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Arizona Driver’s License: How to Get One Easily!

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Have you so bought your dream car in The Copper State? But it can be risky if you drive your car without having a valid license. You’ll certainly love to avoid paying a hefty penalty. Well, our article will guide you on how to get an Arizona driver’s license.

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What documents are needed to get a driver’s license in Arizona? 

Suppose you hold a Graduated license for at least six months. Then you can apply for your full unrestricted Class D license at 18. If you’re above 18, you can apply for a license without obtaining a learner’s permit. You must have these while applying for a license before visiting an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) branch.  

  • A duly filled driver’s license application form 
  • Documents proving your identity, age, and residency. You must provide original documents or certified copies. Check out the DMV page for a complete list of acceptable documents. 
  • Proof of Social Security Number (SSN) 
  • Your out-of-state license, if required 

How long do you have to live in Arizona to get a driver’s license? 

Irrespective of your permanent residence, you must reside in the state for seven months or more during any year to apply for an Arizona driver’s license. 

Do I need an Arizona driver’s license to register a car in Arizona? 

Yes. You must have a driver’s license to register your car in the state.  

How to get an Arizona driver’s license 

Driver's license in Arizona
Image courtesy: https://azdot.gov/

Arizona follows a graduated driver’s license (GDL) program like many states. Getting a driver’s license in Arizona includes three main stages. 

  • Getting a learner’s permit 
  • Graduated Arizona driver’s license  
  • Full Adult Arizona driver’s license 

How to get a learner’s permit 

You can apply for a permit when you are 15 1/2. With this permit, you can drive with an adult aged 21 or older holding a valid license. You can skip this step and apply for a full license if you are over 18. You must visit your local Arizona MVD to apply for the permit. If you’re aged below 18, your parent or guardian must accompany you and provide consent. Then you must fill out the application form and provide two documents proving your identity, birthdate, residency, and citizenship. 

Tests you must pass  

  • Vision test: The authorities will check your vision to guarantee you will not cause problems on the road. You must have a vision of 20/40 or greater in at least one eye. 
  • Knowledge test: The Arizona MVD will test you on road signs and traffic laws throughout the state. The knowledge test comprises 30 questions. To pass, you must answer 24 questions correctly.  

Restrictions on permit  

You will face some driving restrictions during the initial six months of getting the permit.  

  1. You can’t drive on public roads with more than one passenger under 18 unless the passengers are your family members (parents/siblings/legal guardians).
  2. There will also be a restriction on driving between 12 am-5 am unless you meet the following conditions. 
  • You’re driving to or from work. 
  • You’re driving to or from school or a school-sponsored event. 
  • An individual aged 21 or above with a valid license accompanies you in the car.  
  • You’re on your way to or from a religious function. 
  • You’re driving due to a family emergency. 

How to get a Graduated Arizona driver’s license  

It is the next stage of the GDL program. You’ll get some relaxation in the restrictions, but still, you must drive under the supervision of a licensed adult. These are the requirements you must satisfy to get one. 

  • Maintain your learner’s permit for at least six months. 
  • You must complete 30 hours of supervised driving practice, including 10 hours of night driving. Also, provide proof of completion of an Arizona MVD-approved driver education program 

Steps to follow 

  • To apply, visit you’re a nearby MVD facility with your parent or legal guard. To schedule a road test, you must first make an appointment. 
  • Complete the license application form. 
  • Provide two documents proving your identity, birth date, address, and citizenship.  
  • Then you must pass the road test. The test is necessary to evaluate your driving skills in various conditions. They will ask you to park, complete three-point turns, and maintain proper distance. The test will examine specific acts and your overall ability to drive a car safely. 
  • Pay the license fee.  

Restrictions on graduated license  

You can’t drive between 12 am and 5 am for the first six months unless a parent accompanies you, or you’re going to or from work, school, a religious place, or in an emergency. Also, you can’t drive with more than one passenger above 18 unless it is your sibling. 

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How to get a Full Adult Arizona driver’s license 

Whether you completed the GDL program or not, you can apply for a full Arizona driver’s license when you’re 18. Suppose you’re a new driver and have not completed the GDL. Then you must attend the Arizona driver’s license test, comprising written and road tests. When applying at the MVD, you must provide the completed application form and required documents.  

You must apply online via MVD’s website, produce supporting documents proving your age, identity, and residency, and pay the appropriate costs. You must also produce the following.  

  • Your ID card 
  • Learner’s permit 
  • Your car’s license plate number, which you will use for the driving test 
  • You must submit proof of insurance as well as the car’s registration 

How do I transfer my out-of-state driver’s license to Arizona? 


If you’re an out-of-state driver, follow these steps to get a driver’s license in Arizona. 

  • Apply in person at an MVD branch. 
  • Fill out the license application form. 
  • Provide at least two necessary documents that prove your identity, birthdate, and residency. 
  • A non-citizen must show proof of lawful residency in the country, like a Permanent Resident Card or I-94 Form. 
  • Pass the vision test. 
  • Then pay a $5 out-of-state screening fee. 
  • Pay the license fee. It may vary between $10 and $25 based on your age. You can pay via cash, check, credit card, or money order. 
  • Get your temporary driver’s license. 
  • Within 15 days, the MVD will mail your permanent license.  

How much is a driver’s license in Arizona? 

It costs you $7 to get a learner’s permit. For out-of-state drivers, the vision test will cost $5, and the license skill test will cost $15. The Arizona driver’s license fee varies between $10-$25 based on your age group.  

Age group License fee 
16-39 $25 
40-44 $20 
45-49 $15 
50 and above $10 

How long are Arizona driver’s licenses good for?  

Currently, the licenses remain valid for eight years. But the license of many do not expire until they reach the age of 65. Then they must renew it every five years.  

What do Arizona driver’s license numbers look like? 

The numbers (circled) on licenses and ID cards are nine characters long, with one letter followed by eight numbers. 

Where is your driver’s license number Arizona? 

It will be easy to locate as typically you can find it in front of your license.  

Does Arizona have an enhanced driver’s license? 

Arizona highway road
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Yes. Arizona enhanced driver’s license is available to the residents as a driver’s license or an ID card. From May 3, 2023, TSA airport checkpoints and other government facilities require you to have a REAL-ID-compliant credential, like the Arizona Travel ID. 

Does Arizona have a digital driver’s license? 

Yes. The Arizona Mobile ID (mID) app is an optional, safe, digitalized version of your MVD-issued driver’s license or ID card that you can carry on your smartphone in the form of an app. 

Can I get an Arizona driver’s license online? 

You can replace the license or ID online. Know about how to renew a driver’s license in Arizona 

Can I fly just with an Arizona driver’s license? 

All Arizona driver’s licenses and ID cards are valid for air travel until May 7, 2025. So you will need a REAL-ID-compliant license, state ID, or other acceptable identification forms to fly within the country. 

What do you do if you lose your driver’s license in Arizona? 

You can replace a lost or stolen license or ID card online. It will cost you $12. Suppose you lose the license or it gets stolen. In that case, you should report the incident to your local police department as identity theft. 

Do you need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart in Arizona? 

According to law, these carts come under the motor vehicles category. So all drivers must have a valid driver’s license to drive and register it, install and display the MVD’s license plate in a visible area and have liability insurance. 

Getting auto insurance in Arizona 

Always have valid Arizona auto insurance to drive a car on state roads. Driving without insurance will earn you hefty penalties and even jailed. So, you should take the pain of finding a cheap auto insurance policy. 

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