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Atlanta Falcons Home Games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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The Atlanta Falcons have been around for more than 56 years. Unfortunately, during this time, the team based in Atlanta has not won a single NFL championship title. But with a couple of successes at the Conference level, most recently in 2016, the Falcons fans hope to see them play in the playoffs again. 


Currently, the Atlanta Falcons play in the NFC South Division and have failed to reach the playoffs in the last four seasons. Popularly known as ‘The Dirty Birds,’ Atlanta Falcons have their headquarters and home stadium at Flowery Branch, Georgia.¬†

Atlanta Falcons Parking

Despite the poor performance in recent years, the fans are flowing in for each game at the Atlanta Falcons’ home stadium. But, for a newbie, finding parking near the stadium can be challenging. So we will help you find affordable parking near the home stadium for Atlanta Falcons games. Also, read about the team schedule, roster, tickets, and stadium.¬†¬†

What are the upcoming games of the Falcons? 

So far, the Falcons have had a mixed season, with wins coming at intervals. In their next game, Carolina Panthers will host the Falcons at Bank of America Stadium.  

During November, the Dirty birds are set to face Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders. Also, as the season progresses, they will play against Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and many others. 


Visit the official team website for the complete Atlanta Falcons schedule and results of previous games. 

Atlanta Falcons news | Atlanta Falcons score

Who is the coach of the Atlanta Falcons? 

Arthur Smith, the current head coach of the Falcons, has been part of other NFL franchises in the past. But the Falcons chose Smith to be their head coach in 2021, and this is his first stint as the main man. For the complete coaching staff information for the Falcons, visit the official team website. 

What is the current Atlanta Falcons roster? 

Every transfer window comes up with promising Atlanta Falcons rumors. Some of the active members of the Atlanta Falcons are given below. 

  • Dee Alford¬†
  • Tyler Allgeier¬†
  • Troy Andersen¬†
  • Abdullah Anderson¬†
  • Cornell Armstrong¬†
  • Damiere Byrd¬†
  • Lorenzo Carter¬†
  • Drew Dalman¬†
  • Jalen Dalton¬†
  • Matt Dickerson¬†
  • Arnold Ebiketie¬†

Visit the official team website for the Atlanta Falcons roster. You can see all players, including active, reserve, and practice squad members, along with the ones with injured players. In addition, the team depth chart will help you know all options for a position in the team. 

How much are the Atlanta Falcons tickets? 

Tickets are available in various varieties, starting with single-game ones. For games against their rivals or top teams, the demand for single-game tickets will go through the roof, and so will the cost for each seat. 

For example, on some game days, you can get a general admission ticket for as low as $35 to $70. But when they host big teams at the Atlanta Falcons’ home stadium, you can expect to pay as high as $500 to $990 for a seat. So plan accordingly and buy early to save money on ticket charges. The longer you wait, the higher the charges will go with time and increasing demand. You can also get tickets from online ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster.¬†


Season ticket memberships are available for hardcore fans of the Falcons. The perks of getting a season membership include free gear, all-inclusive food and beverage, member-only events, and special access to team and stadium events. 

Apart from these, you can choose between group tickets, clubs, and suites. These are suitable when you are watching the game with family and friends. Besides, the charges for each ticket will be high, especially with premium facilities at the Club seats and suites. 

Which is the home stadium of the Falcons? 

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the current home of the Falcons. The dirty birds moved to this venue from Georgia Dome, which was their home turf from 1992 to 2016. Since the 2017 season Falcons have been playing all their home games at this stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.  


With more than 71,000 seats available for a football game, this is one of the largest stadiums in the league in terms of seating capacity. Apart from football, this venue is also equipped to host soccer games, with a minimum of 42,500 seats, which is expandable to 71,000. Apart from the Falcons, Atlanta United FC of Major League Soccer also calls this stadium home. 

The Peach Bowl, SEC Championship Game, Celebration Bowl, and Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game are all hosted at this multi-purpose stadium.   

Where is the Atlanta Falcons stadium located? 

The Atlanta Falcons stadium is located at 1 AMB Dr. NW, Atlanta, Georgia. This venue is near the Home Depot Backyard Park and Atlanta Strong Mural. There are also other restaurants and bars near the Atlanta Falcons stadium. 

How to get to Mercedes-Benz Stadium 

You can drive or use public transit to the Atlanta Falcons stadium. If you plan to drive to the venue, there are multiple routes. Especially if you start from downtown Atlanta, there are three routes to take.  

