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Atlantic City Airport Parking Guide 

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If you’ve flown out of Atlantic City International Airport, you know that you don’t want to depend on luck to score a safe airport parking spot! Since the airport is not too far off, most people will be planning to drive to the airport. This means ACY Airport parking may not be easy to find, and the chances are high that you may miss out on a parking spot. But, there’s nothing to worry about! Our complete Atlantic City Airport parking guide will surely help you crack the parking dilemma at ACY Airport. What are the onsite parking options? How much does long-term onsite parking cost? Is it better to book a parking spot at an offsite lot? Does that guarantee you a parking spot at a cheaper rate? Read this guide to know more about parking at Atlantic City International Airport, rates, and parking tips!

ACY Airport parking options and rates  

Atlantic City International Airport has an annual passenger traffic of more than a million passengers every year, making it the second-busiest airport in New Jersey. ACY Airport is a popular choice for many while traveling to other cities on New Jersey’s Atlantic coast. Spirit Airlines is the only airline that has flight services at this airport. The airport terminals get busy during holidays and peak seasons. So, it is always better to have an idea about ACY parking. Onsite parking at ACY Airport is available via three main parking areas – Garage Parking, Short-Term Parking, and Economy Parking. You can locate the onsite parking area at a six-storeyed parking garage within walking distance from the terminal building. The airport also features a Cell Phone Lot. All the parking lots operate 24/7 throughout the week. Read this Atlantic City Airport parking guide to know more about ACY onsite parking and rates.   

How much is Atlantic City International Airport parking? 

The parking rate depends on the lot you choose while parking at ACY Airport and its duration. Typically, parking at Atlantic City International Airport costs you $2 for the first hour and can go up to $20 while parking for a day.  

How much does ACY long-term parking cost?  

All three onsite lots – Garage Parking, Short-Term Parking, and Economy Parking offer long-term parking spots at the airport. The long-term parking rate starts at $10 for a day and can go as high as $20 for a day. Using a long-term parking spot at the Economy parking lot charges you a daily maximum rate of $10 for a day. Garage Parking offers long-term parking spots at $13 for a day. The rate surges to $20 while you use a long-term parking spot at the Short-Term Parking lot. Are you afraid that you’ll miss out on an ACY long-term parking spot while flying out? Or do you wish to have cheaper rates for long-term parking? Never worry! Many offsite garages and lots offer lower parking rates for long-term parking spots near ACY Airport. 

Lot Duration ACY Parking rate 
Economy Parking Per Day $10 
Garage Parking Per Day $13 
Short-Term Parking Per Day $20 
Offsite parking near ACY Airport with shuttle Per Day $4 

 Short-term parking at ACY Airport 

Garage Parking, Short-Term Parking, and Economy Parking lots offer short-term parking at the airport. Using a parking spot at all these lots costs you $2 for the first 60 minutes. After that, the short-term parking rate at these lots increases by $1 for up to four hours. So, what happens after parking at these lots for five hours? This Atlantic City Airport parking guide has that covered! All these lots charge the daily maximum rate after parking for five hours. Economy Parking lot charges you $10, Garage Parking lot charges you $13, and Short-Term Parking lot charges you $20. Do you wish to get short-term Atlantic City International Airport parking at cheaper rates? The best thing to do is reserve an hourly parking spot at any nearby offsite garages or lots.  

Lot Duration ACY Parking rate 
Economy Parking 1 hour $2 
 2-5 hours $1/hour 
Garage Parking 1 hour $2 
 2-5 hours $1/hour 
Short-Term Parking 1 hour $2 
 2-5 hours $1/hour 

About Atlantic City International Airport 

ACY Airport is a shared civil-military airport located around 10 miles northwest of Atlantic City. The airport operations are handled by the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA) and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Atlantic City Airport also serves as a base for the New Jersey Air National Guard’s 177th Fighter Wing. The airport has a single terminal which also serves many chartered flights. Spirit Airlines has flight services to destinations like Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Myrtle Beach. Orlando is the busiest domestic route from this airport. Do you want to know more about Atlantic City International Airport? Keep reading our Atlantic City Airport parking guide.  

How to get to ACY Airport 

Most of us prefer to drive to the airport as it is close to Atlantic City. Normally it takes around 20-30 to reach the airport from Atlantic City. However, driving to the airport won’t be viable when the road is congested or during peak hours/seasons. So, you need to know about all the ways by which you can reach the airport. Knowing this is as important as finding an ACY Airport parking spot. There’s nothing to be worried about. This Atlantic City Airport parking guide has everything covered for you to reach the airport without much hassle.  

Reserve parking at ACY Airport for rates starting as low as $4/day

Traveling by bus 

Passengers going to the airport can connect from Atlantic City via the Go Bus, operated by NJ Transit. You can board a bus from Atlantic City to Egg Harbor City Station. From there, you have to use the free shuttle service to reach the airport. 

