Bradley-Hartford (BDL) International Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at Bradley International Airport

The Bradley Hartford International Airport has an abundance of parking options with strategic lots located within the premises and outside of it as well. Parking in any one of these locations can cost travelers and passengers anything between $5 to over $75 for a day. The daily parking charges depend on the services and the location of the garage you opt for.

Here is a list of short-term and long-term parking options that you can choose from when at Bradley Hartford International Airport:

Short-Term Bradley Airport Parking Rates and Options

You can check the short-term Bradley Airport parking rates below:

Short-Term BDL Airport Parking Rates 

Garage  Time  Rates 
Short Term Garage:  0 – 30 minutes  $3.25 
  30 – 60 minutes  $5.50 
  1 – 1.5 hours  $7.25 
  Each additional 30 minutes  $1.25 
  Daily Maximum  $32 
Long Term Garage:  0 – 30 minutes  $3.25 
  30 – 60 minutes  $5.50 
  1 – 1.5 hours  $7.25 
  Each additional 30 minutes  $1.75 
  Daily Maximum  $28 
Express Shuttle Lot 1:  0 – 1 hour  $4 
  1 – 2 hours  $5 
  2 – 3 hours  $6 
  Each additional hour  $1 
  Daily Maximum  $12 
Park & Walk Lot 2:  0 – 1 hour  $4 
  1 – 2 hours  $5 
  2 – 3 hours  $6 
  Each additional hour  $1 
  Daily Maximum  $10 
Economy Lot 3:  0 – 1 hour  $4 
  1 – 2 hours  $5 
  2 – 3 hours  $6 
  Each additional hour  $1 
  Daily Maximum  $8 
Economy Lot 4:  0 – 1 hour  $4 
  1 – 2 hours  $5 
  2 – 3 hours  $6 
  Each additional hour  $1 
  Daily Maximum  $6 


Long-Term BDL Parking

The long-term Bradley Airport parking rates for these options are:

Long-Term BDL Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time  Rates 
Short-Term Garage  Daily Maximum  $32 
  Weekly Maximum  N/A 
Long-Term Garage  Daily Maximum  $28 
  Weekly Maximum  $112 
Express Shuttle Lot 1  Daily Maximum  $12 
  Weekly Maximum  $72 
Park & Walk Lot 2  Daily Maximum  $10 
  Weekly Maximum  $60 
Economy Lot 3  Daily Maximum  $8 
  Weekly Maximum  $48 
Economy Lot 4  Daily Maximum  $6 
  Weekly Maximum  $36 

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About Bradley-Hartford (BDL) International Airport

Located in the state of Connecticut, the Bradley-Hartford International Airport services the cities of Springfield and Hartford. The airport is situated near the northern border with Massachusetts and is one of the busiest airports in the New England region.

Considering the amount of traffic traveling through the airport on any given day, there is a big hassle of parking within the premises. While travelers who know the area well can find a spot in the nearby parking lots, others without that knowledge have to roam around looking for space. This of course, comes with the risk of them missing their flights or the guests they are there to pick up.

While there is a chance for you to get lost within the lots, there is no shortage of parking areas. The BDL airport is surrounded by an abundance of parking lots in close vicinity. In fact, visitors can choose from around six parking lots inside the airport and others located at off-site garages near the airport.

This guide will act as your introduction and resource to Bradley airport parking. We clearly present and explicate all parking options, leaving the decision to choose the most suitable one to you.

Go through this guide on the airport itself and its parking, to avoid the trouble of feeling lost the next time you visit the Bradley-Hartford International Airport.

Information on Premises

Like other airports, Bradley Hartford International has several information booths set up to assist travelers on their journey. There are two information booths that are currently located within the baggage claim area and the departure area of the airport.

The booth at the baggage claim area can be called on the number +1 860 292 2056, while the one in the departures area can reached at +1860 292 2975. Your first point of reference when visiting the airport should always be these information booths.

Driving Directions

Bradley Hartford International Airport is located near the 40th exit of the Interstate 91 north and south connector road. You can take the interstate 84 to the east from central Hartford and connect to the Interstate 91 on the north. The journey to the airport exit will take you around 20 minutes.

You can take the westwards State Street from the center of Springfield, Massachusetts and connect with the Interstate 91 towards the river. The Interstate 91 will take you south towards the airport with an estimated journey time of around 20 minutes or so.

Terminal Facilities

The terminal at BDL is equipped with all latest services offerings and provides an up-to-date and convenient experience to all travelers. The services inside the terminal include:

Access to Cash:

The terminal has multiple ATMs located at several different points accessible to the public. The ATMs are working 24/7 with little to no downtime, and can be located easily because of bright signage and convenient placement.


