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Arkansas Driver’s License Renewal: How to Do It!

  • Driver's License
  • Gerard Stevens
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You must have undergone the different steps needed to obtain a driver’s license in Arkansas. Is it time for your Arkansas driver’s license renewal? Everyone considers renewing their license a hassle, especially when it involves going to the DMV. However, all drivers must go through it. Is it difficult to renew the license in The Natural State? 

Not at all, if you know how to do it! You must renew your license as a driver in Arkansas every four years. This is simply to ensure that you provide all the necessary documents. You must therefore provide your identification, proof of legal presence, social security number, and license that is about to expire to complete the license renewal process. 

So, how can you do an Arkansas driver’s license renewal? What are the steps? How much will it cost? Continue reading our blog to know about the renewal process in-depth! 

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When should you renew your driver’s license in Arkansas? 

Your Arkansas driver’s license expires every four years, on your birthday, to be precise. Every driver’s license will include an expiration date on the front, directly under your address, and next to the date of issuance. You can renew your Arkansas driver’s license within a year after its expiration. Therefore, you might as well renew it now if you have some free time and your expiration date is approaching. 

As long as your current address matches the one on your license, the Arkansas Office of Driver Services will probably mail you a reminder about your upcoming renewal. You can update your address online if you’ve moved. 

Is there a grace period for an expired driver’s license in Arkansas? 

Even though there is no penalty for not renewing your license, driving with an expired license is illegal. Also, you will have to retake your written test if you don’t renew your license within 31 days of expiration. 

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What documents do I need to renew my driver’s license in Arkansas? 

These are a few documents that you’ll need for Arkansas driver’s license renewal. 

  • Your current driver’s license 
  • Proof of identity and lawful presence 
  • Social Security Number (SSN) proof 
  • If necessary, corrective lenses for the vision test 

How do I renew my Arkansas driver’s license? 

Ideally, you do your Arkansas driver’s license renewal in person at a revenue office. However, in special circumstances, the state allows you to renew the license by mail. 

How to renew your license in person 

driver's license in Arkansas
Image courtesy: https://appengine.egov.com/apps/ar/DFA/RealID

The simplest method of renewing your Arkansas driver’s license is by visiting your neighborhood DFA Revenue Office in person. Follow these steps to complete the renewal process. 

  • Gather the necessary documents 
  • Visit your nearby DFA Revenue Office  
  • Pay the renewal fee 
  • Take a photograph for the license 
  • Get your new license 

You must present proof of citizenship, identity, SSN, and two residency documents if you need to modify or correct your name, birth date, or gender. Drivers upgrading from a standard license to an Enhanced driver’s license will also need to provide these extra documents.  

How to renew by mail 

In Arkansas, you can only renew by mail if one of the following circumstances applies to your absence from the state. 

  • You are studying outside of Arkansas 
  • You’re currently a military member stationed outside the state or temporarily abroad 
  • You work out of state and currently reside there 

To renew, you must contact the Arkansas Office of Driver Services by email or phone. If you meet the criteria mentioned above, they will mail you a packet containing all the required information. Then complete the process and send the packet back to the address mentioned within. They will mail your license after processing your request.  

How much will it cost to renew your driver’s license in Arkansas? 

A Class D driver’s license renewal currently costs $40. However, as soon as you turn 21, the license is valid for eight years. Here are the license fee and renewal periods for various age groups. 

Age   Fee  Duration  Renewal period  
18-21  Prorated   One month after your 21st birthday  On or past your 21st birthday 
21-69  $40  Eight years  One year from the expiration date 
70 and above  $20-40  4-8 years  One year from the expiration date 

How long does it take for Arkansas driver’s license renewal? 

 When you apply for license renewal, you’ll most likely receive a temporary license lasting for 3-4 weeks. You will get your new license via mail after this period.  

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How to renew your Enhanced driver’s license in Arkansas

An Enhanced driver’s license expires every eight years. You can apply for renewal up to a year before the license expiration date. Unless you have changed your name, gender, SSN, or birth date, you won’t need to present original documents to the Arkansas DMV. 

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