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Auto insurance quotes in New York

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It’s worthwhile to shop around for low-cost auto insurance in New York. Obtaining auto insurance quotes in New York will assist you in locating the most economical alternative. The most affordable auto insurance in New York may not be the most excellent option for you. 

All you need to know about car insurance in New York

Rates for the same coverage can vary dramatically from company to company, putting you in danger if you pay for the first quote you receive.

Erie provides the most economical auto insurance in New York City. Auto insurance is required in New York. Erie is a low-cost auto insurance company that NYC residents can pay with minimal liability. A minimum policy meets the requirements of the state and is the cheapest sort of insurance available. The premiums of Erie are 27% less expensive than the national average.

If you are an active member of the military or a veteran, you will be qualified for insurance via USAA, the most affordable overall choice. USAA spends around $300 less per year than State Farm and 48% less than the average cost of New York’s minimal coverage.

The table below displays the low-cost auto insurance options available in New York:

Car insurance company in New YorkAverage annual premium

How to determine auto insurance quotes in New York?

The annual driver’s insurance premium is determined by several significant characteristics, including age, car model, and driving history. 

All of this information, as well as the rates, vary from driver to driver. 

Way.com has selected insurance companies based on the most competitive average rates to assist you in locating the best annual insurance rates in New York. However, to ensure that you get the most terrific deal, you can obtain several auto insurance quotes in New York from various companies.

Car insurance in New York - All you need to know

Insurers set premiums based on a range of variables. Rates can vary significantly based on your risk profile. Examine the total annual cost of auto insurance for ordinary drivers and those with varied risk factors.

  • Poor Credit score: $7334
  • DUI: $5982.00
  • Students: $5954.00
  • Speeding Tickets: $4287
  • Seniors: $3960.00
  • Average Driver: $3433



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