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Arkansas Car Registration: What you should know

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
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Car registration in Arkansas is done to link the car to its owner. The Office of Motor Vehicle is in charge of car registration in the state of Arkansas (OMV).

People who just moved to Arkansas and bought a car have 30 days to get the car registered with the state.

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Arkansas car registration for new residents

After moving to Arkansas, new residents have 30 days to register their cars with the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Before a new state resident can register their car, they must have an active Arkansas auto insurance policy that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements and transfer their out-of-state title to an Arkansas vehicle title.

Arkansas lets its citizens transfer the title of their car at the same time they register it.

How to register the car in Arkansas for new residents

If you move to Arkansas, you have to register your car in person at any AR OMV revenue office and bring:

  • The current registration certificate from the state they came from before.
  • Proof that you have car insurance in Arkansas.
  • A completed Application for Vehicle Registration (Form 10-381). This form is an application to register the car and an application to get the title.
  • Bill of sale and statement about the odometer.
  • Vehicle identification number proof (VIN)
  • Payment of car registration fees that are due.

If you just moved to Arkansas and have questions about what you need to do, you can call the AR OMV office.

If you move to Arkansas, you have to register your car in person at any AR OMV revenue office.

Car Registration in Arkansas

Residents of Arkansas must register and title their cars with the AR OMV within 30 days of buying the car or having the title signed, even if the car was a gift, an inheritance, or was passed down through the family.

Residents of Arkansas must go to an AR OMV office and bring the following docs:

  • Proof that the car is yours.
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) given to the car’s owner (if the car was purchased from a dealership)
  • Title to the car, signed by both the new owner and the person who sold the car (if the car was purchased from a private party)
  • If the car is less than 20 years old, there should be a statement about the odometer on the back of the title application. 
  • Form for Reporting the Odometer (Form 10-313).
  • Proof of vehicle identification number (VIN) if an AR resident registers a car bought out of state with salvage or similar title.
  • Valid car insurance in Arkansas.

Car Registration Fees in Arkansas

The fees for registering a car in the state of Arkansas are based on:

  • The car’s total weight.
  • Title costs
  • License plate
  • Taxes on the city and county

The fees that AR residents pay depend on the above factors, but there are also base fees for registering a car in AR, which include:

  • 3000 lbs and under: $17
  • 3001 to 4500 lbs: $25
  • 4501 lbs and over: $30

Car registration in Alabama is done to link the car to its owner.


In Arkansas, all cars must pay the same fee for a validation decal. Any car that costs more than $4000 is taxed at 6.5% of the difference. The sales tax for people who live in Texarkana is 7%. If local taxes are needed in AR, the total price is based on the rules and laws of that state. 

Local taxes in Arkansas can’t be more than $25 for every 1% of taxes owed.

Late fees

Arkansans have 30 days to get their vehicles registered. When this time is up, the following fees will be charged to people living in this state:

Residents of AR have to pay $3 every ten days if they don’t finish the registration process. In addition, if there is a late payment of sales tax, then 10% of the amount will be levied.

Registration of a car from another state in Arkansas

The AR OMV lets people title their cars from out of state by mail, but they must show proof that they are registered. People from other states can’t register their cars in Arkansas.

Car inspections in Arkansas

If you live in Arkansas and own a car with a salvage title or a salvage title from before, you must get a vehicle inspection number (VIN) inspection done before registering it with the state.

Arkansas residents must go to their local police station and ask for a VIN inspection to get one. Certified city or county police officers can only do this job.

Methods of Payment

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration take the following forms of payment:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • E-Check

Some DFA offices in AR might take cash. 

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