The terminal for Bradley Hartford Airport is host to a wide variety of snack bars, restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets. The terminal also has a small level food court that houses a Martini bar, a pizza outlet and a full-service continental restaurant inside of it. The quality of food is good and the service is at par with the efficiency you would expect at an international quality airport.


There are multiple shopping facilities available for avid travelers looking to stock up on gifts and items before leaving. Terminal A has a newsagent sitting just before the security screening area, selling all latest gossip magazines and papers. There is also a choice of other outlets selling gift items and exotic scents in the departure area. Additionally, there is also a shoeshine stand located at every concourse of the airport.


All lost and found property within the premises of the airport is under the supervision of the State Police Department, which can be contacted on +1 860 292 7400. The State Police willingly assists all passengers with lost luggage and report or claim lost items. You can also call TSA on +1 860 804 4109 to report the luggage left at the check points.

Facilities at Airport

The Bradley Hartford International Airport has all the amenities and facilities that are to be expected from an airport of its stature and standing. Since the airport is host to a wide variety of travelers across the year, they have a variety of facilities available within the premises. These facilities include:

Conference and Business Facility:

The terminals have multiple executive lounges to accommodate business meetings and conferences. The Admirals Club Lounge is the most prominent of the lot and can be contacted on +1 860 386 1693. The lounge is located near gate number 24 and has all the expected conference room facilities available. The facilities available include workstations, a conference space, and internet and telephone services.

The lounge is open to all members of the American Airlines or the US Airways Club, and other approved members. Additionally, the airport also has an on-site Sheraton Hartford Hotel Bradley Airport, which can be contacted on +1 860 627 5311. They have a range of business services and meeting spaces to accommodate business travelers looking for a quick conference or meeting.

Located a few minutes away is also the Connecticut Convention Centre, which is perfect for meetings and conferences, because of its commendable facilities. The Connecticut Convention Centre can be contacted on the number +1 860 249 6000.

Communication Facilities:

The Bradley International Airport offers free Wi-Fi internet access across all the terminals present within the airport. The internet speed is fast and adds much to the overall experience of the visitors.

Facilities for the Disabled:

The BDL Airport is easily accessible to passengers with physical disabilities. The airport has ramps and lifts across the terminal building for easy access of all disabled individuals. There are also wheelchair-accessible lavatories, alongside family toilets. The parking facilities are especially designed to make room for disabled parking near the entrance of the airport terminal. There are also multiple luggage assistance services on the upper levels of the terminal. Passengers, who require additional services, disabled or not, can get in touch with their airline before they travel.

Car Rental:

The Bradley International Airport has a fair representation of car hire companies from across the region. The companies with offices present within the airport include: Avis, Alamo, Dollar, Budget, Thrifty, National, Enterprise and Hertz. There are also complimentary shuttle services offered by these car hire services to their business kiosk location.

Where is Bradley Airport Located?

Bradley Airport is located at Schoephoester Rd, Windsor Locks, CT 06096. Bradley Airport can also be contacted by calling (860) 627-3555.

Bradley Airport Parking Maps

Main Bradley Airport Parking Map

Main Bradley Airport Parking Map

Bradley Airport Parking Information, Coupons, and Discounts 

As most travelers that visit the Bradley International Airport would agree, and as you would be able to tell from the rates mentioned above, parking at Bradley Airport can be expensive. The rates tend to go further up if you plan to park your car for a period of several days. Knowing the expenses at hand, people would want to know about potential cost saving options, and how they can use them to get better rates while parking at the airport.

Here we have some ideas that can augment you in your quest for the best rates at the Bradley International Airport. Follow these ideas to get the best coupons, discounts and rates to lower your parking costs and to park at the airport without fearing a massive cost:

The official airport parking page can assist you a lot in your search for the best rates, discounts and promotions. While the site and the page itself are made to link to ongoing flights, airport updates and passenger information, you can also find promotions for airport offerings and complementary services. You can follow the airport parking page to know more about their updates and the information they have regarding parking promotions.

Way is perhaps one of the ruling parking services that has scattered its scepters all over the United States and Canada. As it aims to provide utmost convenience, Way parking has helped passengers locate suitable parking lots – with or without valets – throughout the country. has conveniently parked its super convenient inventory all around the airport in order to facilitate all travelers. Since our app is available for both iPhone and Android users, you can easily find the nearest ride and book it for your daily or monthly parking requirements.

Final Notes on Bradley Airport

You can join the Auto-Pilot Rewards Program initiated by the Bradley International Airport to earn free points whenever you go to the airport and park. Be sure to take advantage of Bradley Airport’s rewards program.

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