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AutoTempest: Buying Used Cars Made Easy

  • Expert Corner
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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Are you in search of the best deals on used cars? Have you ever come across the platform AutoTempest? Well, if you’re a car enthusiast planning to buy or sell your car soon, bookmark this website immediately! This is one of the informative sites you should know if you have plans to go for a used car anytime soon. 

If you have plans to buy a used car anytime soon, just visit AutoTempest! Missing out on a platform like AutoTempest means putting in tremendous effort and going double-minded with popular opinions. Sometimes, you may even end up on spam sites or not find the right choice. Here’s everything you should know about AutoTempest. 

What is AutoTempest? 

AutoTempest is the best place to find the details of your next car if a second-hand car is what you have in mind. On this website, you can even take a virtual tour of the car you want to buy, look at its features, compare its price, and then buy it.   

You can even use AutoTempest to compare the prices of cars in different states and buy your car at a reasonable price.

Another plus of using this website is that you get all the necessary information about your next car on a single page. In short, this car search platform gives you a clear picture of your next car if you’d like a used car with all the features you need. 

AutoTempest: Buying Used Cars Made Easy

The story of AutoTempest 

Nathan Stretch, a car enthusiast, is the mastermind behind AutoTempest. This is one of the biggest websites for buying and selling used cars. It was founded in 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, as SearchTempest.  

AutoTempest, as a car search engine, provides reliable and accurate information you need if you’re planning to go for second-hand cars. You can easily buy a second-hand car using this platform, just like any other online product.    

This website also shows if a car is available in your area. With trustworthy answers on any second-hand cars and prices in different locations, AutoTempest became popular within a few days of launching for its quantitative search results and accuracy. 

Since Way.com Car is here to the rescue, you no longer need to be concerned about your car expenses!

How to run a search on Autotempest 

AutoTempest helps you with all the information you need on used cars through both the website and the app. To run a search, you must start by entering the zip code of your area and the model you’re interested in.  

Once you add the details and run a search, you’ll be able to see the original price and the price offered by different dealers on the car. As you finalize your deal, you can reach out to your dealer, and close the deal. 

What are the features of AutoTempest? 

Here’s what makes AutoTempest a reliable platform: 

Tips on buying and negotiating

When there are thousands of undeniable, confusing deals,  you’ll need to talk to an expert. AutoTempest gives you daily tips on going about the best deals, negotiating, and going for the best cars available.     

FAQs for clarity

This website has lots of FAQs from customers. AutoTempest provides genuine and accurate answers to your queries, which helps you make decisions quickly. 

Expert advice

Buying a second-hand car at the best rates doesn’t take days anymore. AutoTempest with its panel of car experts with commendable years of experience gives you the best advice before buying a car. 

Save umpteen searches for later

Not every car search engine lets you reuse your search history. Also, it may take some time to retrieve your previous searches. However, this is not the case with AutoTempest. You can easily retrieve your data and revisit the details anytime you want. 

Understanding the pros and cons of AutoTempest 

Here are the pros and cons of using AutoTempest: 


  • You get every detail about your search.  
  • This platform helps you search from any location. 
  • Autotempest has the best user interface; you get all the data on a single page. 
  • This website also helps you sell your car at the best market price. 
  • You also get free access to hundreds of tips on buying and selling cars the right way. 


  • You may not find details about every car’s make and model. 
  • You cannot directly buy cars through AutoTempest. You can only use this website for comparison and analysis. 
  • AutoTempest doesn’t support negotiation. You may negotiate car prices by visiting a car showroom, not this platform. 
  • No feature to sort out scams or outdated data exists- You may find it difficult to sort out authentic scam data. Therefore, you may have to invest time in going through each website before you decide on your car. 

Does AutoTempest provide shipping services? 

No, AutoTempest doesn’t provide shipping services. However, this website offers shipping services for cross-country requirements at budget rates. Pickup, loading, and unloading are some of the free services you get. If you need shipping services, you must select the option on the website or app and wait for the driver. 

AutoTempest App 

Going through car reviews on your way is now all the easier with the AutoTempest app. This app shares details about a range of cars, prices, insurance rates, competitive prices, and the availability of cars in your area. 

Is AutoTempest free to use? 

Yes, AutoTempest is free to use. You can use both the app and website for unlimited reviews and comparisons.

Is AutoTempest a reliable choice? 

Yes, if a passed-down car is what you need, AutoTempest is the best platform for you. Both the website and app helps you with the relevant information you need to know while buying or selling a car. Another advantage of this website is that you can access all the information in its simplest form. 


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