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Are snow tires worth investing in – Frequently asked questions

  • Car Care Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Do you live in an area that receives a huge amount of snowfall each year? By installing snow tires, you can drive better in those difficult times. Read the blog to know are snow tires worth investing in and how much they cost. We’ve also answered other frequently asked questions on snow tires. 

What are snow tires?   

Snow tires, also known as winter tires, are specifically designed to help drivers ride on snow and ice without any hassle. The unique tread pattern in snow tires offers drivers better grip and traction on snow-filled roads.   

Are snow tires worth investing in

How are snow tires different from regular tires?   

Here are three main features that set apart snow tires from regular tires:     

Composition of rubber: A special rubber is used in manufacturing snow tires. The rubber used in snow tires stays soft and pliable when the temperature drops and offers better grip and traction. On the other hand, regular tires tend to stiffen in the cold, which reduces traction.  

Tread pattern and depth: Snow tires have deeper tread depths than normal tires. The deeper tread depth in the tire improves traction and lessens snow build-up. Also, the winter tires have a unique tread pattern or grooves that efficiently pump water through the tread. This allows the tire to make strong contact with the ground.  

Biting edges: The zig-zag grooves covering the tread act as a biting edge to grip the road. The regular tires do not have these grooves.   

How much do snow tires cost?   

Winter tires cost anywhere between $300 to $900 for a set of four tires, and the rates can differ based on the brand and type of material you choose. Consult with your mechanic before purchasing snow tires to determine what type of tires best suits your car. 

Are snow tires worth investing in?   

 Yes, snow tires are worth investing in if you live in an area that receives a huge amount of snowfall every year. Then we recommend snow tires installed during the winters. The snow tires will improve your car’s performance on-road and your safety while driving in those harsh conditions.    

When should I put snow tires on?

You can install your snow tires once the temperature consistently drops below 45°F. Installing your snow tires too early can damage the tread.

When should you take snow tires off?

You must remove the snow tires once the winter ends, and you can also remove them when the average daily temperatures are above 40° F.

Can you drive with snow tires all year?  

Snow tires are specifically made for snow, ice, and slush, and it is not advisable to use them all year. Also, the tread in snow tires will affect your car’s mileage. Therefore, use the snow tires only during the winters and switch to all-season tires once it ends.  

How long do snow tires last?   

On average, winter tires can last up to 3 to 4 seasons. However, the duration can change based on the quality of the tire and usage. While you’re not using them, it’s best to store them in a safe place to protect the soft rubber. If you find them worn out or damaged, we recommend replacing them immediately.   

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