The first is via the Centennial Olympic Park Drive Northwest. This is a 1.3-mile drive that will take around 5 minutes. Similarly, you can drive through Luckie Street NW and then to Olympic Park Drive, which will take around the same time. A slightly longer option is the Marietta Street NW and Northside Drive NW, which is 1.8 miles long and can take nearly 6 minutes to complete. 

If you wish to take public transit, there are trains operated by Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority that could get you close to the Falcons stadium. The Green Line and Blue Line both run through the Vine City station, which is just 315 feet away from the stadium. You can also get down at the GWCC/CNN Center rail station, where you can reach the stadium in close to 2 minutes. 

How to get to Mercedes-Benz Stadium from airport?

You can get to Mercedes-Benz Stadium from Atlanta International Airport within 20 minutes by road. The fastest route from ATL to the stadium is via I-75 North, a 10.4-mile journey that will take nearly 17 minutes to complete. Another alternative is taking the I-75 N and Northside Drive South West, which adds up to 10.6 miles and can get you to the stadium in 18 minutes. A third route requires you to drive 10.6 miles through Metropolitan Parkway South West. All travel times mentioned above will depend on the traffic. 

Is there on-site parking at Mercedes-Benz Stadium? 

Yes. There are three levels of parking lots available at the stadium, divided based on how further these are located. The Green Lots are the closest to the stadium, while the Pink, Blue, and Orange lots are nearly 5, 10, and 15 minutes walking distance from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

Each of these is located at different parts of the stadium. Also, these will differ in the number of spots and the corresponding parking charges. See here for more information. 

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Seating Chart 

A virtual seating chart for the Atlanta Falcons can be found here. You can locate your seats and the best entrances to get to them faster.  

Is tailgating allowed at Mercedes-Benz Stadium? 

Yes. Tailgating is allowed at certain parking lots at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. So, especially at the Home Depot Backyard Park, you can enjoy with fellow fans with food and beer. But there are certain rules imposed by the stadium management.



Trailers and oversized vehicles are not allowed in tailgating lots. All tailgating lots will be open 4.5 hours before the game kicks off, and fans are not allowed to use charcoal grills and glass containers. You must also make sure you stop all tailgating activities within 30 minutes after the game starts and leave the premises no later than 2 hours after the game ends. 

What are the cheap options for parking near Mercedes-Benz Stadium? 

Street parking is one of the cheapest options for Atlanta Falcons home games. But it comes with a few risks that can hurt your finances more. 

There are private parking garages for people who feel the on-site parking is too busy or expensive. Compared to official parking, these are available all around the Falcons stadium, and you can pre-book spaces without any trouble. Similarly, getting an off-site parking garage can save you time by helping you stay away from the heavy traffic before and after the game. 

Is there street parking near the Atlanta Falcons’ home stadium?¬†

There are a handful of on-street parking spots near the Atlanta Falcons stadium. Some of these offer free parking for a limited time, while others are metered parking. But the advantage is all of these are within walking distance from the stadium. You can find some of these at Ted Turner Dr NW, Mitchell Street SW, Garnett Street SW, and a few others. 


Even though these are within walking distance, you will find it hard to get a vacant spot in the streets during major game days. Most of the locations mentioned above will be filled with fans, and you will have to arrive hours early to find a street parking spot. 

Why to use off-site parking garages for Atlanta Falcons games? 

Unlike street parking, off-site parking garages near Mercedes-Benz Stadium are safe. However, if you park in the  streets, be careful not to commit any traffic violations. The local parking authority is very strict about the rules, and you can expect hefty fines for even a minor violation.  

On the other hand, off-site parking garages are safe as there is no chance of theft or violation. You can pre-purchase parking for the required time, and the lot attendants will make sure your car is safe. 


Also, off-site parking garages offer premium features for cheap rates. These include paved parking spaces, valet parking, covered parking, contactless parking, and accessible spaces. You can enjoy all these without any extra charges. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Mercedes-Benz Stadium 

If you are going to an Atlanta Falcons game today, booking a parking space at off-site garages is easy through an online parking service like Way.com. The Way.com website and the Way app can help you find all nearby garages that offer discounted rates for parking near Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 


Search the location along with the entry and exit times in the Way app, and it will return a list of all nearby garages, the features they offer, and parking charges. Once you choose the best garage that will suit your needs, just pay the separate charges to guarantee a parking space for the next Falcons game. 

Besides, using Way.com to book spots can get you additional discounts and special deals on charges at off-site parking garages near the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Atlanta Falcons Parking Mercedes benz Stadium

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