Taxi/Rideshare services 

Hiring a taxi will be an ideal option if you don’t wish to drive to the airport. Using a taxi service is beneficial when you’re traveling with family or have a lot of luggage. Usually, it takes around 18-30 minutes to reach the airport if you’re hiring a taxi/rideshare service from the city. It is also the quickest way to reach the airport. Normally, hiring a taxi charges you between $45-60. 

Using an Uber service can cost you between $22-144 for a ride to the Atlantic City Airport. Hiring a Lyft service charges you between $28 and $77. The rideshare fares depend on the ride type you choose to commute to the airport. Be aware that the tax/rideshare service fares can surge during peak hours or seasons. So, ensure to check the fares before you book a service. 

Things to do at ACY Airport 

Are you thinking of how to spend the waiting period before boarding? The airport doesn’t have any lounges. But, there are a few options at the airport that will keep you happy. What’s that? Continue reading Atlantic City Airport parking guide! 

Dining at the airport 

Beach House Bar & Grill, The Great American Bagel Bakery, and Euro Café are the food joints you can try out while waiting to board your flight. Soups, salads, omelets, sandwiches, and burgers are a few items you shouldn’t miss while at Beach House Bar & Grill! You can locate this joint on the terminal’s second floor serving you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do you want to try fresh bagels with an assortment of cream cheese or panini sandwiches? The head to Great American Bagel Bakery. Both these joints also offer ‘grab and go’ items.  

Are you craving to have a coffee or tea? Well, Euro Café offers you delicious gourmet coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, frappes, and teas accompanied by various tasty baked goods and treats. Head to the café, grab a newspaper/magazine, and have a relaxed reading in the company of a coffee or tea! This shop is located upstairs.  

Buying a gift 

ACY Airport features Hudson News and a gift shop on the first and second floors of the terminal. The shop has newspapers to magazines, best-selling books in paperback and hardcover formats, snacks, candy, and a wide collection of souvenirs and gift items.  

Is there free parking at Atlantic City Airport? 

You can get free parking only while you park at the Cell Phone Lot. You can locate the lot near the terminal building. Park your car at this lot when you’re at the airport to pick up a passenger. It reduces the traffic around the terminal area, and even the airport road remains decongested. Drive to the curbside when the passenger is ready for pick up. Be mindful that you can’t leave your vehicle unattended while using this Atlantic City International Airport parking lot.  

Is there overflow parking at Atlantic City Airport? 

Yes. The Overflow Parking lot opens only when the Economy parking lot is full. The lot operates 24/7 when open. 

Is there a shuttle service at Atlantic City Airport? 

Yes, the Economy Parking lot offers shuttle services to the terminal. The service begins at 4 a.m. daily.  

Atlantic City Airport parking map  

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including ACY long-term parking and affordable ACY Airport parking.    

Atlantic City Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://www.sjta.com/acairport/

Atlantic City Airport parking guide 

All parking lots operate 24/7 throughout the week. The Parking Garage and Economy Parking lots are within walking distance from the terminal. With a daily parking rate of $10, Economy Lot offers the most economical option for long-term parking at ACY Airport. Garage Parking and Short-Term Parking lots offer long-term parking at $13/day and $20/day, respectively. The Overflow Parking lot opens when the Economy Parking lot is full. Ensure to reach the airport on time as all parking spots are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Are you still looking for a cheaper parking spot near the airport? How can you get cheap parking near the airport? This Atlantic City Airport parking guide has the answer on how to get affordable parking near ACY Airport! Check and reserve a parking spot at any of the nearby offsite garages or lots. 

Atlantic City Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts  

The onsite lots can get busier during peak hours or holidays. A parking spot is never guaranteed as they are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, it is always better to book a parking spot while you book the flight ticket. Booking via the Way.com app or website gets you the best parking spots near the airport at the cheapest rates. The long-term ACY parking rates start as low as $4 for a day when you book through Way. The parking lot also includes amenities like round-trip shuttle services, camera surveillance, contactless parking, and more. So, always book via the Way.com app or website to get cheap Atlantic City Airport parking 

Atlantic City Airport parking guide tips 

  • The airport is located about 10 miles northwest of Atlantic City. 
  • Garage Parking, Short-Term Parking, and Economy Parking are the three main parking lots at the airport. 
  • The Economy Parking lot offers the lowest rate for long-term onsite parking. It has a shuttle service to and from the terminal from 4 a.m. 
  • The Overflow Lot opens when the Economy Parking lot gets full. 
  • ACY Airport has some designated accessible parking spaces in Garage parking and Economy Parking lots. 
  • Use E-ZPass Plus to make parking payments easier while exiting the lots. 
  • Always check out the offsite garages and lots to get parking spots at cheaper rates.  

ACY Airport parking starting at $4/day

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