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Arizona Cardinals: Schedule, Tickets and Parking Info

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Arizona Cardinals, which came into existence in 1898, are one of the oldest teams in the NFL. They are one of the two charter clubs in the NFL that are still playing. Compared to their longevity, their success rates in the competition are very disappointing. 


This franchise has been renamed multiple times during its long history. They have been called Racine Cardinals, St. Louis Cardinals, Phoenix Cardinals, and even Chicago Cardinals in the past.  

Arizona Cardinals Parking

The ‘Cards,’ as they are commonly known among fans, is a team that competes in the NFC West Division and has two championship titles under their belt. Read more about the team schedule for this season, tickets, and parking information.¬†

What are the upcoming games of the Cardinals? 

In the upcoming Week 6 game, the Cardinals will take on Seattle Seahawks away from home. They will also play against the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Chargers during October and November.  

Arizona Cardinals Players
Image Credits: FF Swami on Flickr

The Cardinals have to up their game to keep their playoff chances alive. You can get the complete Arizona cardinals schedule from the official team website. 

Arizona Cardinals news | Arizona Cardinals score 

Who is the coach of the Arizona Cardinals? 

Kliff Kingsbury is the current Arizona Cardinals coach and one of the youngest to manage a team this season. His accolades in college football were recognized, and the Cardinals roped him in in 2019. 


As a player, he was part of a Super Bowl victory with the New England Patriots. Within a short period as a coach, he has done an exceptional job of bringing out the best in young players on the team. You can find more about the entire coaching staff of the Cardinals, including offense, defense, and others, here. 

What is the current Arizona Cardinals roster? 

The Arizona Cardinals squad is a mix of youth and experience. Despite having mixed results in the past few years, the team has developed some young talent during the same period.  


But on the other hand, the franchise fans expect better things from the Arizona Cardinals players. You can find some of the active squad members below. 

  • Zach Allen¬†
  • Stephen Anderson¬†
  • Budda Baker¬†
  • Kelvin Beachum¬†
  • Eno Benjamin¬†
  • Aaron Brewer¬†
  • Marquise Brown¬†
  • Zaven Collins¬†
  • James Conner¬†
  • Victor Dimukeje¬†
  • Michael Dogbe¬†
  • Greg Dortch¬†
  • Zach Ertz¬†

You can go to the Arizona Cardinals depth chart for an idea about all the different options for each position. 

How much are the Arizona Cardinals tickets? 

You can choose from different ticket types for the Cardinals’ home games. These are single-game tickets, season tickets, group tickets, and club and box seats. Each of these differs in price and the privileges you get on game day.¬†

Single-game tickets are always in high demand, and you can expect the stadium to be full during home games. These prices may vary greatly depending on which team is visiting the State Farm Arena. For the upcoming home games of the Arizona Cardinals, you can expect the prices to range from $45 to $400 per ticket. You can buy single-game tickets¬†from the team’s official website and ticket marketplaces like Seat geek.¬†


Season tickets are for the hardcore fans who follow the team on and off the field. By getting a season ticket, you will get a few perks like special offers, exclusive parking, team shop discount, and more. You can join the season ticket priority list here.

Similarly, getting premium and club seating can get you early access to the stadium, access to signature bars and lounges, etc. For more information about the tickets and to purchase them visit the Arizona Cardinals’ official website.¬†

Which is the home stadium of the Cardinals? 

State Farm Stadium is where you can watch the Cardinals play their home games. The Arizona Cardinals have played in many stadiums throughout their long history, including Sun Devil Stadium, Busch Stadium, Wrigley Field, Normal Park, etc. 

The Cardinals moved to State Farm Stadium in 2006 and have played here ever since. The stadium in Glendale has more than 63,000 seats and a natural grass playing surface. Owned by Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, this venue hosted other teams and events, including the San Francisco 49ers and the Fiesta Bowl college football game. 

Where is the Arizona Cardinals stadium located? 

You can find the State Farm Arena stadium at 1 Cardinals Drive in Glendale, Arizona. Other popular landmarks near the stadium are the Glendale Media Center, Big Red Brew Haus bar, Gridiron Grill and BetMGM Grill. 

