t lose something under them. They also come in different sizes, so you can find sets of car ramps that can hold anything from a small subcompact car to a big pickup truck.¬†

 Another thing to remember about plastic ramps is that the plastic could change over time if exposed to UV light. Probably not a big deal if you only plan to use them in a garage. Plastic ramps may lose their color faster if you use them all the time outside in direct sunlight, such as at car shows. 

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High-density foam car ramps 

Car ramps made of high-density foam are used to help load your car onto a trailer. Low-slung cars are particularly hard to load onto a trailer. A ramp made of high-density foam will rise slowly, so the front of your car won’t scrape against the ground or the ramp itself. ¬†

You can also buy high-density foam car ramps in different styles and colors to match your car’s interior. They also have a raised lip to keep you from slipping, so you don’t need a spotter. Also, they work well in extreme weather conditions and can stand up to chemicals used in cars. You can even use them on ice. ¬†

How to use car ramps efficiently? 

Once you buy a ramp, read and follow the instructions so you don’t damage it.¬†You must first make sure that your wheels are centered so that your car doesn’t move when you drive on it. If they are not in the middle, you will have to fill up the car’s gas¬†tank to move it down the ramp. You can also ask a friend to help you keep the car straight. Also, don’t let the wheels slide because that can cause the ramps to break.¬†

Your car should be able to handle the slope of the ramp. Most of the time, a 17-degree slope is enough. When choosing a ramp, you should also think about how heavy your car is. If your vehicle is very low, a 17-degree slope should be enough. You should always wear safety gloves when working on a car ramp to avoid cuts and bruises.  

Are metal car ramps safer than wood car ramps? 

Metal car ramps are more stable than wooden ones. If you put all of your weight on a metal car ramp, it won’t bend or break as some wooden ramps do. They also last longer than wooden ones, which can be damaged by water or sunlight. ¬†

Metal car ramps last longer and usually don’t need to be replaced at all. This means you get more use out of them for less money over time. Because metal is denser and heavier than wood, metal car ramps can also handle heavier loads without bending or breaking. This makes them safer as well.¬†

How to stop car ramps from sliding? 

If the car gets in the way of the car ramps when you try to use them, tie a short piece of thin rope around the bottom rung of the ramp and lay it on the ground. As you approach the ramps, drive the car over the rope. As the car’s weight presses down on the rope, it will stop the ramp from sliding. ¬†

Are metal car ramps safer


Yes, metal ramps are safer to use. Tests have shown that they are stronger and last longer than plastic ramps. Metal ramps are also less likely to break and less expensive. Regardless of the situation, it’s always safe to have solid insurance to back you up. You can use apps like Way to get the best auto insurance near you.¬†

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