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What Are the Best Armored Cars in GTA 5? Get Them ASAP!

  • Things To Know
  • Silas Smith
  • 4 minutes

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A lot is happening in GTA 5. Heists, chases, explosions, and much more await you in the game. So, your transportation is important. That means you need to have the best armored cars in GTA 5 to survive the accidents and attacks mentioned above. 


Now ‘cars’ is a loose term in this discussion. We will also look at the vehicles like all-terrain mini trucks, bulky freight-carrying cabs, and others. Similarly, you can also learn about the types of weapons and how long can each of the best armored cars in GTA 5 can withstand their effects.¬†

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What are the main threats to armored cars? 

To answer this question, you must understand the explosives and weapons in GTA 5. These threats can also be divided into different varieties depending on the damage they do to vehicles. 

The first set of weapons includes homing missiles and other common types of missiles, which can greatly damage armor less vehicles. The vehicle-mounted missiles and other missiles mentioned above are classified as the first level of weapons and are also considered low-powered varieties. 

Explosive rounds used in snipers can also pierce through windows of common cars that have the semi to no armor. These, when shot multiple times 


Sticky bombs are fun to use in GTA 5, and so are RPGs and Grenade launchers.  Along with these, proximity mines, the MOC cannon, and pipe bombs fall under high-powered weapons. 

In addition, there are cannons that are found on different tanks that are much more powerful than high-powered weapons.  And then there is the 20mm Flak.

In short, the best armored cars in GTA 5 can withstand continuous attacks using these weapons. But the thickness or durability of the armor does not make a vehicle the best. There are other technological add-ons that can help the car avoid dangers like target-seeking or locking on missiles. You can read more about these below. 

What is the best armored car in GTA 5? 

Phantom Custom is a semi-truck made by JoBuilt which belongs to the commercial vehicle class and is undeniably the best armored car in GTA 5. It is worth 1.22 million dollars and can seat a maximum of 5 people, including the driver. But enough about the travelers, let us see why it is the best. 

Bullet resistance is a given. It would take more than 59 explosive rounds to take down this bad boy. In addition, you need to hit this truck with 69 homing missiles and 24 RPGs to kill it. When it comes to the weapons with the most damage, tank cannons are rarely topped. The JoBuilt Phantom Custom can survive 10 tank cannon shots and 6 Dual 20mm Flak shots. 

In terms of performance, this thing is more like a tank than a truck. You can plow through traffic with ease and without losing any speed. If you get a Phantom with no armor, make sure you spend good money and get it fully armored. Remember that all the above stats against weapons are for a Phantom Custom after Armor Upgrade 100%.   


In addition to the Phantom Custom, the Hauler Custom makes the list of best armored cars in GTA 5. Made by JoBuilt, this heavy semi-truck goes for 1.4 million dollars in the Warstock Cache & Carry. Like the Phantom, you will also need a bunker to store this one. It runs similarly to the Phantom, and all the weapon attack counts remain the same. Some of the other best armored cars in GTA 5 are listed below. 

  • MTL Brickade 6X6¬†
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte¬†
  • HVY Insurgent/ Insurgent Pick-up or Pickup Custom¬†
  • HVY Insurgent¬†
  • HVY Nightshark¬†
  • HVY Insurgent Pick-up¬†
  • Bravado Half-track¬†
  • HVY Menacer¬†

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