How to get to State Farm Stadium 

If you plan to drive to the Cardinals stadium, there are a few routes from downtown Phoenix. The fastest among these is via I-10 West, a 16.5-mile drive that will take almost 17 minutes to complete. 


Another alternative is to drive through Grand Avenue and West Bethany Home Road. This journey is nearly 13.2 miles long and can take nearly 24 minutes to complete. Apart from these, several modes of public transit can also get you closer to the Arizona Cardinals stadium on game days. 

Is there on-site parking at State Farm Stadium? 

Yes. There are numerous parking facilities, which are listed below. Each is located in various parts of the stadium complex, and some are also reserved for certain ticket holders. 

  • Black Carpark¬†
  • Blue Carpark¬†
  • East Carpark¬†
  • East Preferred Carpark¬†
  • Pink Carpark¬†
  • Field Carpark Lot F¬†
  • Lot F Oversized Vehicles¬†
  • North Preferred Carpark¬†
  • Yellow Lot Carpark¬†
  • Premium Turf Tailgating Parking¬†
  • Purple Garage¬†
  • West Carpark¬†
  • West Preferred Carpark¬†

You can purchase pre-paid parking at these facilities, and a parking map can be found here. All parking passes will be digital and can be accessed through the Cardinals Mobile App. Preferred parking lots are the closest to the Arizona Cardinals stadium. 

State Farm Stadium Seating Chart 

A 3D seating chart for the Arizona Cardinal home ground can be found here. ¬†You can see all seats in the stadium’s main level, club, and terrace levels and see how close you are to the action.¬†

Is tailgating allowed at State Farm Stadium? 

Yes. Tailgating is allowed at parking facilities near State Farm Stadium. You can also find fans tailgating at the Sportsman’s Park and Great Lawn. But there are a few regulations to ensure all tailgating is safe and enjoyable.¬†

All tailgating processes, including cooking food and consumption of alcohol, must stop after kickoff. The same rule applies after the game is finished. Similarly, parking passes do not guarantee entry to Sportsman’s Park for tailgating. You need to have a game day ticket for that. ¬†

What are the cheap options for parking near State Farm Stadium? 

Most people find street parking as the most affordable option for Cardinals games. However, it is true that street parking spaces charge much less compared to the official parking facilities. 


If you feel the parking rates at the on-site lots are too many off-site facilities are a great alternative. You can also stay out of the heavy traffic before and after each game by choosing off-site parking garages near State Farm Stadium.  

Is there street parking near the Arizona Cardinals’ home stadium?¬†

Unfortunately, there are very few street parking spaces near the Arizona Cardinals stadium. You have to be extremely lucky to find a parking space that is within walking distance from the stadium. Most nearby streets will be packed with fans hours before the game, so finding a vacant parking spot can be challenging. 

In addition, there are other risks associated with leaving your car on the streets. Local parking authorities are strict about how their rules are followed. Even minor violations will not be tolerated, and you will be left with parking tickets and hefty fines. In addition, your car may be towed by the time you get back from the game in the worst-case scenario. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Arizona Cardinals games? 

As you have read above, street parking spaces are more prone to risks like theft and parking violations. On the other hand, off-site parking garages near State Farm Stadium offer a safe space and other premium features. As a result, you can get both cheap rates and safe parking at these garages. 

Similarly, the parking charges at on-site facilities can be quite expensive, especially for games against major opponents. In addition, the heavy traffic before and after the game means you will most likely get stuck in a long line of cars. But the advantage of getting an off-site garage is that you can park your car at these facilities and take a short walk to the stadium. Thus, you can stay away from the massive crowd and vehicles coming to the stadium.  

How to find cheap parking garages near State Farm Stadium 

It is quite easy to find off-site garages near State Farm Stadium. All you need is an online parking service like Way.com. Using the Way.com website and the Way app, you can locate all nearby parking garages near the Cardinals stadium. 


Once you search for parking garages near your location, the app will return all garages and lots nearby. Choose a garage that suits your needs and budget, and input the entry and exit times.  

You will get a guaranteed parking space for the next Cardinals home game when you pay the corresponding charges. In addition, you can get extra discounts and special deals at these off-site facilities by booking through Way.com. 

Arizona Cardinals Parking State Farm Stadium

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