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The Complete Guide for Atlanta Hawks Games at State Farm Arena

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The Atlanta Hawks are getting ready for the new season with some transfers and upgrades. The team from Atlanta is currently a member of the Eastern Conference and has one of the best fan experiences in the NBA. 


If you plan to see the Hawks in action along with home fans, this blog will help you with some much-needed information. Read more to find out about Atlanta Hawks standings, tickets, schedule, and parking information. 

Atlanta Hawks parking

What are the upcoming Atlanta Hawks games? 


According to the Atlanta Hawks schedule, they will play four preseason games starting October 6, 2022. The first two preseason games will be against the Milwaukee Bucks-one home and away each. The other two games will see the Hawks take on the New Orleans Pelicans and Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Atlanta Hawks score | Atlanta Hawks news 

In the first game of the regular season, the Atlanta Hawks will play Houston Rockets at home. They will also play Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets, and Detroit Pistons in the next fixtures. For the complete regular season schedule of the Hawks, visit the official team website. 

Who’s in the current squad of the Hawks?¬†

Along with their squad from last season, a few new players have chosen the Atlanta Hawks jersey during the transfer season. Some of the squad members are listed below. 

  • Tyson Etienne¬†
  • AJ Griffin¬†
  • Tyrese Martin¬†
  • Malik Ellison¬†
  • Jalen Johnson¬†
  • Armoni Brooks¬†
  • Trent Forrest¬†
  • Aaron Holiday¬†
  • Dejounte Murray¬†
  • Frank Kaminsky ¬†
  • Justin Holiday¬†
  • Trae Young¬†

The complete Atlanta Hawks roster is on the team’s official website.

How much are Atlanta Hawks tickets? 

You can choose different tickets for watching the Hawks from up close. These include season ticket plans, single-game tickets, group tickets, and premium seating plans. 

The season ticket membership comes with multiple perks like a priority for playoff tickets, best seats, seat upgrade opportunities, member parking, etc. Similarly, single-game tickets can be bought from ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster. However, you can expect the ticket charges for big games to be high. Additionally, you might have to pay more than $900 for the best seats in the house. 


Premium seating includes clubs and suits, which offer special packages with food and beverage concessions. Each of these is available for a group of fans but is priced much higher than normal game tickets.  

For more information about the different tickets and to buy them, visit the official Atlanta Hawks website. All tickets are mobile-only, and it is easy to sell or transfer them this way.  

Where do the Atlanta Hawks play their home games? 

State Farm Arena, previously known as Philips Arena, is the current home arena of the Hawks. However, they have also played at various other stadiums in their long history. Some of these arenas include Omni Coliseum, Lakefront Arena, Alexander Memorial Coliseum, and a few others. 

Where is State Farm Arena located? 

You can locate State Farm Arena at 1 State Farm Drive in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta Hawks have been playing their home games here since 1999. The area is just a few blocks from Georgia International Plaza and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where NFL and MLS games take place. 

How to get to Atlanta Hawks stadium 

Public Transit services can also be made use of to get to the home arena. The MARTA services have multiple lines running to nearby stations of the State Farm Arena.  

Both Green Line and Blue Lines of the MARTA rapid rail systems can get you to the nearest station, which is GWCC/CNN Center station. The distance from this station to the Atlanta Hawks arena is just 387 ft. 


Similarly, Red Line and Gold Line trains also can be used to get to the stadium. Both of these services have stops at the Peachtree Center station, which is close to 0.6 miles from the arena. Again, you can walk via Carnegie Way Northwest and Andrew Young International Boulevard Northwest to get to the stadium. 

Three different routes from downtown Atlanta are available if you plan to drive to the arena. First, you can drive the 0.6 miles via Marietta Street Northwest to reach State Farm Arena in 12 minutes.  

Similarly, you can also use either Popular Street Northwest or Centennial Olympic Park Drive to get to the venue at a similar time. But, again, the time taken for each drive will depend on the traffic conditions on these routes. 

Is there on-site parking at State Farm Arena? 

Yes. The official parking facilities at Atlanta Hawks stadium include the following. 

  • Red Deck¬†
  • Green Deck¬†
  • Diamond Deck¬†
  • Lot B¬†
  • Sapphire Deck¬†
  • 100 Luckie St NW¬†
  • 101 Marietta St NW¬†
  • Ruby Lot¬†

Each of these official parking facilities differs in the number of parking spaces and charges on game day. Similarly, the availability and parking rates will vary for events other than NBA at State Farm Arena lots. Apart from these, there are special parking spaces for RVs, Buses, electric vehicle charging, and accessible parking. 

Can you tailgate at State Farm Arena? 

No. Tailgating is not allowed in any of the official State Farm Arena parking lots. You can find many foods and beverage options in the restaurants surrounding the arena. The management also asks you to consume alcohol responsibly and treat other fans and personnel with respect. 

Can you park in the streets for the Atlanta Hawks home games? 

The answer is YES. But there is something you want to know before leaving your car in the nearby streets. Some of the street parking spaces can be found at Walton Street Northwest, Nassau Street, Fairlie Street, Park Avenue West, and Baker Street. Along with these, you can find many other street spots located within 15 minutes of the arena. 


Despite the availability of these spaces, you will have to be lucky to find a vacant space on game days. The streets mentioned above will be packed with fans and vehicles hours before the start of the games. So you will have to arrive way before to find a street parking space closer to the stadium. 

Street parking always poses the risk of parking tickets. The local parking authority is strict about its regulations and implementation. Even a small parking violation can spoil your Atlanta Hawks gameday experience. Stay away from hefty fines and find other parking forms to save money and time. 

What are the cheapest parking options for Hawks games? 

Official parking facilities might charge expensive rates. Even if you get a spot, you will have to go through long lines of cars if you arrive late to the stadium. Similarly, vacant street parking spots may be miles from the stadium. But there is a third and much more affordable way- off-site parking garages near State Farm Arena.  

These parking garages near the arena offer premium features at affordable rates. You can get a guaranteed space without worrying about the parking rules or heavy traffic before and after the game. 


The features at these garages include valet parking, covered parking, paved parking spaces, and accessible parking. Some of them also offer camera surveillance and security personnel to ensure the safety of your car.  

How to find cheap parking garages near State Farm Arena? 

You can easily find parking garages near the Atlanta Hawks home arena by using online parking services like Way.com. Using the Way app, you can locate all nearby garages along with the features they offer and the charges. Once you choose a garage for your needs, input the entry and exit times.  

Parking near State Farm Arena

After you have paid the corresponding charges, a parking space is guaranteed for you on game day. Besides using Way to book, parking can get you additional discounts and special deals on the charges. Atlanta Hawks State Farm Arena parking

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