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Auto insurance quotes in Texas

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
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Everything in Texas is higher, but it doesn’t have to refer to your auto insurance premium. If you know where to look, you can find cheap auto insurance quotes in Texas. For the uninitiated, the average auto insurance quote in the state of Texas is about $1420 annually. This is about 10% less than the US average. Unlike other states with several insurance provisions, the auto insurance policy in Texas is simple. In Texas, you can get away with minimum liability insurance. If, on the other hand, you have investments and other assets that you might lose in a lawsuit, you’ll want more protection than the state needs. 

All you need to know about car insurance in Texas

Many auto insurance buyers are primarily driven by price. We have investigated the best auto insurance quotes companies and will present our top five choices for the state of Texas here. The companies listed below are all excellent choices, but you can compare auto insurance quotes from various agencies to find the best deal.

Average Texas auto insurance quotes premium

Auto insurance in Texas costs an average of $1009 a year. The best auto insurance quotes providers provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. The following are the average premiums for common forms of coverage.

What are the factors used in checking Texas auto insurance quotes rates? 

When determining your cost, auto insurance quotes companies typically consider your driving record, previous claims, vehicle type, and other factors. Companies in Texas may also use these variables like age, credit history, education, occupation, gender, and marital status. Every auto insurance quotes company promotes their low premiums. The cheapest auto insurance quotes policy, like any other product, isn’t always the best option. Given the stakes, it’s worthwhile to do your research to find an insurance policy that adequately protects your auto after an accident. Instead of opting for the cheapest auto insurance quotes in Texas, it’s worth comparing insurance plans to find the best deal.

Auto insurance quotes for drivers with a good record 

Among the companies we surveyed, Farmers have the lowest prices for good drivers in Texas. Fortunately for Texas commuters, the state’s average prices are lower than the national average.

Auto insurance quotes for drivers with state’s minimum coverage 

Farmers and State Farm have the best auto insurance quotes rates in Texas for drivers who only need the bare minimum coverage. 

Auto insurance quotes for drivers with a speeding ticket 

Your auto insurance premiums are likely to rise due to your speeding violation, so now is a good time to look around for lower rates. For drivers who have received a speeding ticket in Texas, State Farm and Farmers give the most affordable rates. In Texas, a speeding ticket will remain on your record for three years.

Auto insurance quotes for drivers who get involved in an accident 

Being at fault in an auto accident would undoubtedly cost you in Texas. Among the companies we surveyed, Farmers and State Farm have the best prices.

Car insurance in Texas - All you need to know

Auto insurance quotes for drivers with poor credit 

Lousy credit can easily result in you paying hundreds of dollars more every year than you would if you had good credit. Farmers and Nationwide provided the best auto insurance quotes rates for Texas drivers with bad credit in our study.

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