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Avoid saying the following to your car insurance company

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Dealing with your car insurance companies is challenging. It is more so after an accident. It’s easy to lose sight that the insurance company is a business, and a business must save money whenever possible. As a result, your car insurance company may misinterpret something you say casually, causing you trouble. 

car insurance company

When you are dealing with your car insurance company after an accident, avoid these lies.

Accident-related questions

It’s easy to get carried away after an accident and say things that later come back to haunt you. Your car insurance company’s goal is to collect as much data as possible. If you aren’t careful, you could end up hurting your insurance claim. Say you feel you were traveling at a safe speed or distance, but the actual number is unknown unless you know with absolute confidence how fast you were going or how far behind another car you were moving.

Your car insurance company may inquire multiple times, but you must remain firm. Simultaneously, refrain from stating that you have no idea. That implies you were not paying attention behind the wheel.

Regarding injuries

Always get checked out after an accident. Wait until you’ve seen a doctor before telling your insurance company you’re fine. Muscle tissue is frequently injured in car accidents, and the discomfort does not appear until the next day. Instead, inform your car insurance company that you are going to see your doctor for a checkup.

Drivers in your family

If you live with a young driver labeled as an occasional driver, be cautious when answering questions following an accident. If your teen occasionally drives your car on a Saturday or Sunday, your response could be misunderstood. If you tell them she drives your car on weekends, they may interpret it as regular use, invalidating your accident insurance. On some Saturdays and Sundays, or occasionally on weekends, it might be a better answer. Of course, if she does drive every weekend, you must admit it and face the consequences.

Accidents due to potholes

Some people make the mistake of alleging that a pothole caused damage to their car. You’ve just admitted to a single-vehicle collision if you tell your insurance company you hit a pothole. In some situations, this instantly sets you at blame. If you feel the pothole was caused by the town’s failure to maintain its roadways, you should take legal action against the municipality.

Damage to car

Never claim that your car was not damaged in an accident unless you’ve had it inspected by a professional. Underneath the panels, some autos can be harmed. You won’t know about it unless a mechanic examines it.

car insurance company

Do not wait for their call

Never inform your car insurance company that you will wait for a response. Instead, let your car insurance company know when you anticipate hearing from them and when you’ll call to follow up. Then, when you said you would, make the call. Letting your car insurance company know that you’re on your toes will help you settle your case fast. Your case is more likely to go to the top of the pile when a busy adjuster prioritizes his desk since your phone calls will eat up his time.

car insurance company


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