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‘Baby, it’s cold outside’: Here’s what your car’s trying to tell you

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Is your car’s dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree? Well, stop driving and call your mechanic ASAP! Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge about car warning lights

If you are new to driving a vehicle, you might have wondered what the lights on your dashboard mean at some point. Almost all modern cars have dashboards with a set of symbols that light up in red, orange, or green. These are called warning lights and they are your car’s way of communicating with you. While most of these symbols are self-explanatory, some of them are confusing and even downright funny!

Ignoring these warning lights can often lead to trouble. If you have a flashing light on your dashboard, it means that one or several essential components in your car are either activated, deactivated, malfunctioning, or need replacing. And if your dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree, the chances are you will end up being stranded on the side of a busy road.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at driving, it is essential to know what these warning lights mean. Here’s a simple quiz to test your knowledge about the various warning lights in your car.

Don’t travel with beach balls 

Airbag malfunction 

Vision obscured by bubble gum 

Airbag deactivated

Winking robots ahead

Poor battery health

EV mode activated

Did you forget your Nintendo joystick?

It’s time for your workout

Alabama Black Snakes fan

Antilock braking system

Absolutely bonkers speed

It’s time for a swim

Don’t throw your dog in the water

Your cactus needs watering

Temperature warning

No passengers allowed

Time to read an oversized book

Seatbelt warning

Watch out! Ninja warrior ahead


The Last Airbender

Brake system warning light

Your Roomba is malfunctioning

Check me out, I’m a yellow submarine!

Check engine light

Have you closed all the taps at home?

Broken water pump

Turn on sprinklers at home

Fold your umbrella before entering

Windscreen washer activated

It’s time for candy cane!

Don’t drop your baby!

Time to stir the pot

Entering a tunnel

Tyre pressure warning

The kettle is on

Low engine oil

Fuel economy mode

Apply grease

Congratulations if you got all of them right!!!

Click on the image below to download your printable checklist for free

What your car is trying to tell you




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